yyo test – What is a Yo-Yo test in Cricket? – Top 10 Cricketers With Highest Yo-Yo Test Scores

What is yyo (Yo Yo) Test, many times this question must have come in your mind because the news of Yo Yo Test keeps coming in newspapers and TV, tell you that whenever Team India goes to play any series or tournament, before that series or tournament The participating players have to give a test which shows the fitness of the players.

Let us tell you that due to the spread of this test, many veteran players have been out of Team India, so let’s know about it.

yyo – The Complete Guide to the Yo-Yo Test

Yo-Yo intermittent test
Yo-Yo intermittent test

yyo test – What is a Yo-Yo test in Cricket? – This is a test that is used to prove the fitness of a player or athlete.

This test was first used in football in the world.

After this, this test is being used in hockey and now in cricket as well.

For the first time in cricket, Australia team used this test to prove the fitness of their players and now almost all cricket boards declare the fitness of their players from this test.

Now almost all the players in Team India take entry only through Yo Yo Test.

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8 Indian Cricketers With Top Scores In Yo-Yo(yyo) Test

1. Ahmad Banday:
2. Mayank Dagar:
3. Manish Pandey:
4. Virat Kohli:
5. Hardik Pandya:
6. Ashish Nehra:
7. Rishabh Pant:
8. Ravindra Jadeja :

What is Yo Yo(yyo) Test?

Now let’s talk about its process and how it is tried, then let us tell you that this is a software based test, it means no manual or any person takes this test.

In India, this test is taken at the NCA ie National Cricket Academy located in Bangalore.

yyo test
yyo test

To give this test, the player has to run continuously between two cones, these two cones are placed at a distance of 20 meters When the software gives the first beep,

the player runs from one cone to the other when the player reaches the other cone If so, the software gives a second beep,

in this way the software records the player’s running time from one corner to another, this process continues continuously and finally the software tells through the fitness score that the player is ready to play. fit or not.

Talking about the fitness score of the software, to take entry in the team here, the score of any player should be 19.5 or more.

A player is considered unfit if he scores less than 19.5, he is not included in the team.

Team India’s captain Virat Kohli scores 21 or more, Virat Kohli is constantly coming out as the fittest player of Team India.

So now you must have known about what is yo yo OR yyo test. To join the team, it is mandatory for every player to give this test, this test shows the fitness of the player.

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