YYYY – What does YYYY stand for? – Best 10 Examples for YY and YYYY (dd/mm/yyyy)Date Format

YYYY is a standard code/format for “year”. as well as YYYY = 2021 for Example: MM/DD/YYYY = 25/04/2022 also MM/DD/YY is a good example.

What does YYYY stand for?

Simple Meanning for yyyy Four-Digit Year (as in MM/DD/YYYY; e.g. 25/14/1992)

how to insert date in mysql in ‘dd-mm-yyyy’ format?

Simple MySQL uses yy-mm-dd full date format for storing a date value in database.

INSERT INTO people(first_name,last_name,birth_date)

mysql date format dd/mm/yyyy

DATE_FORMAT(date, format)
-- Example.
SELECT DATE_FORMAT(dateField, '%m/%d/%Y') FROM students;

using select STR_TO_DATE(date_seance1,’DD-MM-YYYY’)

ORDER BY STR_TO_DATE(datestring, '%d/%m/%Y')

convert mysql date to dd mm yyyy format in php
php change date format

$originalDate = "2021-04-25";
$newDate = date("d-m-Y", strtotime($originalDate));

MySQL DATE functions


html5 input type date format dd-mmm-yyyy

how to display date in dd-mmm-yy format in html for type=”date”format dd mm yy for input date. javascript date format dd-mm-yy mm dd yy.


how to convert string to date in java in yyyy-mm-dd format?

Convert string to date then format the date

String originalDate = "2022-01-01";
DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-DD"); 
Date date = (Date)formatter.parse(originalDate);
SimpleDateFormat newFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("MM-dd-yyyy");
String datestring = newFormat.format(date);

Converting string to Date and DateTime

$time = strtotime('10/25/2022');

$originalDate = date('Y-m-d',$time);

echo $originalDate;
// 2022-10-25

Date Input

how to change date format in excel from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy

Formula for SUBSTITUTE

formula =SUBSTITUTE(A6,".","/")

javascript date format dd-mm-yyyy

How to get current formatted date dd/mm/yy in Javascript and append it to an input?

   const mname = ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June",
        "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"];
    const dateObj = new Date();
    const m = mname[dateObj.getMonth()];
    const d = String(dateObj.getDate()).padStart(2, '0');
    const y = dateObj.getFullYear();
    const output = m  + '\n'+ d  + ',' + y;

    document.querySelector('.date').textContent = output; 

how to change input type date format to yyyy-mm-dd?

How to set input type date in dd-mm-yy format using HTML



how to calculate day of the week given a date dd-mm-yyyy?

How to determine the day of the week, given the month, day and year
How to determine the day of the week, given the month, day and year


X ≡ (D + M + Y + [Y/4] + L + C)(mod 7)


(1) D = The date,
(2) M = The number which corresponds to the letter denoting the month for example April in the phrase HRD NPS UCF ADT (Eg: N, the fourth letter of the phrase, denotes the fourth month – April.
N is the 14th letter in the English alphabet.
Hence, M = 14 for April.),

(3) Y = The last 2-digit like as a 21 number of the year,

(4) [Y/4] = Integral part of for example 2022/4 means Y/4,

(5) L = -1 or 0 (Leap year factor)

(6) C = The 100 – Century factor

which is as below:

18th Century (1700 – 1799) → +4

19th Century (1800 – 1899) → +2

20th Century (1900 – 1999) → 0

21th Century (2000 – 2099) → -1

22th Century (2100 – 2199) → -3

23th Century (2200 – 2299) → -5

Zeller’s congruence


here dow means date of week


int dow(int, int, int);

int main()

int d = -1, m = -1, y = -1;
printf("\nPlease enter the date (D M Y):- \n");

printf("\n=Day(%i/%i/%i) : ",d,m,y);

case 0:
case 1:
case 2:
case 3:
case 4:
case 5:
case 6:
printf("#Unexpected Error#");

return 0;

int dow(int d, int m, int y)
int t[] = {0,3,2,5,0,3,5,1,4,6,2,4};
y -= m < 3;
return (y + y/4 - y*3/400 - y/4000 /* if it will be implemented in future */ + t[m-1] + d)%7;


Meanning Form of "Y"

  • yy : Yea Yea. YY. Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) YY.
  • yyy :Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Yada Yada Yada or Mont Joli, Quebec, Canada
  • yyyy : 4 Digit Year (as in MM/DD/YYYY; e.g. 08/08/2025)
  • yyyyy : Leet, Slang, is a general term meaning wise
  • yyyyyy : not idea

Date And Time Formats



Format Definition
M Month, from 1 through 12
MM Two digit month, from 01 through 12
MMM Abbreviated name of the month, for example: Jan, Feb, etc.
MMMM Full name of the month, for example: January, February, etc.
d Day of the month from 1 through 31
dd Day of the month from 01 through 31
ddd Standard abbreviation for the day of the week, for example: Mon, Tue, etc.
dddd Full name of the day of the week, for example: Monday, Tuesday, etc.


y Year from 0 to 99
yy Year from 00 to 99
yyy Year with minimum of 3 digits
yyyy Year as a four digit number


h Hour using 12-hour clock from 1 - 12
hh Hour using 12-hour clock from 01 - 12
H Hour using 24-hour clock from 0 - 24
HH Hour using 24-hour clock from 00 - 24


m Hour using 12-hour clock from 1 - 12
mm Hour using 12-hour clock from 01 - 12


s Second, from 0 through 59
ss Second, from 00 through 59


t First character of the AM/PM designator
tt AM/PM designator
T A literal to separate date and time in 8061 or other formats
z Hours offset from UTC, with no leading zeros — Example: -5 or +530
zz Hours offset from UTC, with leading zero — Example: -05 or +0530
zzz Hours and minutes offset from UTC, with leading zeros — Example -0500 or +0530
g or gg Period or era, such as A.D.
K Zone information

Also YYYY is a mysterious duo from Argentina, they do not have more details about them, but their music speaks for itself. lost voices in the background, Strange textures, industrial sounds as well as an intensely hypnotic groove.

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