ALU Full Form – what is ALU?, What is Arithmetic Logic Unit?, basic components of ALU and how ALU works?

ALU Full Form : ALU full form or meaning is the Arithmetic Logic Unit. Do you know what is Arithmetic Logic Unit, basic components of ALU and how ALU works.If you want to know the answer to all these questions, then you are welcome in this article.So let’s start.

ALU Full Form – What is an arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) and how does it work?

  • The full name of ALU is Arithmetic Logic Unit. ALU is a collection of logic circuits. It is a hectonic circuit.
  • The ALU is the part of the CPU that performs arithmetic and logic operations on operands according to computer instructions. All the other elements of the computer system are mainly used to process the data in the ALU and then retrieve the results.
  • It is responsible for arithmetic and logic operations. The arithmetic R logic unit is the core of any processor.
  • Typically in processors, the ALU is divided into two units, the Arithmetic Unit and the Logic Unit.
  • Few processors have several AU, like as one for fixed-point operations as well as another for floating-point operations.
  • To know more about Arithmetic Logic Unit in depth, let us first understand what AU and LU stand for.


The full form of ALU is ______________.

  1. Application Logic Unit
  2. Arithmetic Logic Unit
  3. Array Logic Unit
  4. None of above

What is Arithmetic Unit?

Arithmetic unit enables the computer to perform mathematical operations on binary numbers.It performs operations such as addition, division, multiplication and subtraction.

What is Logic Unit?

The logic unit is a part of the ALU, which resides inside the CPU, and is responsible for logic or logical operations.

It performs logic operations like Less than, Greater than, Equal To, AND, OR and NOT operations. It basically performs comparison operation which allows a program to make a decision based on its data input and the results of the previous calculations.

Basic components of ALU

  1. Arithmetic & Boolean logic
  2. Complementer
  3. Shifter
  4. Status Flag

How ALU Works?

  • It performs operations on the data provided by the input device.
  • Mostly operations of a CPU are performed by one or additional ALUs, which load data from input registers. Transfers data between different registers.
  • The control unit tells the ALU what operation to perform on that data and the ALU stores the result in an output register.
  • The control unit moves these data between registers, ALU and memory.

Other full forms of ALU

  1. A Linked Unit
  2. Alula
  3. Analog Looping Utility
  4. Applied Laser Unit
  5. Arithmetic and Logical Unit
  6. Arithmetic Logic Unit
  7. Arithmetic Unit
  8. Arithmetic/logic Unit
  10. Assisted Living Unit
  11. Audio, Lan, and Usb
  12. Average Labor Unit

Conclusion – ALU Full Form

I hope that from this article you have got a good understanding of ALU Full Form, what is ALU (What is Arithmetic Logic Unit), basic components of ALU and how ALU works.

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FAQ’s – ALU Full Form

1. Who first proposed to make ALU in computer?
Mathematician John von Neumann

2. Newman proposed about which ALU?
in the year 1945

3. In which year ALU was first implemented in computer?
in the year 1967

4. Who was the first to implement ALU in a computer?
by fairchild

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