ATM Full Form, Definition, How it works, Parts, Types, and Advantage

ATM full form, ATM Abbreviation, ATM Kya Hai, ATM Meaning, ATM Full Form. In this blog post, we will answer all your queries related to the full form of the ATM.

What is ATM Full Form? know full details

You must have used ATM at some point in your life. To withdraw money on time, send money or do online shopping, we must have used ATM to do all these tasks. Despite all this, do you know what is ATM Full Form?

Now you must be finding this question easy, many times people simply ask or tell that the full form of ATM is Any Time Money.

Due to this, most people are unable to answer this question due to lack of correct information and people get defeated on this.

ATM Full Form

Today, through this post, we will know about the full form of ATM and information related to ATM.

You will see ATMs everywhere in the world. Just like different languages ​​are used all over the world, similarly ATMs are also known by different names in other places around the world.

Talking about other countries, names like Mini Bank, Cash Machine, Hole in the Wall and Cash Point are used for ATMs.

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For example, ATM in Canada is known as ABM (Automatic Banking Machine). So let us tell you the full form of ATM today. So that there is no tension in your mind to give any wrong answer.

ATM Full Form

As well as, we Indians are very funny. We never take anyone’s name correctly, we make short cut every long name. So that it is easy while speaking to him, just like we call ATM.

So let us tell you what is ATM Full Form in English with details.

ATM Kya Hai

  • A – Automated
  • T – Teller
  • M – Machine

The different option that is available in the ATM machine are as follows:-

  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Banking
  3. Bill payments
  4. Cash Withdrawl
  5. Fund transfer
  6. Mini Statement
  7. Mobile recharge
  8. New Pin Generation
  9. Pin Change

What is ATM?

ATM Meaning
ATM Meaning

ATM which is used for financial transactions like deposits, fund transfers, cash withdrawals or other bank related financial transactions.

ATM is an electronic telecommunication device. Because these machines are automatic. Due to which it makes the banking system very easy.

In this you do not need to interact with any bank employees.

The user inserts the card into the ATM to access his account and complete the transaction process from his account.

This card is made of a special type of plastic.

In this card some information of the user is printed as well as there is a magnetic strip at the top which contains the identification code of the user which is transmitted to the central computer of the bank by Modem.

Which is used by the user to reach your account and put the card in the ATM to do financial transactions.

How many types of devices are there in an ATM?

There are mainly two types of devices in ATM, with the help of which it is easy for the user to use the ATM.

Input Device

Card Reader: When you insert a card into an ATM machine, with the help of a card reader, it reads the information hidden behind the ATM card.

  • Which is kept in a magnetic strip.
  • Sends it to the bank’s server for verification.
  • The User grants permission to withdraw cash upon receipt of orders from the Service and account information.

Keypad: The function of the keypad is the most important.

With the help of this, it allows you to input the pin number, how much money to withdraw, cancel, clear, enter if the amount is right or wrong.

Output Device

Screen: It is used to display and operate the account related details such as name of the account holder, amount available in the account, and the functions which help in successful completion of your transaction.

Speaker: Most ATM machines have speakers. This is done to provide audio feedback when you make your transactions.

Cash Dispenser: It is one of the most important output devices of ATM. It is used to withdraw cash.

Receipt Printer: When you do a transaction from an ATM, you get a receipt from the ATM. In which time, date and place are mentioned in addition to the amount withdrawn, savings amount.

How does ATM work?

To start using the ATM, you need to swipe the plastic ATM card inside the ATM machine.

In some ATM machines you have to drop your cards, as you know these ATM cards contain your account details and other secure information in the form of a magnetic stripe.

When you drop or swipe your ATM card, the machine gets your account information and asks for your PIN number.

After successful authentication, the machine allows the transaction.

How many types of ATMs are there?

If you know about ATM, then you tell about the types of ATM.

  1. Online ATM: ATMs that are connected to the bank’s database 24 hours a day are called online ATMs. From which you cannot withdraw more money than the balance kept in your account.
  2. Offline ATM: Offline ATM is not linked to the bank’s database of the bank. In this, you can withdraw money even if there is no money in the account. In return, the bank imposes something on you.
  3. On-site ATM: The ATMs installed inside the bank premises are called onsite ATMs.
  4. Off-site ATMs: ATMs located at various locations outside the bank premises are known as Offsite ATMs.
  5. White Label ATMs: ATMs set up by non-banking financial companies are known as White Label ATMs.
  6. Yellow Label ATMs : Yellow Label ATMs are provided for e commerce.
  7. Brown Label ATM: This type of ATM is owned by the service provider on the hardware and lease of the ATM machine, but the cash management and connectivity to the banking network is provided by a bank.
  8. Orange Label ATMs: These ATMs are provided for share transactions.
  9. Pink Label ATMs: These ATMs are provided for women only.
  10. Green Label ATMs: These ATMs are provided for agriculture related transactions.

Some interesting facts related to ATM

Now let us tell you about some very interesting interesting facts related to ATM.

  • ATM was invented by John Shepherd Barron.
  • John Shepherd Barron, who invented the ATM, first wanted to have a 6 digit PIN number for the ATM. But it was not easy for his wife to remember the 6-digit OTP PIN. So they decided to generate a 4 digit OTP PIN number.
  • The world’s first floating ATM was installed by State Bank of India in Kerala.
  • The first ATM machine in India was installed by HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) in 1987.
  • The world’s first ATM was installed on 27 June 1967 at Barclays Bank in London.
  • Renowned comedy actor Reg Varney was the first person to withdraw money using an ATM.
  • Romania is a European country where anyone can withdraw money from an ATM without a bank account.
  • Brazil is the first country in the world where biometric ATMs are used. In this, the user has to scan his fingers in the ATM machine to withdraw money.

Advantages of ATM Machine

  1. User can deposit cash
  2. The Atm machine is accessible any time for 24 hours.
  3. We can recharge our mobile
  4. Transfer Cash
  5. Bill Payments

how to generate atm pin?

When you open your bank account, you are given an ATM along with it or the ATM is sent to your home through post.

Many times when the old ATM card gets lost, damaged or becomes old, you have to make a new ATM card. In such a situation, when the new ATM card comes, we have to generate the PIN number.

So let us tell you how to make ATM PIN.

generate atm pin
generate atm pin

When you receive a new ATM card, its PIN has to be generated. For this, you have to go to the ATM of your nearest branch and swipe your card in the ATM machine.

After that you will get the option of account number on the screen of ATM.

After this you enter your account number, after confirming you will get an option to enter your mobile number.

After entering the mobile number, an OTP number will come on your mobile, after entering the OTP number, you have to generate your new PIN.

In this way you can easily create your own Atm pin.

how to withdraw money from atm?

After going to the ATM, the first thing you have to do is swipe your card.

(After swiping the card several times, the card remains in the ATM machine, which can be withdrawn after the transaction is completed) After swiping the card, two language options will be shown to you on the screen of the ATM.

You can choose that language in which you find Hindi or English easy.

After that many options will come in the screen in which you have to proceed by clicking on Cash Withdraw.

After which you will get the option to enter the amount, you have to enter as much money as you want to withdraw.

After confirming, you will be shown about the account, if your account is current or saving, click on it.

After clicking, you have to enter the PIN number of your ATM card.

After this, after a few seconds of processing, the money will be withdrawn. Do not forget your ATM card after withdrawing money.

How to use atm online?

Nowadays people prefer to do all the work online. Whether online shopping, online electricity bill or online recharge.

So let us tell you how to use ATM online.

ATM Using ATM online is very easy as if you are buying something online or any third party app like Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePe etc.

Then you will get the option of Pass Pay Debit Card, in this you have to enter the name and 12 digits shown in front of the ATM card.

Also, after entering the three-digit CVV shown on the back of the ATM card, an OTP in your registered mobile number, after which your payment will be confirmed.

ATM related precautions

If you have an ATM then you need to be more careful because a small mistake of yours can cause you huge loss.

You should never write down your PIN on your ATM, paper or anywhere else. Do not share your PIN number with anyone.

Also, beware of the fake phone coming to you tomorrow. Do not share your OTP PIN with anyone.


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