bet dwaraka (Beyt Dwarka) – 10 BEST Places to Visit in Dwarka, Gujarat

bet dwaraka (Beyt Dwarka) Island Island , Isle , Zazira – 10 BEST Places to Visit in Dwarka, Gujarat. Bet Dwarka A beautiful island and religious location.

Bet Dwarka is one of the three parts of the city of Dwarka (Mool Dwarka, Gomti Dwarka and Bet Dwarka). This location is significant for Hindu religion.There are many beaches in and near Dwarka and out of those beaches, Bet Dwarka Beach is very famous.

In this article, I am going to tell about this beach so that you can get the right information for Bet dwaraka Samudra Darshan, then let us know.

About Bet dwaraka Beach

bet dwaraka
bet dwaraka

Beyt Dwarka is an island located in the “Dwarka” district of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch, located 3 km from the coast of the island’s Okha city (Dwarka district).

Here there is a clean and quiet beach which is known as Beyt Dwarka Beach. This beach is a very good place to visit.

The name of Bet dwaraka is Bheet Dwarka which is called Bet Dwarka in Gujarati. It is believed that Lord Krishna met Sudama at this place.

The distance from Dwarka to Bet Dwarka is about 35 kms. Although there is “Dwarka Beach” in Dwarka, but there you will not be able to do as much activity as Bet dwaraka Beach.

About Bet Dwarka Beach
About Bet Dwarka Beach

This beach is famous for its sea excursions, picnics and camping. Here you can go on a day trip to Dwarka with your family and friends and have fun.

Things to do Beyt Dwarka Beach

There are many things to visit and do in Bet dwaraka Island, you can do camping, scuba driving and sports activities here. Apart from this, you can also see dolphins here.

Things to do Beyt Dwarka Beach
Things to do Beyt Dwarka Beach

The water here is very clear, due to which you will love to see the blue sea here. Bet Dwarka is also a good place for bird lovers.

There is an activity like scuba diving at Bet Dwarka Beach, so if you want to go deep inside the sea, then you can do scuba diving.

Here you can do camping and enjoy the campfire. Some distance from Bet dwaraka beach is Dany Point, where you can also see dolphins after reaching.

Best time to visit Beyt Dwarka?

The best time to reach Bet dwaraka is from the month of October to March, at this time the weather remains chilly and the temperature ranges from 20 degree to 28 degree, which is favorable for travel.

However, there is unbearable heat here in the summer season, which will not be right for children and old people. Also It rains more during the monsoon season.

How to Reach Beyt Dwarka Beach?

  • To reach Bet dwaraka Island, one has to first reach Dwarka city which is 35 km away from here. After this one has to reach Okha jetty from Dwarka city which is 30 kms.
  • Bet can reach Dwarka island from Okha jetty which is 5 kms away. The only way to reach “Bet Dwarka” from Okha jetty is by boat, you will reach Bet Dwarka island in 10 to 15 minutes by boat.
  • By Air – The nearest airport to Dwarka is Jamnagar, after reaching here, you can reach Dwarka by bus or cab.
  • By Rail and Bus – Dwarka being a religious place, trains are available from major cities. After reaching Dwarka, you can reach Okha by private vehicle and go to Bet dwaraka Beach.

bet dwaraka Map

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