Datar Junagadh Hills/Mountain, Mukbara & Jamiyalsha – [Best 5+ Datar Temple, Junagadh]

datar junagadh Hills – Datar Hill Junagadh, know these things before going : Datar Hill is a holy site located in the city of Junagadh, Gujarat. Datar mountain is situated right in front of Girnar mountain.

Datar Parvat is a very popular place for the devotees of both Muslim and Hindu religions.

datar junagadh – [Datar Temple] & Datar Hills, Junagadh

Datar Hill is one of the biggest visited Hill places for tourists visiting Junagadh city in Gujarat.

datar junagadh
datar junagadh

Datar Junagadh Parvat or Hills is one of the biggest popular pilgrimage places in Gujarat(India).

datar hills
datar hills

The environment of this place is very amazing and the hills are full of natural beauty.

Jamiyalsha Datar Dargah

  • At the summit of Datar Hill is the Dargah of Jamiel Shah Datar which is situated at an altitude of 2,779 feet.
  • That is why it is a popular religious place in the Saurashtra region as it houses the Dargah of Jamiel Shah Datar. One has to climb 3,000 steps to reach the Dargah of Jamiel Shah Datar which starts from Wellington Dam.
  • Wellington Dam was built by the British on the Kalwa River.
  • Also Datar Hills/mountain is also known as Upper Datar Dargah OR Datar Parvat.
  • Nagariya stone of Datar mountain is the center of attraction for the people coming here.
  • The specialty of these stones is that as soon as these stones are struck, the sound of drumming starts coming from it.
girnar datar
girnar datar

Upper Datar Dargah – Datar Parvat (Upla Datar) Darshan

This place becomes even more attractive during the rainy season (rain) and here you can enjoy the waterfall flowing down the hills.

Tourists can also visit the Chithriya Pir, Elephant Stone, Koyal Wazir and Digambar Jain Lord Neminath Temple while going to the summit.


Datar Hills is a very beautiful place and it is a very good place to spend some time.

Every day many tourists visit this place and enjoy this place. From the Datar peak, one can also have a splendid view of Junagadh city below.

This holy site is popular for its 5-day long Urs festival, which is celebrated every year with much fanfare.

At least 3 lakh people visit the Datar pilgrimage during these five days, a symbol of true Indian secular culture and traditions, both Muslim and Hindu.

During the first night of Urs, Muslims offer Chadar and Hindus perform puja.


All the ornaments that are kept inside the cave throughout the year are brought out for public display on this night.

Lower Datar Dargah

  • The Dargah of Jamiel Shah Datar is also situated at the bottom of the hill which is also known as Lower Datar.
  • It is a mausoleum built with a large carved dome and small minarets.
  • People suffering from many diseases come to this dargah in hope of treatment.
  • There is also the Datar Mosque, where every day Muslims offer prayers for five times.
  • In the lower data there is a feeling of divinity and spiritual vibrations.
  • This place is very close to the city. Both Hindus and Muslims worship and offer prayers at this place.

Best Titme to visit Datar Hills(datar junagadh)?

October, November, December and January is the best time to visit Datar mountain
The timing of Datar Parvat is from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Morning is the best time to climb Datar mountain.

Datar Hills Entrance Fee

There is no charge to visit Datar Parvat. It is absolutely Free of Cost.

How to Reach Datar Hills(datar junagadh)?

You can get auto from bus station or railway station to reach Datar Parvat.

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