call details app – how to get call history of any number?

The call details app & call details online of postpaid sim card mobile are accessible in its payment bill. But if you want to get SMS as well as call details or call history of prepaid sim card mobile number, then it can also be simply get. With the trick we are telling in this article, you can simply get the sms and call details of any company’s SIM card.

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If you want to find out the sms and call history of any of your friend using call details app, girlfriend, husband, wife, or son / daughter, whose phone calls, some sms comes to him or when he calls to whom Like name, sim card mobile number, for how long Talks to him like 2 minutes, 5 minutes.

You can simply find out all these information. In this article we are just telling how to get vodafone call details. You can also get the call details of other SIM cards with this way.

call details app – call details of any number online

Let us now learn how to get call details of any number?

The way by which We are showing you the sms as well as call details of vodafone or any other, you can get the call and sms records of other sim cards with the same way.

STEP – 1 First of all go to the official website of Vodafone ( (If you want to go to the official website of airtel then you can search my airtel in google. Similarly you can go to the official website of other sim card)

STEP – 2 Now you have to make a fresh account on my vodafone ( website by clicking on register now.

call details online
call details online

STEP – 3 Now a fresh page will open, in this you have to enter Vodafone phone number (whose you want to get call detail). After entering the phone number, click on the submit button below.

call details other number
call details other number

STEP – 4 After that Vodafone sim has sent an OTP to your phone number, enter it & click on submit again.

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call details of any number online
call details of any number online

STEP – 5 And then a fresh screen page will open again in this you have to fill up your information.

call history check online
call history check online

steps of call details app

  1. Enter your email id.
  2. Select Security Question.
  3. Enter the best and remember answer to the Security Question.
  4. Enter best and secure strong password (weak password will not be valid here)
  5. Enter the both match password again as you have done above steps.
  6. Enter the captcha shown above.

And then entering all the information correctly, click on the button of Create my Account.

STEP – 6 After that you will be onther screen redirected to the sign in page again, sing in by entering your available mobile number & password.

STEP – 7 And then login, such a page will open.

online call details
online call details

simply Click on each plans & usage to simply sms as well as check call details. And then simply clicking on this plans & check with usage a drop down based nav menu will open in which you have to simply click on voice usage.

Now a page like this will open.

call details of any number
call details of any number

Now you can simply view the call history of this mobile number by clicking on sms in this way you can also simply view sms history. Its information is given.

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FAQ – call details app

Q – 1. Can’t get call details without OTP?
A – OTP will be required only once.

Hope you have got the answer of call details app & how to get call details of any number question from this call details app article. How was this article call history of mobile number online free.