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call barring meaning and how to use it – 2021, in today’s post, how to deactivate call barring?, what is Call Barring, what is call barring password, we are going to know about Call Barring Meaning. Smartphones are used by everyone in today’s time. But there are many such options in Android phones. Which we don’t even know about.

One of these is Call Barring, this is an option that is present in almost every Android phone. And most of the people also need its feature. But due to lack of more information, people are deprived of using it.

But in today’s post we will know about it in detail. So that you learn to use it properly and do not even read the need to ask anyone about it. so let’s go

Now we know what is this Call Barring or Call Barring Meaning, What is Call Barring, How to turn on and off Call Barring option? (how to turn on or off call barring), What is the default password of call barring?, Benefits of call barring.

Call Barring Meaning & What is Call Barring?

What is Call Barring
What is Call Barring?

Call Barring simply means to stop the call. Now whether it is an incoming call or an outgoing one. With this option you can turn off both Incoming Call and Outgoing Call.

Along with this, you can also block international calls and roaming calls. Now let me tell you in an easy language. Just like you want the incoming calls to your number to continue.

But no one should call from your number, that is, you want to stop the outgoing call. So for this you can Barred Outgoing Call. After that your number will stop calling. Now you must have understood that what is Call Barring Meaning?

Or someone is trying to harass you by calling you again and again. And you want that his call does not come to your number, then you can barred the incoming call? That will end your trouble.

call barring meaning

Call Barring is a feature that allows you to restrict incoming or outgoing calls on your phone. This means that you can block certain types of calls, such as international calls or premium rate numbers, to prevent unwanted charges on your phone bill. The feature is typically used for privacy and security reasons, as well as to prevent accidental calls or to limit phone usage for children or employees.

Call Barring can be set up on your phone through the settings menu or by contacting your service provider. Some service providers may also offer the option to set up call barring through an online account or customer service hotline.

By the way, there are other types of call bearing, about which we will know in detail later.

Call barring is a feature provided by telecommunications companies that allows users to block certain types of incoming and outgoing calls on their phone. It is a useful tool for controlling the calls that can be made or received on a mobile device.

There are different types of call barring options, including:

  1. Outgoing call barring: This feature allows users to block outgoing calls to specific numbers, international numbers, or all calls except emergency numbers.
  2. Incoming call barring: This feature allows users to block incoming calls from specific numbers or types of numbers, such as international numbers, private numbers, or numbers with certain prefixes.
  3. Roaming call barring: This feature allows users to block outgoing calls while roaming on a different network, helping to prevent unexpected charges.

Call barring is often used as a security measure to prevent unauthorized use of a phone or to control costs by restricting certain types of calls. Users can typically enable or disable call barring and customize their call barring settings through their phone’s settings menu or by contacting their telecommunications provider.

Types Of Call Barring

We can do Call Barring mainly in 4 ways. which is the following-

Types Of Call Barring
Types Of Call Barring

1. All Incoming Calls

After enabling this option, all incoming calls will be blocked on your number. With this you will be able to call anyone but no one will call on your number.

2. All Outgoing Call

After enabling this option, all outgoing calls to your number will be blocked. This is its opposite. In this, any call can come to your number, but after enabling it, you will not be able to call anyone.

3. International Outgoing Calls

After enabling this option, all your international outgoing calls will be blocked. After this you will be able to call in your country India. But International Call means you will not be able to call in any other country.

4. Incoming Calls While Roming

This is a better option. After enabling this, Incoming Call will be blocked in your Roaming.

For example, if you are somewhere out of your state, where you feel roaming when you receive a call. So after enabling this option, your roaming incoming calls will stop.

Note: Here Roaming calls are 100% free on all unlimited recharge packs. But if you have any other pack then you can use this feature.

How to turn on / off Call Barring in mobile?

After knowing Call Barring Meaning and its features, now how can we turn it on / off in our phone. They know it. Great, It is a very easy task learn to step by step.

But if you do not know at all then it can be a little difficult for you. In which I will tell you stepwise to turn on call bearing.

How to turn on call bearing(call barring settings)?

Step-1. First of all open the dialpad of your mobile.

Step-2. Now the setting option will be visible in the form of three lines at the top right of your mobile screen or at the bottom left. Click it.

how to deactivate call barring

Step-3. Scroll down and select the option of Advance Setting.

call barring code

Step-4. Now scroll down again and select the option of Call Barring.

incoming call barring
incoming call barring

Step-5. Now you have to select the SIM card in which you have to enable call bearing option.

how to cancel call barring on vodacom

Step-6. Now all the call bearing options will appear in front of you, in which you have to barred the call. Select him. Like- Incoming, Outgoing, International, When Roaming.

Step-7. For example, I select the option of Roaming Call. Select whatever you want to do.

call barring settings
call barring settings

Step-8. Now you will be asked for 4 Digit Call Barring Password.

Step-9. This password is already set by default. Which is 0000 in most mobiles.

call barring code
call barring code

Step-10. After entering the default password, click OK. After this your call bearing will be enabled. And all your roaming calls will be stopped.

Note- If the default password is not there, then you can search <Your Mobile Name> Default Pin For Call Barring on Google. Like I have a Redmi phone then I will search Redmi Note 7 Pro Default Pin For Call Barring.

debarred meaning – How to turn off Call Barring?

  • Step-11. Now if you want to turn off Call Barring again. So first of all you have to click on the call bearing option which is on.
  • Step-12. And then you will be asked for call barring password. As well as Now Enter the password in it & simply click on press the OK Button.

After this your call bearing option will be disabled. And your call will start ringing or coming again.

How to Change Call Barring Password?

If you want to change the default password of your Call Barring. So for this you will have to follow some easy steps-

  • Step-1. First of all go to the option of Call Barring as mentioned above.
  • Step-2. Now you will have the option of Change Barring Password at the bottom. Click it.
  • Step-3. In this, you have to enter your previous default password in the first box.
  • Step-4. And after that enter the new password you want to keep in both the boxes below and click on OK. Now your Call Barring Password has been successfully changed.

Note- The default password of call bearing is 0000 in most of the mobiles.

Advantages of Call Barring

If you are in a meeting, and you do not want any call to come on your phone, then you can block all incoming calls with this option.

And if you read to leave your phone somewhere and you do not want your phone to be misused, then you can block both incoming and outgoing calls of your phone.

If you are in another state outside your state. And if you want to avoid Roaming Charges, then in such a situation you can block Roaming Calls.

If you do not want any international calls on your number. Therefor you can also block all types of the international calls.

Call Barring Codes

call barring code
call barring code

Here are the List of the codes to set up or cancel Call Barring on outgoing calls:

Outgoing calls To set up, call To cancel, call
Bar all calls (apart from emergency calls) *341# #341*
Bar international, national & mobile calls *342# #342*
Bar international calls *343# #343*
Bar calls to operator *344# #344*
Bar calls to access codes for setting up call services *345# #345*
Bar calls to premium rate numbers *347# #347*

Conclusion – call barring

I have shown all this setting by doing it in Redmi’s mobile. If you have another phone, then the options in it may be slightly different. If you have any problem in understanding them. We hope you know 100% learn step by step how to turn on/off the Call Barring option.

How to Change Call Barring Password. And what are the advantages of doing call bearings, you must have come to know about it.

Along with this, We hope you know what is Call Barring, Call Barring Meaning. Would have liked the post. If you liked the post, then definitely share it with your friends on social media.So that they also know about the option of Call Barring in their phone and can take advantage of it.

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