chhipkali – 5+ Effective Ways That Show How to Get Rid of Lizards.

How to get rid of lizards(chhipkali) at home? -Ways to get rid of lizards from home – Lizards are found in every common man’s house. Everyone wants to drive away the lizards from their house because there is a danger of the lizard falling on the food of the house or the members of the house.

By the way, let us tell you that lizards do not contain any kind of poison, but the children of the house are afraid of lizards, apart from this, lizards also become a cause of trouble many times, due to which people have to drive away lizards from their homes. However, due to the presence of lizards(chhipkali) in the house, insects, pests, beetles, etc. do not live.

There are many products available in the market to get rid of lizards from home, but those products are very toxic, due to which the lizards die, due to which we have to throw them out. Apart from this, these toxic products can also be harmful for our children.

That’s why we should adopt such methods by which lizards run away and we do not need to kill them in any way. Today we are going to tell you some such measures by which you can easily drive away the lizards instead of killing them.

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chhipkali – Simple Tips to Remove Lizards From Your Home

How to get rid of lizards at home? – if you are troubled by lizards then definitely read.

  1. From peacock feathers – Peacock feathers are commonly used for home decoration but you can also use it to drive away lizards. For this, you have to put the peacock feather at the place where the lizards come. Lizard does not come near it considering it as an animal.
  2. The smell of onions – Many people do not like the smell of onions, but not all lizards even come near the smell of onions, for this you should cut the onion and hang it around the bulb or tube light because most of the lizards are near the light. It only comes and this is what they get insects and spiders.
  3. The smell of garlic – Like onion, you can drive away lizards(chhipkali) from garlic, for this you can peel some cloves of garlic and thread them with the help of a needle and hang them at the place of the lizards.
  4. Black pepper and red chili – In this, you should mix the powder of either of the two chilies in water and spray it with the help of a spray bottle in those places where more lizards come, before spraying the pepper should protect yourself.


All the above mentioned easy steps will help you to get rid of lizard(chhipkali) from home. If you keep doing these measures from time to time, then the lizards in your house will not come back again. In this way you can get rid of lizard.

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