dmlt full form – DMLT Best Jobs for Medical Lab Technician – 2024

DMLT full form : Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. DMLT is an important course, after which the candidates get to know about the investigation to be done in any disease, because it is such an important course, in which complete information related to the medical lab is provided.

DMLT course is very necessary for the candidates who wish to prepare for medical. During this course, the candidates are taught about the work of diagnostics.

What is the full form of DMLT? – dmlt full form is “Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology”

dmlt full form
dmlt full form

In this, you are given all the information of the medical lab, so that you can easily check any disease.

So if you do not get much information about DMLT course and you want to know about it, then here you have to know what is the full form of DMLT(dmlt full form), what is DMLT course? Its complete information is being provided.

DMLT Full Form

The full form of DMLT(dmlt full form) is “Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology”.

DMLT course is considered to be an important course to make a career in medical lab and to get complete information related to it,

but while doing this course, candidates need to work hard, only after that they can appear in the examination conducted in it. can achieve success.

Friends, today we are going to tell you about “DMLT and BMLT”.

What is DMLT?

What is DMLT
What is DMLT

The full form of DMLT(dmlt full form) is “Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology”. Which is a laboratory course. This course is a diploma whose duration is of 2 years.

These courses can be done by those people who have studied their class XII with “Physics, Chemistry and Maths or Physics, Chemistry and Biology”.

After this course, people become able to do a good job in a good place with a good salary.

Some of the fields these people can work in are as follows: Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Minor Emergency Centers, Private Labs, Blood Donor Centers, Doctor’s Clinics, Research Facilities.

BMLT full form : Bachelor of Medical Laboratory technology

What is DMLT course?

Candidates doing DMLT course should do blood test, do urine test and along with this you can get information about diseases of the body.

Such tests are also told about. Apart from this, complete information is also given about how to investigate medicines, how to do research for the prevention of any disease.

2 years time is given to do this course of DMLT. After this, the candidates whose two-year course is completed, then later they are given certificates and licenses by the government.


  • To do DMLT course, many candidates get government colleges and there are some candidates who get private colleges.
  • Its fees are very less in government colleges,
  • while in private colleges,
  • its fees range from ₹ 40000 to ₹ 60000 a year i.e. you have to spend about one lakh to one and a half lakh rupees in private college.


To do DMLT course, you must have passed 12th examination from a recognized board with 45% marks from Biology Science.

Some Important Colleges to do DMLT Course

  1. Aadarsh Medical College
  2. Adarsh Paramedical College Amritsar
  3. Ayushman Institute of Medical Science and nursing Rajasthan
  4. Bangalore Medical College and Research Centre
  5. Ganga Sheel Medical College Bareilly
  6. Government Medical College Amritsar
  7. Ram Murti Medical College
  8. Rohilkhand Medical College Bareilly
  9. Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Career Sectors after doing DMLT Course

After doing DMLT course, candidates can work as lab technician in both government and private hospitals. Along with this, you can also do a job in any diagnostic and open your own pathology lab.

Apart from this, you can also go into the research field, you can work in pharmaceutical companies.


After doing DMLT course, you are initially provided with a salary ranging from ₹ 8000 to ₹ 20000.

Here we have provided you information about DMLT course and dmlt full form.

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