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Hello Friends and welcome to this tutorial ,on how to feed extra “Details of a enterprise Ledger for that we will go on Masters and enter on Modify Ledger and select the ledger for which you want to set extra details and press enter then the window of Ledger Edit will appear here first we will enter on Ledger Detail here when you are enter on eprisenow Ledger Detail almost the same field are available which are available while creating a New Ledger the New fields are ledger type ,where you have Normal or Prohibited if we select Normal then the normal working of your leader will continue and if we select Prohibited then the billing will stopped against this leader you can also use this option for User Foundation as well another extra field is Freeze Upto Freeze Upto means you can freeze account of a particular ledger up till up certain date means if you feed a date here then you cannot modify this leader or do entry of this leader before that date means a part from a Company.

Enterprise ledger

you can also freeze a particular enterprise ledger after this another new field is Narcotics Schedule H item Billing means if you want to ban narcotics products for this leader or Schedule H 1 Products or Schedule H Products or Both that is Narcotics + Schedule H then you will select from here accordingly and if you want to allow All means allow to sell all types of products then you will select All Now suppose we select Ban Narco So you won’t be able to sell any narcotic product to Ahuja Medicine Centre then other details are the same ,you can modify them if you want Now the next option is other detail.

you can go through the tutorial Other Details to learn about other detail in brief Then the Next option is Notes if you want set a note against your enterprise ledger like any note ,so you can set here the option of note is available while creating a new leader as well however you can set a note there only of a single line but from here you can set note of more lines and that to color wise to separately highlighted after this the next option is Excise Details if you want then you can feed excise detail of your ledger Next is Bio Data means you can feed the bio data of your leader like

where can i find the general ledger in quickbooks enterprise?

  • what’s the company type of this ledger
  • what is the Registered Office Number
  • what is the Registered Office Address
  • what is the Phone Number and
  • what are the name of the Director

So you can feed the complete bio data of your ledger from here then the next option is SMS and Email – ID means on which all numbers of this eprisenow ledger do you want to send SMS and on which Email – ID do you want to send Emails Next is Company Discount where you can set party wise company discount So these are all the Companies and down.

here you see general discount for Ahuja Medicine Centre where first you have item discount % A,B and C A means Retailer ,B means Stockist and C means Distributor So firstly you will define whether the party is a Retailer ,Stockist or a Distributor from Other news enterprise Ledger from here you will select the/ ledger type like whether Ahuja Medicine Centre is a Retailer Stockist ,Distributor or Others.

Ledger Detail Advance Tutorial “Marg Software”

Now we will select Retailer now again lets go to the company discount suppose we want to offer him 5% discount on every item since he is a retailer so defined 5% and A so suppose whenever we generate his sale bill then 5% discount will be offered in his sale bill Next is Breakage Expiry Discount means how much discount do you want to apply on breakage expiry for this party suppose 2% so whenever we will generate breakage expiry then 2 % item discount will get deducted Next is Free Scheme like 10+1 scheme ,5+2 scheme like

now i defined 10+1 means in sale bill when i defined 10 quantity of an item then automatically one will get loaded in a bill as free like if we see we’ll defined the quantity 10 and here you see automatically 1 quantity has loaded free and if defined here 15,then 1 quantity will be offered free and in 20 ,2 quantity will be offered free then to you can changed it if you want then Next is Volume Discount where you have volume discount 1 and 2 you can learn about volume discount in detail from a tutorial “Discount Structure” so whatever volume discount you want to offer you will define here Next is Minimum Margin means minimum how much % margin ,do you want to provide to this party so that % you can define here like suppose i defined here 30% means 30 % minimum margin is must from this party if the margin goes below 30 % ,then the software will indicate you can learn about Minimum Margin in detail from a tutorial “Minimum Margin”

now we’ll enter Now these are the Companies here you can see discount column and breakage expiry discount column means how much % discount do you want to provide to Ahuja Medicine Centre on E- Merk Pvt Ltd Products So here i’ll defined 40 and here you will define how much breakage expiry % discount do you want to offer to him on E-Merk Pvt Ltd Products suppose 20 % and suppose for Elder India ,I want to provide 15 % Discount and in breakage expiry 25 % then enter then as you enter ,you will switch down.

here where you have :- Ban ,Discount Ban,Excise ,Minimum Margin Etc . if you select here Yes for Ban for E-Merk Pvt Ltd Product then you won’t be able to sell any product of E-Merk Pvt Ltd to Ahuja Medicine Centre.

Next is Discount Ban if i set here yes ,then the software won’t allow you to any discount in the bill on E-Merk Company Products Then is Excise if you want to apply excise then select Yes else No then is Minimum Margin if on a particular company you want to set minimum margin for a particular leader then you can set from here Then is Volume Discount Similarly if on a particularly company you want to set volume discount then you can set from here and similarly for deal now after Company Discount is Special Rates here you will select whether you want to provide special rate on all items or selected company or selected salt suppose we enter on All Items

So these are all the items here you will select the items on which you want to offer special rate suppose i want to offer this item Acnederm Lot to Ahuja Medicine Center on a special rate that is 200 Rs So whenever i will sell Acnederm Lot to Ahuja Medicine Centre then this item will be sold for 200 Rs to Ahuja Medicine Centre only Next after Special Rate is Copy Dealings Copy Dealings is used for suppose there is Ahuja Medicine Centre and you want to copy a particular enterprise car ledger dealings into Ahuja Medicine Centers ledgers so that you won’t have to feed them again and again and your time is saved and select the eprisenow ledger whose dealings are to be copied suppose B.Lal & Sons enter and select Yes for Sure and here the dealings have been copied successfully Next is Bank Details here you can feed the bank details of this ledger So friends in this way we learned how to feed the ” Ledger Detail on an Advance Level in Marg Software” Thanks For Reading !

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