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TBC Full Form

TBC Full Form is : To Be Confirmed

TBC Ka Full Form

  • To Be Confirmed
  • Thermal-Barrier Coating
  • Trinity Bible College

What Does TBC Stand For?

TBC stands for To Be Confirmed.

TBC Meaning

TBC Ka Matlab Kya Hai – To Be Confirmed – Thermal-Barrier Coating – Thermal-Barrier Coating and Trinity Bible College – Trinity Bible College

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What does TBC stand for? – Full Form

tbc full form
tbc full form


Term Definition Category
TBC To Be Cancelled US Government
TBC Time- Based Competitiveness Business
TBC The Brothers Chaps Other
TBC transportation bill code Government
TBC Time Before Correction Electronics
TBC To Be Considered Business
TBC Time Base Corrector Time Zone
TBC Total Body Confusion Military
TBC Talking Book Center Education
TBC Trinity Baptist College Educational Institute
TBC Total Building Care Business
TBC The British Council Organization
TBC Tauranga Boys College Educational Institute
TBC Total Branch Computerization Banking
TBC Teddy Bear Club Funny
TBC Total Body Conditioning Sports
TBC To Be Continued Media
TBC Tabernacle Baptist Church Other
TBC Tuberculosis Physiology
TBC Text Based Conversation SMS
TBC Thomaston Biker Crew Sports
TBC Trinity Bible College Other
TBC Trinity Baptist Church Religious
TBC Texas Baseball Club Sports
TBC Touring Band Collective Music
TBC trailer brake controller Other
TBC Time Base Correction NASA
TBC The Bridge Community Organization
TBC The Battery Conservancy Organization
TBC Terminal Buffer Controller Space Science
TBC The Borg Collective Science Fiction
TBC Texas Beef Council Veterinary
TBC To Be Created Computing
TBC Tasty Baking Company NYSE Symbol
TBC Turbo Builders Club (roblox) Electronics
TBC Tool Bar Customization File Extension
TBC The Bradley Center Organization
TBC To Be Confirmed NASA
TBC Thermal Barrier Coating Business Product
TBC Tuba City (az) Airport Code
TBC The Black Cross Funny
TBC Trumbull Business College Educational Institute
TBC toss bomb computer Government
TBC The Breakfast Club Community
TBC Top Back of Curb Business Product

TBC’s full form is Thermal Barrier Coatings.

Thermal barrier coatings (TBC) are highly advanced material systems applied to metal surfaces, such as gas turbine, aero-engine and diesel engine parts, operating at high temperatures.

Coatings up to 2 mm serve to insulate mass and long heat loads using metal insulating materials that can maintain an appreciable temperature difference between the load-bearing alloys and the coating surface .

The desire to reach high efficiency, low specific fuel consumption and low emissions in modern engines has become a primary focus of engine research and manufacturers over the past three decades.

Ceramic coatings are one solution to such problems as they provide good thermal barrier properties for designers.

tbc full form
tbc full form

In adiabatic engine design, very special thermal barrier coatings are required on the engine combustion chamber to reduce in-cylinder heat rejection.

The Partial Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) on the upper surface of the piston is considered an ASA solution for the reduction of unsaturated hydrocarbon (HC) emissions produced by incomplete combustion with respect to the crack volume at engine start.

The thermal barrier coating on the top piston surface reduces thermal conductivity and enhances unbalanced charge oxidation, which will cause the metal substrate to be exposed to lower peak temperatures, reducing thermal stress to engine components.

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In addition thermal barrier coatings on other elements of the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine offer benefits including fuel efficiency, multi-fuel capability and high power density.

Therefore, Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) technology is successfully applied to internal combustion engines especially in the combustion chamber.

By applying Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC), the design of diesel engines with low heat rejection is increasing in accordance with the rapid increase in fuel cost, high quality and reduced fuel output with environmental problems.

Typically, about 19-22 percent of the fuel energy in diesel engines is rejected by the coolant fluid. Using TBC can reduce this heat and lead to better thermal efficiency.

Also engine components durability can be improved.

Therefore, better combustion, less pollution, higher thermal efficiency and good fatigue lifetime are the results of using proper TBC in the engine combustion chamber and exhaust system.

Diesel engines with the walls of the combustion chamber insulated by ceramics are called LHR engines.

Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) are used to improve the reliability and durability of hot section metal components and to enhance engine performance and thermal efficiency and cooling system elimination in diesel engines.


Since the combustion chamber temperature of ceramic-coated engines is higher than that of uncoated (base engine) engines,

it may be possible to use fuel with a larger distillation range and lower quality fuel.

Thermal barrier coatings are duplex systems, consisting of a ceramic topcoat and a metal intermediate bond coat.

The topcoat consists of a ceramic material whose function is to reduce the temperature of the underlying, less heat-resistant metal part.

The bond coat is designed to protect the metal substrate from oxidation and corrosion and to promote the ceramic topcoat adherence.

All Full Form of TBC

TBC Full Form in Academic & Science

  • TBC – Tauranga Boys College
  • TBC – Teen Biotech Challenge
  • TBC – Time Base Corrector
  • TBC – Time Before Correction
  • TBC – To Be Catalogued
  • TBC – Top Back of Curb
  • TBC – Tree Branch Crusher
  • TBC – Trinity Baptist College
  • TBC – Trinity Bible College
  • TBC – Trumbull Business College
  • TBC – Turbo Builders Club (Roblox)

TBC Full Form in Business

  • TBC – Tasty Baking Company
  • TBC – Tequesta Brewing Company
  • TBC – Texas Business Conferences
  • TBC – Thai Bean Cuisine
  • TBC – The Barricade Company
  • TBC – Thermal Barrier Coating
  • TBC – Time-Based Competitiveness
  • TBC – To Be Certified
  • TBC – To Be Considered
  • TBC – Total Branch Computerization
  • TBC – Total Building Care
  • TBC – Trimble Business Center
  • TBC – Tweedy Browne Company

TBC Full Form in Community

  • TBC – Tabernacle Baptist Church
  • TBC – Tabernacle Baptist Congregation
  • TBC – Talking Book Center
  • TBC – Teachers Behavior to Caring
  • TBC – Temple Bible Church
  • TBC – Tennessee Baptist Convention
  • TBC – Texas Boy Choir
  • TBC – Texas Boy’s Choir
  • TBC – The Bible Channel
  • TBC – The Breakfast Club
  • TBC – The Butterfly Club
  • TBC – Thinking, Believing, Connecting
  • TBC – To Be Continued
  • TBC – Touring Band Collective
  • TBC – Transforming the Bay with Christ
  • TBC – Travel Bloggers Conference
  • TBC – Trinity Baptist Church
  • TBC – Twynholm Baptist Church

TBC Full Form in Computing

  • TBC – Technology Based Company
  • TBC – Text Based Conversation
  • TBC – The Burning Crusade
  • TBC – The Burning Crusade (World of Warcraft)
  • TBC – To Be Created
  • TBC – Tool Bar Customization
  • TBC – Turbo Builders Club
  • TBC – Turn Based Combat

TBC Full Form in Governmental

  • TBC – Tactical Battle Command
  • TBC – Terminal Buffer Controller
  • TBC – Time Base Correction
  • TBC – To Be Cancelled
  • TBC – Toleranced By Compromise
  • TBC – Total Body Confusion
  • TBC – Trailer Brake Controller

TBC Full Form in Internet

  • TBC – The Brick Central
  • TBC – To Be Confirmed

TBC Full Form in Medical

  • TBC – Target Birth Cohort
  • TBC – Texas Beef Council
  • TBC – Tonkinese Breed Club
  • TBC – Tuberculosis

TBC Full Form in Miscellaneous

  • TBC – Tal Body Confusion
  • TBC – Tally Bloody Capable
  • TBC – Tangible Base Capital
  • TBC – Tea Bag Cut
  • TBC – Teddy Bear Club
  • TBC – Teeny Bug Creations
  • TBC – That book cooks
  • TBC – The Ballad Collection
  • TBC – The Bare Cogs
  • TBC – The Barre Code
  • TBC – The Barre Code
  • TBC – The Beijing Center
  • TBC – The Best Companys
  • TBC – The Bhangra Competition
  • TBC – The Billion Coin
  • TBC – The Birmingham Connection
  • TBC – The Black Cross
  • TBC – The Blockbuster Café
  • TBC – The Borg Collective
  • TBC – The Brew Crew
  • TBC – The Brick Companies
  • TBC – The Brilliant Comet
  • TBC – The Brothers Chaps
  • TBC – The Burks Companies
  • TBC – Thermal Boundary Coating
  • TBC – Thinking Believing Connecting
  • TBC – Time Based Correction
  • TBC – Tissue Bonding Cystostomy
  • TBC – To Be Changed
  • TBC – To Be Choosen
  • TBC – To Be Clarified
  • TBC – Toilet Board Coalition
  • TBC – Top Body Challenge) TBC
  • TBC – Total Bull Crap
  • TBC – tal Body Conditioning
  • TBC – tal Body Crunch

TBC Full Form in Regional

  • TBC – Treasury Board of Canada

TBC Full Form in Sports

  • TBC – Texas Baseball Club
  • TBC – Thomaston Biker Crew
  • TBC – Total Body Condition
  • TBC – Total Body Conditioning
  • TBC – Total Body Crunch
  • TBC – Tucson Bicycle Classic
  • TBC – Tulsa Bicycle Club

TBC – To Be Confirmed

TBC stands for “To Be Confirmed”.

It indicates that although something is scheduled or is expected to happen, a particular aspect of that thing is yet to be settled.

Also used to indicate that a decision has been made but confirmation is awaited.

Depending on the context, TBA can also mean:

  • To Be Considered
  • To Be Continued
  • To Be Completed

TBC – Thermal-Barrier Coating

Thermal-Barrier Coating (TBC) is a refractory-oxide ceramic coating applied to metal surfaces, such as gas turbines or engine parts.

It protects metallic surfaces from heat and thermal corrosion.

TBC – Trinity Bible College

Trinity Bible College (TBC) is a private college in North Dakota, United States.

TBC – Time-Base Corrector

A time-base corrector (TBC) is a device that corrects the signal and/or image quality of a video tape.

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