md5 decrypt in php example – Step by Step Guide encrypt and decrypt md5 with Best Examples

md5 decrypt in php example : In this Best Post, I will step by step Full Information to how to decrypt the md5 password in PHP with php md5 decrypt converter code also you can know md5() returns hash as a 32-character hexadecimal number.

md5 decrypt in php example

MD5 is a 128-bit hash function that is used to create a digital signature for a file. MD5 can be used to verify the integrity of a file, but it cannot be used to decrypt the file.

How to encrypt the password in PHP?

In PHP server side source code, the method like – md5() is used to encrypt a password.





md5 decrypt in php example
md5 decrypt in php example

Let us discuss another double md5 hashing technique to encrypt member-name as well as the password using a key.

The Results of our code will be looks like you can see below:


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How to decrypt the password in PHP?


 //data input by the member
$data = "Welcome Pakainfo";

//Checcking with our hashed data
if (md5($data) == "7ff9103b23f3af898ed24f462b970712")
echo "
Welcome Pakainfo";


Welcome Pakainfo

Let us decrypt the double md5 encrypted data using the same data string comparing methods,

Example 2:

 //Member Credentials to be checked
$member_id = "Pakainfo";
$password = "Member987";

//Key to decrypt
$key = "tamilrokersnew";

//Comparing with our hashed data
if(md5(md5($member_id . $password) . $key)=='6193eccf4cd9fba9894f093ca103c3f7')
echo "



Decrypt MD5 Password in PHP Example

 $password= "Member987";

if (isset($_POST['password']) && !empty($_POST['password']))

echo "
Good Luck, Correct password ";
echo "
Sorry, Incorrect password ";


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Welcome Pakainfo

here all the available Password Encryption Results:

Encryption Type Encrypted Password
Original Password: Welcome Pakainfo
DES: $1$7DAUh1ex$WIa6ILnTyyibfEKLdV88B/
MD5: 7ff9103b23f3af898ed24f462b970712
sha1: a308510971dcdad7f7d3e5c43bf117e852eac606
sha224: 989c53c929eeb88957e37ac
sha256: 635074c5207d007967061477d
sha384: fd74a5aaaddc92d12b7c5229cff8cad8136349f078d
sha512: d9ace5f97531e14d1952ae47061b6950c28fc8
ripemd128: 76c0584577a44658ba6289d72e25b765
ripemd160: 2c48659f0190307e6e9b18a8da59c22072fec224
ripemd256: f8efc2be5f56010f6c8f205a80d37299709ecc6
ripemd320: 396f21c4e4a98634e0665f736e3164f43bd2744aa1
whirlpool: 579ee36da1cb59750e43bc9e162d0ca916b9c
snefru: 4205da65f0ab895855b8cdfad78b1f897bbd0b177d3ac87
snefru256: 4205da65f0ab895855b8cdfad78b1f897bbd
gost: 9c2f27637c0360d407d6d92acc8673a1daf65d7320179d82
crc32: bdebce41
crc32b: 9d41b6d1
fnv132: cc4212a8
fnv164: 4d8e4373bc2b6ee8
joaat: 6d7fd097
haval128,3: 238c13cb70c902383754fb19893ea332
haval160,3: 61ab82fb0fa6241bcdac87f50d3e3f9262e5583d
haval192,3: e90f95591ebc1e00e1edc4ceeb195608dc0f234f1f72420f
haval224,3: 739769951c351766d9cc25958155d880917b50cb6
haval256,3: d87099f4d0995c164b49a580061fc41ed929f16f3f94
haval128,4: d5364d2e98821ff18dd4785fdf95d461
haval160,4: 56e4231a9c9365e4a852651cbd3a346bb3ab9376
haval192,4: c4cf4a3c983ba22a22ac0ad9c662165ba4cb8ce1bd6a09b2
haval224,4: 107aad0c958f786a33da39620d2b40e1699f4f
haval256,4: b7ced2ee4f1210639a3f5d880b85dae86
haval128,5: 4e2ed4ed5d0db30b1e28254fd5d2928a
haval160,5: a8a6f01070a6d550fbcad78c2048d9ff15a999af
haval192,5: 8c87898c306ec25ec7d363a4ba5f3ded64d52bd8a0ebf65c
haval224,5: 7bb27f89486c410888114403353c78
haval256,5: a6895d85c0a19d0f0dff491afb08b6d4781eae9
tiger128,3: abceabd07759d59cb65512e6d93fae72
tiger160,3: abceabd07759d59cb65512e6d93fae72ab06d600
tiger192,3: abceabd07759d59cb65512e6d93fae72ab06d6008a0b3d31
tiger128,4: 2a478bb96276c88edcb861408fac9405
tiger160,4: 2a478bb96276c88edcb861408fac9405cf3190ed
tiger192,4: 2a478bb96276c88edcb861408fac9405cf3190edf66d162f

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