goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai – Carassius auratus (Goldfish, 10+ facts and photos)

Scientific Name of Goldfish: Do you want to know Goldfish ka Scientific Naam kya hai?(गोल्डफिश का साइंटिफिक नाम क्या है) This is a question that a student should know. The scientific name of goldfish has been asked many times in different exams. Goldfish are also known as goldfish and sometimes ask you scientific name of goldfish instead of asking Scientific name of goldfish in front of you.

So don’t worry, in this post you will get the answer of this question. And you will also know in this post that What is the scientific name of Goldfish? What type of fish is Goldfish? Where was goldfish first found? Where did goldfish originate?

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Goldfish Ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai? – गोल्डफिश का साइंटिफिक नाम क्या है

Today we will talk about Goldfish Ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai. But before that it should be known that Scientific Naam kise kaha jata hai.

goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai
goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai

Scientific Naam Kya Hai?

Scientific name(goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai?) which we call scientific name is bellow.

Science has named the things on the earth on its basis, which is called scientific naam i.e. scientific name.

goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai
goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai

Goldfish Ka Scientific Naam Kya Hain?

Let us know that what is the scientific name of Goldfish(goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai)?
गोल्डफिश का साइंटिफिक नाम क्या है?
The scientific name of Goldfish is “Carassius auratus”. The scientific name of goldfish is Carassius auratus.

What is Goldfish?

  • Goldfish is a fish whose color is bright and golden like gold. In English it is called “Goldfish”.
  • Due to its color like gold, it is called Goldfish.
  • Keeping gold fish in the house is considered auspicious.
  • Keeping Goldfish in the house is considered very auspicious.
  • According to Indian astrology, keeping goldfish in the house ends sorrows. And the mind remains very calm.
  • Gold fish should be kept in the north or south direction in the house. Then it is considered auspicious.

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Amazing Top 10 Fact Of Goldfish

  1. Goldfish Can Recognize Humans
  2. Goldfish can live for 35 to 40 years
  3. Goldfish can survive for more than 21 days without eating anything.
  4. The teeth of this fish are behind its throat.
  5. You will be surprised to know that goldfish do not have a stomach, perhaps because they can live for more than 3 weeks without eating anything.
  6. Goldfish eat their own young. Apart from this, it also eats other small fish.
  7. The memory of goldfish is very powerful. It can remember any object for three months.
  8. They don’t have eyelids
  9. Goldfish sleeps with eyes open.
  10. Goldfish perceive the taste from its lips and not from the creature.
  11. To date, the world’s largest goldfish has been found like a cat.
  12. This fish is found more in China.

How does the Goldfish live in the environment?

  • Goldfish are mild-tempered and generally have a lifespan of about 6 years, although some live longer.
  • It is a type of omnivorous and partially carnivorous fish that lives in fresh water. Although some can also live in salt water.
  • It has developed throat teeth, which can swallow hard bait.
  • Goldfish can live in water of a certain temperature.
  • It can die from a drastic change in temperature.
  • Suitable water temperature for these is 18-26 °C.
  • Goldfish live in the middle depths.
  • It lives in an environment rich in nutrients like algae. People also keep them in big lead jars.

What is the size of a Goldfish?

  • Goldfish are also used as ornamental fish.
  • Its body is long and wings are short.
  • Their body is very attractive and beautiful.
  • They are about 8 inches long and sometimes they are up to 23 centimeters.
  • Its body colors are red, yellow, blue, purple, black, white, and colorful.
  • China was the first country to domesticate goldfish. They are not eaten.

How long can a Goldfish live?

When Goldfish is kept in a lead jar, it lives for about 5 years. Otherwise, when they get enough food and the right water, their life span is 10 to 15 years.

However, there is a record of living for a maximum of 43 years of a Goldfish.

How long can goldfish live without food?

Goldfish can usually live without food for up to two weeks. The longest life of a goldfish without food on record is 4 and a half months.

Where is Goldfish found?

Goldfish are mostly found in Chinese ponds, outside aquariums, in canyons and marshes. It is usually found in stagnant or slow flowing water.

What do goldfish or goldfish eat?

Goldfish are omnivores. In addition to plants, they eat common fish. They also like aquatic plants, mosquito larvae, water fleas, insects, partridges, corn or egg yolks.

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How to take care of Gold Fish?

Goldfish have a very high appetite, so they need plenty of food. Even so, you can only give them as much food as they can eat at a time.

Otherwise the food residue will contaminate the aquarium and the water will become dirty.


Friends, here I told you what is the scientific name of Goldfish? (goldfish ka scientific naam kya hai?).

Along with this, I also gave additional information in addition to scientific name of goldfish such as in which country the goldfish originated first etc.

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