gotoxy function in c++ header file

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gotoxy function in c++ header file

Today, We want to share with you gotoxy function in c++ header file.
In this post we will show you Gotoxy in Dev c++, hear for gotoxy function in code blocks we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about gotoxy function in c with an example.

What is gotoxy() function used in c?

Details of the Functions Such as a…

  • Header File : conio.h
  • Function : gotoxy
  • Return Type : Void

Purpose of the Gotoxy in Dev c++

1. text window for Text write in Positions, Moves Cursor of the Positions(x,y),Maximum x Co-ordinate in Text Mode = 80 and Maximum y Co-ordinate 25

Generally, using gotoxy simple function is quiet way more difficult in devc++ so there is defult no such include header file present in best way to dev c++ to use Gotoxy in Dev methods in C++ what I have to simple everythings do is that we have to make the function for relavants positioning cursor in dev c++

void gotoxy(short a, short b);    //simple here we init declare the gotoxy function
 gotoxy(40,25);                      //now where we want to simple call c++ gotoxy function 
 printf("My First Example Gotoxy in Dev c++");
 return 0;
void gotoxy(short a, short b)           //Introduction of gotoxy function//                                               
 COORD pos ={a,b};
 SetConsoleCursorPosition(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), pos);

Note that Programming C++ gotoxy is simple function name here i.e. I am able to modify that it might be any source code except keywords

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I hope you get an idea about use gotoxy function in c++ Example.
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