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Holkar Vansh ka Itihas Holkar Dynasty

Holkar Vansh(dynasty)


After the decline of the Mughal Empire, the Maratha kingdom was established in Malwa.
1727 AD Malharao Holkar received the Sanad of 5 palaces of Malwa.
In 1729 AD, the Sanads of Holkar and Panwar were determined.
In October 1730, Malharrao Holkar became the ruler of Malwa and founded the Holkar Vansh(dynasty).
In 1731, Malwa was divided into three chieftains, the Holkars, the Panwars and the Scindias.

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In 1732 AD, the foundation of 5 Maratha states was laid in Malwa.

  1. Holkar Vansh[Dynasty] (Indore)
  2. Jiwaji Rao Vansh[Dynasty] (Dewas Choti Panti)
  3. Anandrao Pawar (Dhar)
  4. Scindia (Gwalior)
  5. Tukojirao Panwar (Dewas Badi Panti)
  • Malharrao’s wife was Gautamabai. Malharrao died in Alampur in 1766 AD.
  • Khanderao was married to Ahilyabai, the daughter of Mankoji Shinde.
  • But Khanderao was killed in the battle of Kumberi Fort in 1754 AD.
  • Ahilya Bai gave birth to a son Malerao and a daughter Muktabai. Muktabai was married to Yashwant Phadse. Muktabai also died at the time of birth of a son.
  • Malrao was also an addict like his father. In 1767 AD, Malarao also died.
  • Then Ahilya Bai took over the reins of governance in 1767 AD and appointed Tukojirao as the general, who died in 1797 in Poona.
  • Ahilya Mata built temples, river ghats, dharamshalas across the country and did public welfare works.
    On 13 August 1795, at the age of 70, Ahilyabai was absorbed in the feet of Ishwar in Maheshwar. Born in
  • 1735 in Chodi village (Ahmednagar, Maharashtra)
  • Other rulers were Kashirao, Yashwant Rao.
  • The last ruler Tukojirao-III merged the state with the Union of India.
  • The Holkars ruled for 200 years.
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