How to Download mp3 Audio from YouTube for FREE?

How to download mp3 audio from youtube If you run youtube, the world’s largest video search engine, then you must have thought about downloading its video and mp3 at some time or the other, because all the latest songs that come in today’s time are youtube first.

Are released only on. Although there is an option to save songs in YouTube app, in which you can watch that saved video without internet, but there is a problem, this video is not saved in the SD card of the phone. Because of which we are not able to share that offline video with our friends. If we have to share any youtube video, then for this the data connection has to be turned on.

If we talk about Youtube, then it is a product of Google which was bought by Google in the year 2007, after that the responsibility of making YouTube even better came to Google and in this Google has been successful to a great extent. Google has made youtube the world’s number 1 video search engine. In which millions of videos are uploaded every day. Today, this site is also emerging as a business because money is also available for uploading videos, due to which many unemployed youths of the country are getting attracted towards this site.

How to download mp3 song from youtube?

If you want to download the latest songs from youtube in mp3 format, then for this you have to use Chrome browser. If you use the app to download songs, then you must know that mp3 songs are not downloaded in it. In the app, you can only download songs in video format. Here we are going to tell you the easiest way to download a song in mp3 format, with the help of this method you can download the mp3 version of any video to your SD card.

how to download mp3 song from youtube in website?

First of all, you have to go to the Chrome browser of your computer or mobile, after that search the website of youtube in the browser and play it. Now search any song you want to download on YouTube. When your favorite song is played, you will see the URL of the song at the top, you have to copy this URL.

Now open a new tab in your browser, in this tab you have to go to the website named, you can open this website from here also if you search this website on Google If you search, many websites will come in front of you, in which you can get confused, so keep in mind the name of this website.

In the page of this website, you will see an empty box on which you have to paste the link or URL copied from youtube, you can see in the image above, after pasting the link, click on start. It will take a few seconds to convert the video to mp3.

When the video is converted to mp3, a new page will open in which you will see the option to download the mp3 file along with the image of the video. Here you have to click on the download button, your mp3 song download will start.

How to download mp3 song from Youtube in other website?

There are many websites in the internet which give the option to convert the video into mp3 and download it. The name of the first website is while the name of the second website is In this website also you can download your song by pasting the URL.

For this, you have to go to page of this website, after that paste the URL of your song in its box. After pasting the URL click on convert it. Now your video will start converting into mp3 file. When the video is converted into a song, you will see the download option, by clicking on which you can download your song.

So now you must have known how to download mp3 song from youtube, here we have told you about two websites, you can use any of them. There is a very simple way to download mp3 songs, first you have to copy the link of the song, after that you have to paste the copied link in other website, this website converts that video into mp3 song as well as a download button. Also provides a link from which you can download that converted song.

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