How To Dress For Your Body Type – Complete Guide

It is known by all women that every body type is different and for every body type there are different clothes that suit them perfectly. Many a times women often buy some clothes in a hurry and when they wear them at home they find that either those clothes don’t look good on them or they don’t come right.

The reason for this is not choosing clothes according to their body shape. If you are also in a dilemma about your body shape and because of this you often choose the wrong clothes, then today we will tell you how you can find out your body shape and how you can choose clothes for it.

How to know your body shape?

To understand your body shape, you need to keep a few things in mind. Use some cloth tape to locate it.

  1. Shoulders: Place one corner of the tape on one side of your shoulder and then rotate it around to where you started so the tape meets your starting center. By doing this you can know the widest point of your shoulder.
  2. Bust: You first place your tape at the fullest part of your bust and then wrap it around as before and join from the starting point. This way you will know your bust size. For this you have to stand straight.
  3. Stomach: For this you need to stand up straight and make sure that you are not contracting your stomach. For this you have to start near your belly button where the thinnest part of your stomach is and wrap it around. Note this number.
  4. Hips: To measure the hips you have to start from the fullest part of your hips i.e. you have to start from the back and then bring the tape towards the front. You can also use a mirror to see it.

body type calculator

How to dress according to your body shape?

Your body type is an outline of your structure. This can be very beneficial in choosing the clothes that adorn you. It can also take your style to a different level. You just have to put in a little effort. We all have a different body type and we can choose clothes that suit our body type and suit it according to our body proportions. Let’s know about some famous body types and their clothes.

What is apple body shape?

If your upper body is heavier than your lower body then you fall under apple body shape. People with this shape usually have wider shoulders and a larger bust line, and it looks like all the weight has been lost in the middle.

How should people with apple body shape dress?

According to your body, all the weight is on your hips and your middle body also looks a bit heavy then you should flaunt some of your strength like you can flaunt your legs and wear a v line dress which Creates a very good illusion.

Best clothes for this body shape?

You should try A Line and Umpire Cut. You can wear dark color and 3/4 length dresses if you want. You can also wear flared palazzos for balance.

What should people with this shape not wear?

Avoid figure hugging and skinny jeans.

What is R glass body shape?

Body Shape Calculator

This body shape is considered to be the most balanced. It has a correct and balanced proportion of upper body and lower body. This body shape is considered to be the best.

How to choose clothes?

Since you have a body that everyone aspires to have, you should take advantage of it and wear dresses that show off your body curves to enhance your beauty.

Best clothes?

You can wear a dress that gathers at the waist. A V neckline will suit you very well and you can also wear a waist belt to enhance the look. You can also try on body hugging dresses.

How not to wear clothes?

  • By the way, every dress suits this body shape, but if you wear loose bottoms, it spoils the whole look.

Body Shape

What is pear body shape?

This body shape is mainly in your lower body ie if your lower body is heavier than your upper body then your body shape is pear. Kim Kardashian also has this body shape and hence it is also considered very good. If you have this body shape then you should consider yourself lucky.

How to choose clothes?

If you choose the right clothes, you can get an illusion of R glass body shape. Since your shoulders are narrow, you only need to balance.

Best clothes?

You can use wide leg pants and A line skirt. You can also try patterned or ruffled tops. You can wear skinny jeans with a loose top for the illusion of an R glass body shape.

How not to wear clothes?

  • Avoid skin fitting tops and loose bottoms.

What is rectangular body shape?

This body shape is uniform from shoulders to hips so your silhouette doesn’t get much definition and is almost straight forward.

How to choose clothes?

Your legs and arms are your assets in this body, so choose clothes that enhance them.

Best clothes?

Choose an A-line skirt and a ruffled or layered top. Choose a dress that gives some definition to your bottom. Choose a neckline that matches your upper body. You can choose sleeveless and strapless dresses and tops. If you wear blazers and long jackets and also carry a cap, it adds a dramatic effect to your look.

How not to wear clothes?

Do not wear over arching dresses.

What is inverted triangle body shape?

This is a very athletic body type and your shoulders are much wider than your hips. So your sides and your shoulders need to be enhanced the most.

How to choose clothes?

You need to add definition to your hips to create a balance. Straight cut jeans and jeans with an inverted V neck are going to suit you well.

Best clothes?

Since your hips are narrower than your shoulders, you can try pencil skirts or skinny jeans. But keep in mind that it defines your upper body and the V neck line also creates the illusion of showing your shoulders a little lower.

What to avoid?

Add patterns, ruffles and layers to the lower body and keep these things to a minimum on the upper. It will look great on you and will also help you achieve a balanced look. But if you do the opposite, your body shape may look worse.

Body Shape Calculator & Measurements Chart

Description Widest part Narrowest part
Hourglass A well-defined waist with even hips and bust BustHips Waist
Pear Bottom-heavy Hips ShoulderBust


Inverted triangle Top-heavy ShoulderBust WaistHips
Rectangle Even measurements without much definition ShoulderBust



Apple Heavy midsection BustWaist Hips

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