How to remove spaces from string using JQuery?

In this post we will show you How to remove spaces from string using JQuery, hear for How to remove spaces from string using JQuery we will give you demo and example for implement.

In this post, we would like to share with you how to remove all white spaces or blank space from a string using jquery.

how to remove Spaces from the string (leading and trailling spaces)?

Actually, we may sometime require to delete all empty spaces from string using jquery javascript. we can easily remove all black space using jquery replace function.

Here we give you very small example with one rich textbox and add button bellow. You have to simple add string on rich text box then click on button it will remove spaces from added string.

jQuery Remove All whitespace Spaces Example
jQuery Remove All whitespace Spaces Example

It’s very simple example and also we give you demo for this you can see bellow button. You are able to download code for remove spaces using jquery. So let’s see bellow example.


    Jquery - Remove white space from string -  

Hi Hello How are You Dear Friends.

use the jQuery $.trim() function to remove all the spaces.

  • including non-breaking spaces
  • newlines
  • tabs from the beginning
  • tabs end of the specified string.

Example 2: Jquery trim method with the help of live example.


Remove White Space from Strings -


Original String

      Tamilrokers of Movies with       Pakainfo    Black   spaces Hindi and English.       

Trimmed String

Remove extra spaces from a string

I hope you get an idea about jquery trim characters from end of string.
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