javascript remove all spaces – How to remove spaces from a string using JavaScript ?

javascript remove all spaces – The whitespace characters are space, tab, no-break space, etc. The trim() method removes whitespace from both ends of a string.

javascript remove all spaces

If you want to remove all whitespace from a string and not just the literal space character, use \s instead. You can remove the whitespace in a string by using a string.replace(/\s/g, “”) regular expression.

2 ways to remove whitespace from a string

  • Regular expression
  • Split() + Join()

Remove ALL white spaces from text
using replace() to repeat the regex:

.replace(/ /g,'')

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Remove all whitespace from a string in JavaScript

Example 1: Using Split() with Join() method

const member_comments = '   HowDoYouDo Friends   ';
console.log(member_comments.split(' ').join(''));

Using Regular Expression

Example : 1

const member_comments = '   HowDoYouDo Friends   ';
console.log(member_comments.replace(/ /g,''));

Example : 2

const member_comments = '   HowDoYouDo Friends   ';

remove all spaces from string javascript

var member_comments = "       HowDoYouDo Friends!        ";

javascript remove all spaces

var string = "Javascript is fun";
var newString = string.replace(" ", "_");
console.log(newString); // Javascript_is_fun

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