javascript replace all spaces – How to replace all spaces in a string?

javascript replace all spaces Use the JavaScript replace() method. You can simply use the js replace() to replace the multiple spaces inside a string.

javascript replace all spaces

The \s meta character in js regular expressions matches any whitespace character: spaces, tabs, newlines and Unicode spaces.

If search argument is a string, replaceAll() replaces all occurrences of search with replaceWith , while replace() only the first occurence.

How to replace white space inside a string in JavaScript?
Exmaple 1:

const member_comments = 'Hi my website is Pakainfo'
member_comments.replace(/\s/g, '') //HimywebsiteisPakainfo

Example : 2

const member_comments = 'Hi my website is Pakainfo'
const nameCleaned = member_comments.replace(/\s/g, '')

Pure Javascript : replace all spaces

var result = member_comments.split(" ").join("");

Replace all spaces in a string with ‘+’

var member_comments = 'j d k';
var replaced = member_comments.split(' ').join('+');

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How to replace all spaces in a string?

Example 1:

var result = member_comments.replace(/ /g, ";");

How to Replace All Spaces in Javascript?


var member_comments = "This string is kind of spacey.";
member_comments = member_comments.replace(" ", "_");



var i = 0, strLength = member_comments.length;
for(i; i < strLength; i++) {
 member_comments = member_comments.replace(" ", "_");
function findAndReplace(member_comments, target, replacement) {
 var i = 0, length = member_comments.length;
 for (i; i < length; i++) {
   member_comments = member_comments.replace(target, replacement);
 return member_comments;
console.log(findAndReplace(member_comments, " ", "_"));
console.log(findAndReplace("No... not me too!", " ", "_")); 


var member_comments = "Sorry, Not RegEx! Please no!";
member_comments = member_comments.replace(/\s/g, "_");
console.log(member_comments); //"Not_RegEx!_Please_no!"

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