how to use prega news? – Pregnancy Test at Home: 5 Signs You Should Take One

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how to use prega news? OR How to use Prega News Kit?

In this article we have told how to check pregnancy with Prega News? How to use Prega News Kit? There will be many questions related to pregnancy test kit in your mind like –

  1. How to use pregnancy test kit?
  2. how to use prega news?
  3. How to do pregnancy test in advance at your own home?
  4. How to do pregnancy test or pregnancy test at home?
  5. What is the right way to do a pregnancy test in a kit?

how to use prega news?

You will find the answer to all such questions in this article – Prega News is a pregnancy test kit which is from Mankind Pharma, but many such companies make pregnancy test kits. The use of all these pregnancy test kits is the same. Take the Prega news card as an example.

Now let us tell you when and how to do pregnancy test at home (When and How to do pregnancy test at home)?

how to use prega news? – Prega News Pregnacy Testing Kit Using Step by Step

how to use prega news

Prega News Kya Hai?

Prega News is a urine HCG pregnancy test kit, with the help of which we can easily detect pregnancy at home.

Use Karne Ka Tarika | How To Use Prega News Kit In Hindi | Prega News Kit Use In

It is very easy to do a pregnancy test with Prega News. Here I have given you complete information about Prega News so that you do not face any problem in using Prega News.

Step 1: Collect Urine Sample

how to use prega news
how to use prega news? – Collect a urine sample anytime during the day. According to the Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit, you have to collect the first urine sample in the morning but there is no need to collect the urine sample according to your convenience.

Step 2: Collect Urine in the Dropper

prega news how to use
prega news how to use – In Prega news Pregnancy Test you will get a dropper, take that dropper and press the dropper to dip the urine sample. Urine will be collected in the dropper as soon as you press it.

Step 3: With the help of a dropper, put two to three drops of urine in the kit.

prega news result
With the help of dropper, you have to put two to three drops of urine in that kit where there is a square window or circular window. Two or three drops of urine is enough for us to know about pregnancy. After adding two to three drops, we see the result in a Rectangular Window.

Step 4: Prega News Me Negative Ka Matlab (Prega News Test Result Negative)

prega news test result
When there is a pink line in the Rectangular Window, then you are not pregnant. Meaning that Prega News Pregnancy Test is negative.

Step 5: Prega News Me Positive Ka Matlab

prega news positive result
prega news positive result

how to use prega news? – perega news test result positive

When there are two pink lines in the Rectangular Window then there is a good news that yes you are pregnant. Meaning that the Prega News Pregnancy Test is positive.

Step 6: Prega News Me Invalid Ka Matlab

how to use prega news kit
how to use prega news? – Parega News Test Result Invalid

When there is not a single pink lines in the Rectangular Window then we have to take the society that the pregnancy test is invalid i.e. that kit is faulty or bad and you should do this test again with the second prega news pregnancy test kit ( prega news Pregnancy Test Kit.

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Prega News Me C and T Meaning | Prega News Kit C and T Meaning

Prega News Me C and T Meaning
Prega News Me C and T Meaning

Two lines appear when pregnant in the Rectangular Window or Test Window of Prega News Test Kit. One is Control Line i.e. C and the other is Test Line i.e. T.

The control line (C) ensures that the pregnancy test kit is working properly. And the test line i.e. T shows us positive i.e. positive result.

Prega News Me Halki Line Ka Matlab | One Dark and One Light Line In Prega News

In the Prega News Test Kit, even if the second line appears very pale pink, it means that the result is positive.

When the amount of beta HCG in the urine is low, the second line is a light pink excess. Still, after a couple of days, if you do the pregnancy test again, you will know the confirmed result.

Prega News Price In Medical Store | Prega News Test Kit Price

Prega News costs around Rs 50 per pack and is also available in packs of 3 and 5. You can also take advantage of discounts at some places.

In the medical store, you can get Parega News pregnancy test kit for Rs.50.

Prega News Test Kit is a very cost effective pregnancy test tool considering its cost and can be purchased from most medicals across the country. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy it.

how to use prega news – Apart from Prega News, there are other generic pregnancy test kits available in the market like Velocit, I-Can, Clearblue, Accutest and Pregcolor which detect hCG levels in urine.

What is Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit?

Prega News, sold by Mankind Pharma, is a do-it-yourself pregnancy test kit that allows women to check for pregnancy at home after they have symptoms. With its help, the pregnancy test is very easy, you get the test result in a few seconds.

It is not necessary that you can check pregnancy from Prega News only, if you want, you can also buy any brand pregnancy testing kit from your nearest medicine store and test it.

First symptoms of pregnancy (Early Pregnancy Symptoms)

After conceiving in all women, some new symptoms are seen, knowing that you can do a pregnancy test at home. Let us know about some early signs of pregnancy –

1. Missed Period

The first symptom that occurs in pregnancy is the skipping of menstruation. Only after this one should think about the symptoms of second pregnancy.

2. Sore Breasts

There may be a slight heaviness or pain in the breasts. If a woman is feeling stretch in her breasts and has also missed menstruation last month, then she can take a pregnancy test in the pregnancy testing card.

3. Fatigue Fatigue

Release of menstruation after climbing stairs or doing some work.

4. Nausea and Vomiting

Most pregnant women experience nausea in the first trimester or even vomiting in the morning. But it is not necessary that all women experience vomiting.

5. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination can also be an early sign of pregnancy. If the woman has missed her period and feels frequent urination, then you can do a pregnancy test.

6. Headache Headache

Many women experience slight headache in the first month of pregnancy. If a woman has a headache or mild fever and has missed her period for a month, she can check for pregnancy using a pregnancy test kit.

7. Abdominal Cramping Abdominal Cramping

Some women also feel slight pain in the lower abdomen while pregnant. If there is mild pain in the lower part of the abdomen and missed menstruation, then you can test for pregnancy at home through the kit.

8. Lack of desire to eat food Food Aversion

Most women do not feel like eating or feel hungry in the first days of conception.

9. Mild Fever Elevated Basal Body Temperature

Most women also have a mild fever in early pregnancy. So you can keep this symptom in mind as well.

10. Light Vaginal bleeding or spotting

This is the last symptom you can notice. Some women also have light bleeding from the vagina at the beginning of conception. This happens because menstruation is gone.

If you see all these symptoms then you can use any pregnancy testing kit like Prega News.

Prega News Pack Buy – how to use prega news

  1. One Card
  2. One Dropper
  3. Slilica Granules

So this was the information about Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit. I hope you like this article and hope you will benefit from it.

If there will be some doubts in your mind about this topic, then if you have any doubts, then definitely write in the comment box, we will definitely try to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions – how to use prega news?

A polythene capsule comes with Prega News Kit, what is it & how to use prega news?

prega news use
prega news use

The small pouch of silicone balls that comes with the Prega News Pregnancy Kit is called Silica gel or Desiccant. It is an absorbent material that keeps the vastu dry. It is used to keep Vastu good and to prevent rust.

What to do if a very light pink line appears in the test kit?

If there is a very light pink line in your pregnancy test kit, then you should do the pregnancy test again after a couple of days.

Can a pregnancy test kit be wrong?

Yes, the pregnancy test kit can be wrong. When you do a pregnancy test ahead of time, the test kit will be wrong. Sometimes pregnancy test shows false positive or false negative result due to some hormones.

When and how to do pregnancy test? | When to do Prega News pregnancy test?

Take a pregnancy test a day or two after you miss a period and do a pregnancy test at home using a urine pregnancy test kit.

How much does Prega News get? | Prega News Pregnancy Test Price?

A kit of Prega News is available for Rs.50.

After how many days prega news pregnancy test should be done?

Prega News pregnancy test should be done a day or two after missed period.

How many times can one use Prega News?

One Prega News Kit can be used only once. Every time you have to get a new Prega News Kit.

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