ST Full Form — What Is The Full Form Of ST?

st full form – SC, ST And OBC Full Form And Meaning – The full form of ST is scheduled tribes. They consist of people who had a tribe independent of caste system.

st full form – What does ST stand for?

ST – Scheduled Tribes(A term specific to India).

The full form of ST is Scheduled Castes(SCs).

ST person have many lots of the facilities in every government jobs , school, college or in all entrance exam.

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The full form of SC, ST and OBC is Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC).Full form of SC, ST and OBC in Hindi Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC).

These categories are mainly created to help some caste and tribes and backward class. Sometimes minorities too, such as Muslims belong to the OBC(M) category.

They have primary benefits of reservation in government jobs, higher education as well as in the legislature. There is a provision of reservation for these Scheduled and Backward Classes in Article 16(4) of the Constitution.

I believe that casteism should be eradicated in India and I oppose casteism. If you find any information wrong in this article, then please do tell in the comment section.

SC: Scheduled Castes

st full form

SC are the untouchable castes of India. They live outside the villages and were required to do ‘dirty’ jobs – such as clearing feces, cleaning dead animals, leather work etc.They were not allowed to touch the food, money, clothes of the upper caste as they were doing dirty work.They were the most discriminated among the Shudra castes.

ST: Scheduled Tribes

st full form

  • ST are the tribals of India who live in the forests, there are also nomadic tribals.
  • They are not part of any organized religion – they are considered outcasts.
  • They have their own dressing style, traditions, food and culture.

OBC: Other Backward Class

OBC full form

  • OBC were farmers who belonged to socially, educationally and economically backward class.
  • They were between the upper-castes and the scheduled castes in terms of social hierarchy. But still there was discrimination.
  • They were traditionally poor, illiterate and mostly engaged in agriculture, herding.
  • OBCs are socially and educationally backward as compared to upper castes or general category.
  • OBCs consider themselves above untouchables (SC). There are frequent clashes between OBCs and SCs.
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What is the full form of SC, ST and OBC?

The full form of SC in English is SCHEDULED CASTES. it is called SC. The full form of ST in English is SCHEDULED TRIBES and it is called ST. The full form of OBC in English is OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES and it is called OBC.

Write the Full Form of SC, ST, and OBC

  1. SC – Scheduled Castes
  2. ST – Scheduled Tribes
  3. OBC – Other Backward Classes

SC :

The people and communities of the castes considered backward are included under the SC/Scheduled Caste category. Most of the leather working castes and castes considered untouchables are included in this class.

People who come under the Scheduled Castes are given 15% reservation by the Constitution of India in government jobs, educational institutions and other government-directed undertakings.

ST :

The people of the lowest order of the society have been included under the ST / Scheduled Tribes category, it includes the tribals living in the forests, the castes considered untouchables, the communities facing social exclusion.

By the Constitution of India, 7.5% reservation is given to Scheduled Tribes in government jobs, all educational institutions and other government-directed programs.


OBC/Other Backward Classes were included after the recommendation of Mandal Commission formed in 1979.

27% reservation is given by the Constitution of India for other backward classes in government jobs, all educational institutions and other government-directed programs.

More Details for Obc Full Form

obc full form – What is the full form of OBC? – SC, ST And OBC Full Form

other full form of ST

Term Definition Category
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In this post, we have told you in detail about Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Background Classes with SC, ST, OBC Full Form.

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