karanj tree(Pongame oiltree): 10+ Health Benefits, Usage and Side Effects

Pongamia Pinnata – Information about karanj tree and benefits of karanj seeds

Botanical name of Karanj tree – Pongamia pinnata
English name of Karanj tree – Pongam Oil Tree, Indian Beach

Pongamia Pinnata, Karanj Tree Seeds

karanj tree
karanj tree
  • Karanj tree is a main plant found in India vriksharopan.
  • The plant of Karanj has many medicinal properties, which cure our diseases.
  • Karanj plant is very beautiful.
  • Karanj plant is about 10 to 15 meters high.
  • Karanj plant is easily found on the roadsides, in the forests. New leaves come in the Karanj plant in the month of April and small flowers appear in it, which look very beautiful.

Karanj tree flowers in the month of April and these flowers fall, which look very beautiful. If there is a Karanja plant around your house, then you go and look there, then you get to see Karanj flowers scattered all around the Karanj tree. It rains the flowers of karanj and flowers fall under the karanj tree.

The flowers of Karanj remain white in color. Light violet and pink color is found in the flower. The flowers of Karanj are small and appear in clusters.

The bud of karanj flower remains brown in color. Karanja also bears fruits. The fruits of Karanj are green in color in the initial stage and after ripening, it turns brown in color. Each part of the Karanja tree is used medicinally.

After ripening, the fruit of Karanj becomes very hard. Its seed is to be seen inside the fruit of Karanj. Karanja seed oil is extracted. Karanja seed oil is used in many diseases. Karanj is mainly used in boils, pimples, skin diseases. Karanj plant is capable of removing many other diseases.

Karanj plant is found everywhere in India. People are not aware about the use of Karanja plant. So people can use it. The leaves of the Karanj plant are green in colour. A main stem is seen in the Karanj plant and many sub-branches are attached to the main stem.

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Types of karanj tree

karanj tree
karanj tree

There are three types of Karanj tree.

  1. tree karanj
  2. Poorti Karanj
  3. Lata Karanj

Karanj tree is very big. Tree Karanj tree is about 15 to 20 meters high. Small white flowers are found in the tree Karanj. Tree Karanj looks beautiful to see.

The leaves of the tree Karanja are green in colour. Its leaves are circular. The upper end of the leaves is pointed. Poorti Karanj remains like a tree.

The tree of Lata Karanj remains like a bush. The leaves of its tree are like sweet neem leaves. There are thorns on the entire plant of Lata Karanj.

There are thorns on the fruits of Lata Karanj. There are medical benefits of Lata Karanj tree. It has many benefits. The plant of Lata Karanj and tree Karanj is easily available for you to see anywhere.

Karanj seed oil

Karanja oil is very useful. The oil of Karanja seeds is used in skin diseases. Karanj oil is easily available in the market. You can buy it from the market and apply it on the skin disease area.

This Fudia cures problems like pimples and skin diseases. Karanj seed oil will be available in the grocer’s shop. You can use the oil of its seeds for skin related diseases.

benefits of karanj oil

There are many benefits of karanj oil. Karanja oil is easily available in the market.

  1. Karanja oil cures skin diseases. You can use Karanja oil in skin diseases.
  2. The use of karanj oil cures boils, pimples and itching. You can apply karanj oil on the itchy area. Due to which boils, pimples and itching will be cured.
  3. The use of Karanja oil, the person who becomes bald. He can do it to regrow the hair in his head. Hair can regrow in a bald head with the use of karanj oil. Therefore, karanj oil is useful in hair regrowth.
  4. Karanja oil plays a very important role in the disease of arthritis. If you apply its oil, then the pain of arthritis is reduced. There are many other benefits of karanj oil.

Medicinal properties, importance and benefits of Karanj tree

Karanj tree is one of the main tree found in India. Karanj tree has many medicinal properties. All parts of the Karanja tree are used medicinally.

The seeds, flowers, roots, twigs, leaves and stems of Karanj tree are all useful. By burning the wood of Karanj, it works to drive away mosquitoes. You can avoid mosquitoes by burning karanj wood. The use of karanj is very beneficial in itching, skin disorders and baldness.

benefits of karanj tree

Karanja Oil for Skin and Hair

Karanja leaves are used to cure scabies. Boiling karanj leaves in water and bathing with that water ends the problem of itching. Karanja acts as an important medicine for the skin.

Use of Karanj to remove baldness

Karanj oil can be used to remove baldness. Karanj oil is easily available in the market. Massaging the scalp with karanj oil removes baldness and the hair starts coming back.

Use of Karanja for eye diseases

Karanja seeds can be used for the eyes. Boiling the paste of karanj seeds in milk, cooling it and using it like kajal, many problems related to eyes are removed. With this, the problem of dryness of the eyes, red eyes, itching in the eyes, all things go away.

use of karanj for glowing face

Karanja seeds can be used for glowing skin on the face. Its seeds should be grinded with milk and applied on the face, due to which the face improves and the face looks beautiful.

use of karanj in dental problem

Karanja can be used in toothache. You can use Karanja’s Panchang. Burning the Panchang of Karanj in the fire and using its ashes as a paste provides relief in toothache and all kinds of problems related to teeth. Apart from this, you can also use karanji twigs. You can use it like a tooth.

use of karanj in piles

Karanj leaves can be used in Babaseer. Grind soft leaves of Karanja and apply it in piles, which provides relief in piles.

use of karanj in urinary disease

Karanj flowers can be used in urinary diseases. Making a decoction of karanj flowers and consuming it is beneficial in urinary diseases. It is beneficial for the problem of frequent urination.

use of karanj in rheumatism

The seeds of Karanja can be used in the disease of rheumatism. Massaging the oil of karanj seeds on the joints is beneficial in the problem of joint pain.

How karanja seeds look like?

The seeds of karanj remain green in color in the initial stage. If you break the seeds of karanj in raw state, then white colored pulp is found inside it and its seed remains green and remains soft. After ripening, the fruit of Karanj becomes brown in colour.

The fruit of karanj becomes hard and the seed which remains inside the fruit of karanj.

It turns dark brown. The outer layer of the currant seed remains brown in color. On separating the outer layer of karanj, one can see the letters between the white color inside it.

There are two middle letters inside it. When the seeds of karanj are ripe. Then their oil is extracted.

How to Plant or Grow Karanj Tree?

Planting a Karanj tree is very easy. Karanj tree grows easily. Karanj tree can be planted from the seeds of Karanj. When the seeds of karanj are ripe, you can plant and its tree grows easily.

You can find the Karanj tree to be seen in the forests, along the roads and on the banks of the rivers.

You can bring its seeds and plant it comfortably at home. You will also find small plants of Karanj in the nursery, which you can bring home and plant.

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