Maihar Devi Temple MP (Maihar Sharda Mata Temple) Timing History and Best 5+ Unknown facts

Maihar’s Sharda Mata temple is famous all over Madhya Pradesh. This is the 1st Shaktipeeth and thousands of devotees come here to see Sharda Mata. The temple of Sharda Mata is located in Maihar of Satna district.

The temple of Sharda Mata in Maihar is situated on the top of Trikuta hill. Stairs have been made to reach this hill. If you want, you can also go by car and here you can also go with the help of ropeway.

Maihar devi – Udal’s story (Maa Sharda Temple Maihar)

maihar devi
maihar devi

Maihar’s Sharda Mata’s Temple is a wondrous temple. It is said that every day Alha and Udal come here and do the first puja. Alha and Udal were the ardent devotees of Mother Sharda and Maa Sharda had given them the boon of being immortal.

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Therefore, first of all the worship is done by Aalha and Udal. When Panditji opens the doors of the temple in the morning, he finds flowers and water offered. This miracle happens daily in the temple of Sharda Mata.

how to reach maihar temple?


If you want to come to visit Sharda Temple of Maihar, then it is very easy to come here. There is a railway station in Maihar. Maihar’s Sharda Temple will be about 5 or 6 kilometers away from the railway station.

You get an auto from the railway station, in which your fare is ₹ 20 and you reach the temple. If you come by road, National Highway 30 passes through Maihar devi. So you can reach Maihar by road also.

Sharda mata Temple maihar

By reaching the temple of Sharda Mata, you get to see many prasad shops. Many people ask you to buy Prasad. You can take prasad here as per your wish. Some shopkeepers make prasad of 300 – 400 here and add more extra prasad, so be careful in such shops. Where you are giving prasad as per your wish.

You can take prasad from there and take off your shoes and slippers in the shop itself. After that you can proceed. As you progress. You get to see a lot of shops.


Here you get to see the idol of Maihar devi, posters of Maihar devi, beautiful kadas, and many more. You can also shop for them if you want. Walking slowly you reach the gate of Sharda Mata temple.

Here’s the coconut you live with. They keep depositing and you are given a token. Then you move forward, then the stairs start. You have to climb the stairs. If you do not want to climb the stairs, then the option of ropeway is also available here.

If you want, you can also take the ropeway. You are charged for this. We went up the stairs. There are more than 1000 stairs here. If you want, you can also come here by car. There is a road to reach here by car. Well, climbing the stairs is very exciting.

Chairs have been made in the stairs for you to stay and sit at the place and here you have been provided with drinking water. It may take you about half an hour to climb the stairs. If you reach the main gate here, then there is a lot of crowd here. People line up and go inside the temple.

In the front of the temple, you get to see the statue of two lions. This statue is situated next to the main temple entrance. It is said that this idol is very ancient. Here you get to see a tree in front of the temple. Shivling is seated below it. You line up and go inside. You get to see Maa Sharda ji here.

Timings – visit time [BOOKING, PRICE]

After the last aarti at 8 o’clock in the night, the entire campus is locked.

The temple is open

  • From 5.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.
  • From 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Best time to visit

  1. Ram Navami
  2. Navaratri.
  • Children between 3 to 10 years (Both ways) : Rs 84
  • Children between 3 to 10 years (Mata Mandir to Ropeway Station) : Rs 73
  • Children upto 3 years : Nil
  • Differently abled person : Nil
  • Monthly Pass (Adult both Ways) (30 Days): Rs 1160
  • Monthly Pass (Child both Ways) (30 Days) : Rs 740
  • People above 10 years (Both ways): Rs 116
  • People above 10 years (Mata Mandir to Ropeway Station): Rs 84

Here’s the prasad left with you. There you give it to Panditji and after taking Prasad from Panditji, you move forward. Here you come towards the back side of the temple, then you get to see a big courtyard at the back side.

Here you can sit peacefully for some time. You can also take photos here. There are other small temples here, where you can offer prasad etc.

Here you also get a photographer, who clicks your photo and immediately gives you the photo. There is a grill all around in the back courtyard of the temple and you can see the view all around from the grill, which is very picturesque.

If you come here during the rainy season, there is greenery all around and it looks very attractive. If you come in the rain, you will feel as if you are standing in the middle of the clouds.

All types of arrangements are available here. Bathroom etc. is also available here. If you bring food with you, you can sit and eat here. But don’t litter here. Dustbins are given here, whatever the garbage is. You put it in the dustbin.

Stairs have been given to go down the back side of the temple. You can go downstairs by walking around the temple.

If you have not brought food with you, then food facilities have also been provided by the temple trust, in which if you come under the temple, then there is a very good arrangement for 10 or ₹ 20. This place is known as Annapurna Trust. You can come and eat food here.

You can visit Sharda Mata temple in Maihar devi with your family and friends and have darshan of Maa Sharda ji. This place is very nice and it feels great to be here.

Maihar tourist place

There are more best tourist places in Maihar devi. where you can roam. Here you can visit Bada Akhara, Alha Udal Ka Akhara, Alha Udal Talab, Neelkantheshwar Dham or Radha Krishna Temple, Gola Math Temple, Panni Falls.


  • Best time to visit: round the year
  • Languages: Hindi, English
  • Area: 7,502 sq km (Satna District)

Maihar Ropeway Hill Point

Maa Sharda Temple || Maihar || MP

what is the height of Maihar Devi temple?

The temple of Maihar Devi Maa Sharda Mata situated on Trikoot mountain is at a height of six hundred feet from the ground level.

How many stairs are there in Maihar?

A total of 1006 steps have to be climbed for Mata De Darshan in Maihar, which is divided into four sections.

When was the idol of Mata Sharda established?

The idol of Mata Sharda was established in Vikram Samvat 559.

Is sacrifice still done in the temple?

The practice of offering sacrifices in the temple of Mata has been going on since mythological times, but in the year 1922, King Brajnath Judev of Satna completely banned animal sacrifice.

Which river flows near Maihar Mata temple?

As you know Maihar Mata Temple is on the Chitrakoot mountain and the Yelaji River flows right next to the mountain.

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