myisam vs innodb – difference between innodb and myisam

Question: Which is better MyISAM or InnoDB?, what is innodb?, what is MyISAM?

in myisam vs innodb, The frequently & default used storage engine in MySQL are MyISAM (default storage engine) and InnoDB (storage engine for MySQL).With these storage engine there are some benefit and drawback according to projects or webapps requires.As you all know, the default storage engine selected by MySQL database is MyISAM.

The main differences between myisam vs innodb (“with respect to designing or create a table or database” you asked about) are allow for “referential integrity” as well as “transactions”.

InnoDB vs MyISAM

Here are a little of the important differences between InnoDB and MyISAM:

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mysql engine myisam vs innodb

InnoDB has row-level locking system. MyISAM storage engine only has full table-level locking system.
InnoDB has what is called referential integrity which requires Help to foreign keys (RDBMS) as well as relationship constraints, MyISAM does not (DMBS).
InnoDB allows transactions, which means you can commit statement as well as roll back statement. MyISAM does not.
InnoDB is additional dependable as it uses transactional logs for auto recovery. MyISAM does not.

Convert MyISAM to InnoDB with phpMyAdmin

You can change MyISAM to InnoDB rightly simple. This great example is below is using the wp_posts table. step by step run wordpress the MySQL ALTER command to change or update it to InnoDB storage engine. important Note: I always recommend first of all check disk space you can all the backing up your MySQL database table double copy save your local computer system before running or execute any operations on it.


myisam vs innodb

Here is a great infromation of which Database storage engine you should use in which your application needed:

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wordpress mysql myisam
Required full-text search Yes 5.6.4
Require transactions Yes
Frequent select queries Yes
Frequent insert, update, delete Yes
Row locking (multi processing on single table) Yes
Relational base design Yes

MYISAM: (default storage engine)

  • It’s Help to Table-level Locking
  • It’s designed for need of speed
  • It’s does not allow foreign keys hence we call MySQL with MYISAM is DBMS
  • It’s stores its tables, data as well as indexes in diskspace using separate three different files. (Database tablename.FRM, tablename.MYD, tablename.MYI)
  • MYISAM not Help to transaction. You cannot commit statement as well as rollback statement with
  • MYISAM. Once you issue a command it’s done.
  • MYISAM Help to fulltext search
  • You can use MyISAM storage engine, if the table is additional static with lots of select and less update as well as delete.

INNODB: (storage engine for MySQL)

  • It’s Help to Row-level Locking
  • It’s designed for maximum performance when processing high volume of data
  • It’s allow foreign keys hence we call MySQL with InnoDB is RDBMS
  • It’s stores its Database tables as well as indexes in a tablespace
  • It’s Help to transaction. You can commit statement as well as rollback statement with InnoDB

You can select storage engine as every application require because myisam vs innodb have some benefit and drawback.

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