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Essay on Pigeon (1000+ Words) – about pigeon

Pigeon is a flying bird, which is seen flying in the sky. The pigeon is known in English by both the names dove and pidgin.

Pigeon is a beautiful bird to behold. It is mostly seen in two colors white and gray. Pigeons are also kept by many people in their homes. It is said that pigeons are a symbol of peace.

About habitat and feed of Pigeon

The white color of the dove is a symbol of peace, it likes to live by making a nest. Pigeons also make their nests in big buildings and mansions. The favorite food of pigeons is grains, pigeons like to eat grains.

Pigeons are called old-fashioned message carriers, it is said that in earlier times, if letters or any message had to be delivered, then they used to tie the letter in the neck of the pigeon and that pigeon used to deliver that message there.

That is why the pigeon bird has a very old history because it was used by King Maharaj for years. Thousands of pigeons also lived in the palace of King Akbar.

Dove bird body information

Pigeon is a very beautiful bird to see, which is found all over our world, although there are many species of it, but in our India, only white and gray pigeons of two colors are seen. Their whole body is covered with feathers.

These feathers help the pigeon to fly and regulate their body temperature according to the season so that they can live their life well in very hot, very cold or rainy season. Can also stay in season.

The pigeon has a beautiful beak, which has two small holes at the top, with the help of which the pigeon can breathe and also has two lovely round-shaped eyes, which are brown or red in color according to the species of pigeon.

Apart from this, a black circular line is found on the neck of the female pigeon and there are two pointed claws.

Its neck is very soft and there is a purple line in the neck of the silver colored pigeon which surrounds the neck. Pigeons can fly in the open sky for a long time without stopping their speed.

Pigeon weight ranges from about 1 to 1.5 kg. The length of the pigeon is from 15 to 17 cm. it occurs. When pigeons speak, their voice comes out, which is very nice to hear.

Some information about pigeon

Everyone says that keeping a pigeon in the house brings good luck. The power of remembering anything of a pigeon is very high, that is why earlier it was expert in delivering the message to the right place, however now people have stopped taking the help of pigeon due to the arrival of new equipment.

Pigeon’s heart beats 600 times in 1 minute. It is a bird that can live in deserts and even in areas of extreme snow. It is so intelligent that it is easily recognized by looking at itself in the mirror.

Their age is only about 6 years. Pigeon can fly 60 to 70 kilometers in about an hour and it makes its flight up to a height of 6000 meters above the ground. It is a sensitive bird, it knows the coming natural calamities in advance.

Due to the fast memory of the pigeon, even after going miles away, he comes back to his home easily. Pigeon lays two eggs at a time and these eggs break within 19 to 20 days and the chicks come out from them.

A pigeon becomes capable of breeding only at the age of six months. According to the habit of pigeons, they prefer to live together in a flock and not alone, that is why they make their nest only on the walls of human houses or their buildings.

History of Pigeon Bird

Pigeons have been working as a postman since ancient times. Earlier, when there used to be war, at that time there was no such means by which we could easily convey our message to another partner, but at that time there was a pigeon, with the help of which we could exchange our message because pigeon was the only bird. In which the ability to recognize a person and the power of memory is fast.

After knowing so many things about pigeon, we understood that pigeon is our friend and it is such a gift of earth that despite being a bird, it is useful for human being, that’s why we should take care of pigeon and not kill them.

Even today people consider pigeons very auspicious in their homes and keep them in their homes. People of some states even give pigeons a place to live on the roof of their houses, assuming the arrival of money.

Some people keep them in their house and for their happiness, they also bloom a lot of donations. Their beauty is made on sight.

Few lines about Pegion

  1. Pigeon is a beautiful white and gray colored bird.
  2. Pigeons are find in many top countries, but they are find the most in Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt and many more.
  3. Pigeons were used in best history to send useful messages.
  4. Pigeon is considered a very auspicious bird.
  5. Ghosts and especially eat grains and grains.
  6. Pigeons like to live in the roofs of people’s houses.
  7. Pigeons are very smart birds and once they see the way they do not forget it.
  8. Pigeons can fly to great heights.
  9. An adult pigeon weighs 1 to 1.5 kg and is 10-15 cm in length depending on the species.
  10. The life expectancy of a pigeon is 5 to 10 years.


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