loktantra kise kahate hain – Best 10 Lines on Democracy in English

loktantra kise kahate hain Answer: India is the largest democratic country in the world. Democracy is a system. Which gives people a share in governance. And gives people the power to maintain their freedom.

Democracy has been explained in different ways by many thinkers all over the world.

But in reality the democracy system is the one which gives fair right to the people to express their views and opinions.

Democracy and freedom are two different words. But always the meaning of these two words is taken to be the same.

Freedom is that which is obtained after a long struggle for independence.

And democracy is the way to maintain that freedom. In fact, democracy is the freedom of the people to think and think.

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loktantra kise kahate hain
loktantra kise kahate hain

loktantra kise kahate hain

Democracy is also another name of democracy.

Democracy is a system of ruling. In which people can choose their own representative.

And the representatives elected by the people take care of the responsibility of governance. The representatives of the people govern for the people and for the benefit of the people.

Every country or state has its own system of governance to run, there are mainly two types of governance system, democratic and monarchical.

loktantra kise kahate hain-defination
loktantra kise kahate hain-defination

Loktantra Meaning in english

The English synonym of democracy is Democracy which is made up of two Greek words Demo meaning people and Kretia meaning power or rule.

Loktantra kya hai ?

  • a government where the people are powerful
  • rule of many people
  • People’s by the people for the people This is called democracy – Abraham Lincoln
  • In which there is public participation, it is called democracy – Sile
  • Governance power of the state vested in the community in the form of an even list, it is called democracy – Bryce

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Vocabulary related to Loktantra (loktantra kise kahate hain)

  • Rational Democracy –> Simon Chambers
  • Struggle Democracy -> Philippe Petit
  • Deliberative Democracy –> John Driesek
  • Circular Democracy –> Irish Marion Young

loktantra kise kahate hain

in loktantra kise kahate hain,

The country in which the people rule indirectly is called democracy.

In a democracy, the representatives elected by the people govern and the system of governance of that country is called democratic governance.

The word democracy is made up of two words Lok + Tantra. Which means the system of the people or the rule of the people.

loktantra kise kahate hain
loktantra kise kahate hain

loktantra ki paribhasha

Definition of Democracy – “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Which means it is very clear that democracy is a system of governance to work in the interest of the people through the representatives elected by the people.

The concept of democracy also changed according to the time and situation. Buddi Jeevans put different concepts of democracy.

Many of which have not been implemented till date. Below we are going to study the main two concepts of democracy in detail.

form of democracy

There are two forms of democracy.

  1. direct democracy
  2. indirect democracy

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merits of democracy

Democracy is best described as the rule of John Stuart Mill. In his famous treatise, representative government, on the support of democracy, he presented that two parameters are required to evaluate the merits and demerits of any government.

Its first criterion is whether the government’s governance is good or not, its second criterion has been that its governance has a good or bad effect on the character building of the subjects.

  • based on high ideals
  • based on public welfare
  • public education
  • protection from revolution
  • variable governance
  • development of patriotism
  • Developing self-confidence and a sense of responsibility in donations

defects of democracy

  • Democracy is ruled by incompetent people
  • Decision by majority not justified
  • Democracy lays emphasis not on qualities but on numbers
  • valued for professional politicians
  • expensive governance
  • unsuitable for crisis
  • fierce partisanship

Types of Democracy

There are mainly two types of democracy-

(1) Pure or direct democracy
(2) Representative authoritarian or indirect democracy

Democracy Kya hoti Hai
Democracy Kya hoti Hai

representative democracy

In a representative democracy, the public directly elects the government official. These officers are elected according to the district and parliamentary constituency.

However loktantra kise kahate hain, in this process the representative is elected by the people or the people. But the way of working is the representative’s own.

The people elect their representatives for a fixed period of time. Representatives run the government system by using their power and authority.

After a certain time the representative has to leave his place. And new representatives are elected through the re-election process.

There is also a drawback of this process that once the representative is elected, there is a possibility of their rights and powers being used by the wrong persons.

But there is also a feature of this process that due to changing the representative in a given time, the representatives have to work in the interest of the public under the pressure of the public.

Otherwise the public does not elect that representative back.

direct democracy

In the system of direct democracy, the people directly participate in the governance. Decisions are taken on the basis of the election of the people.

And the works are done according to the decisions of the people.

There is no representative in this. But direct democracy governance systems are not possible in large states and countries.

Direct democracy system is possible only in small nation and state.

loktantra kise kahate hain-main
loktantra kise kahate hain-main

Features of Democracy

  1. adult franchise
  2. The will of the people is supreme.
  3. Responsible government.
  4. representative government elected by the people
  5. decision by majority
  6. fair and timely elections
  7. Public’s share in the decision of the government by pressure and public opinion
    fair judiciary and rule of law
  8. Presence of various political parties and pressure groups
  9. Committee and Constitutional Government
  10. It is the duty of the government to protect the rights and liberties of the people.

Conclusion – loktantra kise kahate hain

The purpose of writing this article (What is democracy? / What do you understand by democracy / Definition of democracy) is to make you aware about democracy and its definition.

The meaning of democracy is often asked in competitive exams.

To which a clear answer is mandatory. In this article we have clearly explained democracy.

In a true democratic system, justice, equality, liberty, and secularism are paramount.

In a democracy, every person is given the power of governance.

Like in our country every person has been given the power of governance through the right to vote.

Loktantra kya hai? : FAQs

Which country is not a democratic country?

Ghana, Myanmar and Vatican City are countries outside the purview of democracy in some form or the other.

Apart from this, there are monarchies in countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Bhutan, Brunei, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Swaziland etc.

How many types of democracies are there?

In general, there are two types of democracy-government system:
(1) Pure or direct democracy and
(2) Representative authoritarian or indirect democracy

What are the main principles of democracy?

Democracy means government by the people, in the interest of the people, over the people. Freedom of expression, right to vote, free media, fair court are the main principles of democracy.

Which is the first state country to adopt democratic system?

Greece is the first democratic country in the world.

Which quality of democracy is not correct?

Lack of practical social equality: – In countries where democracy was established, it is mostly seen that social equality is not maintained practically.

Social equality is never established due to high-low, poverty-rich, class-struggle, methods and economic inequalities.

What are the three basics of democracy?

In a democracy, people mean people and system means system. Hence democracy means the state of the people.

It is a way of life in which liberty, equality and fraternity are the basic principles of social life. The word democracy in English is called Democracy, which is derived from the Greek root word ‘demos’.

Who are the elected representatives in a democracy?

In a democracy, elected representatives are MLAs and MPs, whom we vote and make our people’s representatives.

How many countries of the world have democracy?

There is a democratic system in 56 countries of the world, democratic process is followed in only 56 countries including India, America, France, Germany, Brazil, Australia.

Is Saudi Arabia a democratic country?

Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim country located in the Middle East. It is an Islamic monarchy founded by Saud around 1750.

It is counted among the world’s leading oil exporting countries.

Which is the largest democratic country in the world?

India is considered to be the largest democratic country in the world. The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. It is considered the longest written constitution in the world. India is considered to be the largest democracy in the world because 29 languages ​​and about 1650 dialects are spoken here.

What are the main types of democracies?

There are mainly two types of democracy-
(1) Pure or direct democracy
(2) Representative authoritarian or indirect democracy

What are the two forms of government?

There are two forms of government- (1) democratic (2) non-democratic.

Which is the most popular form of government?

Who is the father of Indian democracy?

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

What is a direct democracy?

Direct democracy means that in which all the citizens of the country directly participate in the state work.

In this way a decision is taken only after their consultation. The famous philosopher Rousseau has considered such democracy as the ideal system.

When is International Day of Democracy celebrated?
15 september

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