sdm full form – What is the full form of SDM?

sdm full form – SDM stands for Sub Divisional MagistrateWho is SDM? Full Form of SDM – Friends, do you also want to know what is the Full Form of SDM and what is the power of SDM, how powerful are these officers and what is their work and how SDM is made, then this post can help you a lot because In this post,

we have told about its SDM in great detail so that you will be able to know about it very well.

Friends, as we told about DM in our previous post, DM Full Form,  who is DM, Exam, Salary, How to become DM? In this you will get complete information about DM, so let’s talk about SDM today.

sdm full form – Full Form of SDM

Friends, as we know, the last two letters of its SMD are DM and I is the full form of DM, District magistrate, in the same way, here S means Sub means if both are spoken together then full form of SDM:

Sub District magistrate (sub district officer) is there, now it comes to who is SDM and what is the work of SDM, then we will also tell step by step about it.

Who is SDM?

Friends, as we know that full form of SDM: Sub District magistrate (Sub District Officer) This post is also like a DM, SDM is a government officer of a high rank, by which many government works are done and SALARY of SDM is also very good,

many young people want to become SDM and they are also preparing to make SDM but due to less information they are not able to achieve their goal if you also want to become SDM.

You should know all the information related to what is SDM, SDM Full Form and how to become SDM, you can also prepare well for its exam.

Some of the general responsibilities of an SDM are:

  1. Election work
  2. Issue and renewal of arm licenses
  3. Issue and renewal of driving licenses
  4. Issue of certificates such as SC/ST, OBC and Domicile
  5. Registration of marriage
  6. Registration of vehicles
  7. Revenue function

What is the function of SDM? – work of SDMSDM

SDM Full Form – Sub Divisional Magistrate, which is called Sub Divisional Judge in Hindi, in every district there is a Sub Divisional Judge i.e. SDM, who looks after all the land business in the district.

The SDM has control over all the Tehsildars of the subdivision of the SDM, apart from this, the work of the SDM is to get marriage registration done, various types of registration, issue of various types of licenses, renewal, election of the members of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha in the states etc.

The rights are with the SDM. In addition an SDM performs various judicial functions under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and several other minor acts.

How To Become SDM – SDM Full Form – Sub Divisional Magistrate

Friends, as we know that the Full Form of SDM –

Sub Divisional Magistrate i.e. Deputy District Officer, this shows how powerful this post is, so many people work very hard to make SDM, but for this, first of all.

It should be known that what is its process and what kind of preparation has to be done for it.

What is the qualification required for SDM?

Friends, if you want to become the Full Form of SDM – Sub Divisional Magistrate, then first of all you should have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university, only after graduation you can appear in the SDM exam.

Age Limit for SDM

Friends, in the examination you have to give to become a Sub-Divisional Magistrate, a different age limit has also been set for each category, which is as follows.

  1. general class 21 – 35
  2. backward class 21 – 40
  3. Scheduled Castes and Tribes 21 – 45

SDM Exam Pattern

You have two options to make SDM, by adopting any one you can become SDM.

1. Friends, in order to become SDM, you have to appear in the PCS Exam (State Public Service Commission) organized by the state.

This exam is divided into three parts which are as follows.

  • preliminary exam
  • main exam
  • Interview

To be an SDM, you have to pass all these three exams, even after that you can become an SDM.

2. Another way to become SDM?

Friends, you can also become SDM under UPSC, CSE examination, for this the candidate should have passed graduate in any subject from any recognized university, after that you can apply for UPSC CSE exam.


UPSC CSE: Civil Service Examination, also known as Civil Services Examination, this examination is also divided into 3 parts.

  • Preliminary examination
  • Main examination
  • Interview


It is mandatory for the candidate to obtain D of SDM, it is mandatory to have success in graduation from any recognized university.


The main exam pattern is as follows-

  • question paper marks
  • Hindi 150 marks
  • Essay 150 Marks
  • General Studies 1 200 Marks
  • General Studies 2 200 Marks
  • General Studies 3 200 Marks
  • General Studies 4 200 Marks
  • Optional Subject Paper 1 200 Marks
  • Optional Subject Paper 2 200 Marks

What is the right of SDM?

Many powers are provided to an SDM because the SDM has the right to conduct the elections of the members of the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha of their states.

SDM has been given the right to do different types of registration which include caste certificate etc. Along with this, the SDM is given the right to look after the issuance of the license and its renewal.

If after marriage any woman dies within 7 years of marriage, then SDM gets the right to get it personally investigated.

Salary of SDM

The minimum salary of SDM is Rs 53,000 and Rs 67,700 according to the grade pay and the maximum is more than Rs 1 lakh.

Other: SDM Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Sub Divisional Magistrate Governmental Titles SDM
Security Device Manager Networking SDM
Service Delivery Management Telecommunication SDM
System Development Multitasking Softwares SDM
Software Development Manager Softwares SDM
Software Deployment Manager Softwares SDM
SURAREDDIPALEM Indian Railway Station SDM
Specific Device Model for Sab Electronics SDM
Secondary Deployment Mechanism Space Science SDM
Shuttle Data Management Space Science SDM
Subsystem Design Manuals Space Science SDM
System Definition Manual Space Science SDM
Sub-divisional Magistrate Job Title SDM
San Diego (ca) Airport Code SDM
Spatial Data Modelling Earth Science SDM
System Design Management Business Management SDM
System Design and Management Business Management SDM
Shut Down Maintenance Military and Defence SDM
Small Deathmaps Maps Military and Defence SDM
Selective Display Model Military and Defence SDM
Service Decision Memorandum Military and Defence SDM

SDM Full Form – Sub Divisional Magistrate

Friends, first of all, you have to pass the preliminary examination, only then you can give the main examination, the main examination is very difficult, after passing this examination, the candidate is called for the interview, after that the candidate can become an IAS officer. And after that the candidate is made SDM.

Friends, we hope that who is your SDM? How to become Full Form of SDM, complete information would have been received, yet if you have any kind of question or suggestion, then you can comment.

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