cdpo full form – What is CDPO? Information about fees, salary and Best 10 vacant posts

cdpo full form : “Child Development Project Officer”. Today we will give you information about CDPO in this post. In which we will see, what is CDPO and how much is the salary of CDPO? What is the application and fee of CDPO?

CDPO Full Form — What is the full form of CDPO? – What is CDPO?

The full form of CDPO is “Child Development Project Officer“. CDPO is a government (Govt.) job, which is an officer’s job in all states for the development of children under 6 years of age and providing facilities to pregnant women in India.

CDPO is such a GOVT job, where you can apply after completing any undergraduate degree. The job of a CDPO officer is to take the physical and mental health of underage children and pregnant women to a good level in the country and ensure good health of the children in the country.

cdpo full form
cdpo full form

If you want to work for the interest of the country with your job, then CDPO is such a job, from where you can contribute to the country’s internal and country’s future.

PDPO post (Vacancy)

  • Every year 30-50 CDPO posts are recruited in each state in India. Out of these, the estimated post is for 20% ST/SC, 30% OBC and 50% for honest.
  • The age of the applicant for the post of CDPO is mandatory from 21 to 37 years. In this also ST/SC, OBC and handicapped have some years relaxation.
  • Applicant’s undergraduate degree is mandatory from the honorable university and any student (from commerce, arts and science subjects) can apply.
  • For recruitment to the post of CDPO Every year, the applications are filled from the first week of September to the first week of October, estimated
  • CDPO examinations are taken in two parts, the first part consists of questions related to general knowledge and the second part. Questions related to other subjects are asked in the section.

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What is the salary of CDPO

CDPO is a GOVT post and the salary of CDPO is also very good and after few years the salary keeps increasing by some percentage. There are also some high-ranking posts in CDPO and the monthly income of a CDPO officer can be between 10000 to 40000 rupees.

This salary depends on the state government and the post specification, so it may change.

What is the application fee of CDPO?

Registration fee has to be paid at the time of application of CDPO. The application fee for General and OBC people is Rs 660 and for ST-SC it is up to Rs 260. However, this fee varies from year to state and state to state.

Target of CDPO Employees in India

As we told you, that CDPO officer has been formed to improve the health level of children and women. So there are some objectives of CDPO officer, which you should know.

  • Making plans for taking good care of pregnant women and babies in the country, providing healthy and nutritious food to pregnant women and babies.
  • New born babies to 6 years of age Taking good care of the children and taking care of them physically and mentally.
  • CDPO helps in reducing the infant mortality rate in the country and prevention of diseases and malnutrition among children in rural areas. Saves from being victimized.

As we have told you about CDPO, Salary and its posts in this cdpo full form post. If you have any suggestion or question on CDPO, then definitely let us know in the comments.

Q. 1.What is CDPO Full Form?

Ans. Child Development Protection Officer

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