Tiki app – Best Short Video 2024 – What is Tiki Short Video App? How to use?

tiki app New Link- You must have sometimes heard the name of tiktok apps, which was banned by the Indian government on Tik-Tok on 23 June 2020, saying that this Tiktok company is stealing the tiktok users of India.

After this there was a stir in India’s apps industry, a big company made apps like Tiktok, in which Tiki apps is also best short video app one and today we are going to talk about this app.

Through this article, we will tell you what is Tiki Short Video App? How To Download Tiki Short Video App? How To Use Tiki Short Video App?

Apart from this, we will also tell you about Tiki Short Video App feature and how to make video on Tiki Short Video App, so let’s get complete information about it without any delay.

As we all know that there has been a flood of Made in India apps after the Tiktok ban, people now prefer watching videos of 15 to 30 seconds more than videos of 5-6 minutes.

Through these shorts app, many people are making big names at a young age, while some people who had to go to jail for spreading chaos through tik-tok and at the same time many people have earned lakhs of rupees from this. And earning a lot too.

Download Tiki app – Short Video Collection Free for Android

tiki tiki app
tiki tiki app

What is Tiki app?

This is a short video sharing app. Where you can make videos of 15 to 60 seconds and you can watch videos of 15 to 30 seconds of others.

Here you will get to see different types of videos like Lipsync video, Funny Video, Dancing Video and many more. If you make a video with Camera, then only 15 seconds of video will be made.

This app is like MX Takatak, Roposo, Short app, Instagram Reel app, so you can enjoy high quality videos in this, some offers are given by the company to the creators, that means if you are more followers then the company gives you gifts. Is .

This app is available in both the Playstore and Apple App store platforms. There is also a 4.4 star rating in the Play Store. You can download from both the places.

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Tiki App belongs to which country?

The question of most of the people remains here that Tiki App belongs to which country? And yes it is also true that if you belong to India, then your own country will be benefited by using the indigenous app.

But let me tell you that the name of the company that makes this Tiki app is “DOL Technology PTE. LTD.” as well as the main headquater of this top company is detected in singapore country. That’s why Tiki app is Singapore’s app.

What is the feature of Tiki app?

Why use this app after all, then let me tell you some interesting features and you should also know this.

  1. In this app the option of Clean Storage will be available. Through which you can keep the phone storage clean very easily.
  2. If your internet is correct then you can watch high quality video and if your internet is slow you can use smooth mode which will reduce the quality of the video.
  3. The best features are that you can use this Hindi, English and other languages and you get to see it in the same language.
  4. Apart from this, options like Music, Edit, Effect, Graffiti, Time magic, Filter, Speed Control and Cover are also available to make videos.

How To Download Tiki App?

The easiest way to download this apps is to download it, if you want to download it, then you search in Play Store tiki apps and you can download the same in iphone.

How to create account in Tiki app?

Here let me tell you step by step how to register in Tiki app.

  1. First of all click on the profile section in the right corner.
  2. You can also register with Mobile Number, Facebook or Email ID.
  3. A code will come in your number, that code has to be entered.
  4. Now you have to generate a password and click on Done.
  5. You have to type some different User Name, if that name has not been entered before, you have to click on create from it.
  6. Upload your Profile Picture (Your profile is now complete)

How to make video in Tiki app?

It is a very easy way to make videos in the Tiki app, just like all other shorts are made in apps, in the same way it is also made in :-

  1. First of all, click on the plus (+) icon on the homescreen of tiki apps.
  2. Record a video here, after that click on the tik (√) in the right side.
  3. Now edit the video here according to you and click on Next above.
  4. Post the video by giving video description according to the video, your video will be posted.

Which is the best Tiki app Vs MX taktakak?

  • Although the features of both the apps are almost the same, but there are some features in MX taktak that do not eat Tiki app, let’s know what is the difference between the two.
  • In Mx taktak, you can record video of 15 and 60 seconds with the camera itself, whereas in Tiki App only 15 seconds can be made.
  • In this, different ratios have been given to make videos whereas Tiki Application does not.
  • In this program of Refer & Earn is given whereas Tiki Application does not.
  • There is also an option to download Whatsapp status, whereas Tiki Application does not.

Important questions related to Tiki Apps – FAQ

Tiki application belongs to which country?

Answer – The head quarter of Tiki Application is in Singapore, so Tiki Application belongs to the country of Singapore.

Who is the owner of Tiki app?

Answer – Mike Audi is the owner of Tiki application.

What are the main features of Tiki app?

Answer – Tikki app is similar to tik tok, the way you could make small videos on tik tok, similarly you were able to make small videos on tik tok, in these videos you also get the option of editing. By editing which you can bring a great video to the people.

Why do you guys like Tiki more?

Answer – People are getting a lot of entertainment through the Tiki application because now more and more people started making videos on this app, which comedy videos are making a lot of noise, so people are liking it a lot.


Friends, through this post, you learned that what is Tiki Short Video App, how to download Tiki Short Video App, how to use Tiki Short Video App?

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