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xvideostudio video editor apps – [New] Best Photo to Video Maker Apps | Photo Video Maker – If you are looking for an app from which you can make video from photos, then in this post we will tell you about Best Photo to Video Maker Apps. With the help of these apps, you will be able to make video of your photo very easily.

Although there are many Photo Video Makers available in the Play Store, many slideshow maker apps or xvideostudio video editor apps are either fake or charge you some money to make a video of a photo.

Together we and our team have found some of the best free image to video maker apps for you, which are absolutely free and with the help of which you will be able to convert your photo into a great video in a pinch.

Not only this, with the help of these apps, you can add music along with making video of photos.

xvideostudio video editor apps for android

Now you do not need to learn photo video editing to make videos because these image uses of best free video editing app for android have made this work easy for us too.

Now we just have to put our photo in these Photo Video Maker apps and click on start button in few minutes animated and photo slideshow will be ready to DVDVideoSoft.

Below we have given some of the best picture of video editing app free with download links.

You can download any one of these Photo to Video Maker With Music as per your convenience and give a new look to your photos which people are going to like very much.

Best Video Maker of Photos (video maker with music and pictures)

Friends, try using these 5 best video maker app and y2mate also tell us which picture se video making app worked for you and which photo maker app has the most features.

Photo Video Maker

This video editing app is really excellent and is the best known application for recording, making movies, photo slideshows and motion pictures on your mobile phone.

video editing app free
video editing app free

With this photo video maker application from photos and music, you can record the best photo video without any skill and turn your own photograph into video.

All you need to do to make video from incredible photos is:

Select photos>> choose any music available in the app>> set free animation or slideshow>> set time.

Just your photo video with background music is ready, share it with your friends.

music video maker

Music Video Maker is a video slideshow editor and photo video maker. This application helps you to quickly create photo music video, slideshow video, let’s know about some of its features.

best video maker app
best video maker app
  1. Video Slideshow Allows you to do photo editing, then create a partner photo music video.
  2. Photo Video Maker is the best video editor, photo slideshow maker and movie editing app.
  3. Creating creative photo music videos from your photos and music becomes easy with this application.
  4. Create photo slideshow clip and share it to friends very easily.

So download now this photo video maker app and give your photo an attractive video look.

Music Video Maker: Slideshow

Music video maker slideshow is also included in the new photo of video apps list in our post. As the name of this app suggests, you can easily create a photo slideshow in it.

best video editing app
best video editing app

Slideshow means slide means gallery of photos which keeps on changing automatically.

This application comes with a lot of pre loaded photo animations. With the help of which, after selecting the pass photo, you can give it the form of a video.


  1. Add photos and video clips.
  2. Create free music clips.
  3. Edit photos and videos with awesome filters.
  4. Set video speed as fast/slow as you like.
  5. Edit videos with creative effects and filters, like slow motion and high motion.
  6. Share videos with your friends and families on your favorite xvideostudio video editor apps instantly.

Photo Video Editor

Photo Video Editor is the easiest way to create the best photo music videos, slideshows and stories with your photos, videos and free music. In this application you will get many such features which you get to see in paid applications.

editing apps
editing apps

With multiple steps such as selecting photos, adding filters, text and music. So share your happy, excited moments with your friends and families using this photo video editing app right now.

key features:

  1. Add photos and make videos
  2. Free 30 second music clip available in app
  3. Auto-time video feature for Instagram or Vine
  4. Stylish animations with great filters

SlideShow – Photo Video Maker & Slideshow Maker

Last but very great, this is a photo slideshow design app, in this you can make Stuts Video of photos, as well as you can create different types of videos in it, very easily, you get many functions in this video maker app.

best app for editing
best app for editing

So that you are easy to edit and also Free Music is also available in it which you can add.

Features of Slideshow Maker:

  1. Create video by adding 60 sec photo.
  2. birthday music Birthday video maker with music.
  3. free music library.
  4. Free frames to make photo video slideshow more amazing.
  5. Present full HD video.
  6. Share on social networks like: Twitter, blogs, Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube,…
  7. Support 6 languages: English, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Arabic.

xvideostudio video editor apps

There are many video editor apps on the market and it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Some of the more popular video editor apps include:

1. XviDApp: This app is free and is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app has a simple interface and is perfect for beginners.

2. iMovie: This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is a paid app. This app has a more complicated interface than the XviDApp but is still easy to use.

3. Adobe Premiere: This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is a paid app. This app has a more complicated interface than the XviDApp and iMovie but is still easy to use.

4. Adobe Photoshop: This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is a paid app. This app has a more complicated interface than the XviDApp and Adobe Premiere but is still easy to use.

Conclusion: xvideostudio video editor apps

So friends, in this article, we told you about Best Photo to Video Maker Apps [photo to Video Maker]. Hope you have liked the best video maker apps given by us.

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