Article Rewriting : Professional Tricks | How to Paraphrase Online

Article rewriting, also known as paraphrasing, refers to formulating another person’s ideas or concepts in your unique style and words. In article rewriting or paraphrasing, you have to religiously make sure that you are not changing the meaning or the message of the original passage or post.

Today, people are using paraphrasing techniques to avoid quotation marks in their work and save themselves from the accusation of plagiarism. You have to save yourself from more than ten different types of plagiarism, which is why we would suggest you learn the professional way to paraphrase the content.

Paraphrasing is not that easy, and you have to practice a lot and invest your time in becoming a professional Paraphraser. The alternative option that would save you from all the practice and efforts is using online paraphrasing tools.

In this post, we will tell you about the professional tricks and the best article rewriting tools that can help you in day to day paraphrasing of content.

Tips and tricks regarding article rewriting!

Now let us walk through the professional tips which would help in rewriting a post professionally:

  • Introduce the article in a different way

The first important trick in paraphrasing content is to change the introductory sentence or paragraph of the post completely. You have to start your content from a different point, or else your work would show similarities with the source. In the introduction, you have to try and talk about the expectations of the readers. In short, you have to try and jumble the order of things that have been discussed in the original version of the content.

  • Give yourself ample time

Suppose you are not giving yourself enough time to rewrite or paraphrase the content. In that case, there is no way that you can do it professionally and in good quality. If your work is hurried, then you are going to have traces of duplication in it. Giving yourself enough time will help you divide your research, writing, and proofreading work.

  • Use synonyms wherever possible

Another professional trick is to make sure that you avoid using the words and vocabulary used in the original version. You have to choose synonyms which are the words that mean the same thing. You can think of synonyms yourself, but if you are weak in this regard, you can always connect with an online thesaurus tool and get natural-looking synonyms for your version.

  • Change the structure of the sentences

You don’t only have to change words with synonyms. Rather you also have to work on the structure of sentences. If the original content is written in active voice, we suggest you always write your version in passive voice and vice versa. If you change the voice and structure of the sentence, there is no way to be accused of plagiarism. Online paraphrasing tools also use this trick.

  • Always use an online plagiarism checker

When you have created your version of the content or paraphrased it, you should scan it for plagiarism with an online plagiarism checker tool. Many AI-enhanced plagiarism checker tools can help you find out and remove all sorts of duplication issues in your content. This is a very important step.

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Alternative to conventional paraphrasing!

If you don’t want to spend your time manual rewriting content, you can easily connect with online paraphrasing tools. The online paraphrasing tools can spin the original content into unique outputs. The key to getting good quality results is by choosing the best and reliable free paraphrasing tool. There are many AI-enhanced paraphrasing tools on the internet. Still, RewriteGuru is considered a professional and popular article rewriter that offers three different versions of spinning content. You can choose your desired version and get your duplicate content written in less than seconds.

Benefits of using the modern article rewriter tools are:

  1. Saving time and effort.
  2. Saving expense wasted in writing or manual paraphrasing
  3. Unlimited content creation opportunity.
  4. Availability on all devices.

Five Professional Steps to Paraphrase Content!

Let us first learn the five basic steps which are used in article rewriting:

  1. The first step is reading. When you are paraphrasing content, you have to make sure that you read the original passage or post several times to understand the main idea & message.
  2. The second step is to write down the main concepts and the key points you have learned from the post.
  3. The third step is to start writing the new version without looking or taking help from the original content.
  4. After completing the third step, you have to compare the original post with the new version that you have created.
  5. The last thing to do is to cite the source from where you have taken reference/ideas!

Now that you know the five main steps involved in paraphrasing, we would like you to read the professional tips and tricks listed in the section below!

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