Tomboy meaning, Definition, Synonyms and 5+ Examples

tomboy meaning & Synonyms- What is the meaning of Tomboy and Tomboy Synonyms. You will not find the full information or meanings in any dictionary, to know the real meanings of Tomboy, read the information given below.

what is tomboy meaning? – tomboy in telugu – examples of tomboy

Tomboy Synonyms: tomboy, romp, hoyden

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tomboy meaning
tomboy meaning

Tomboy Meaning in Hindi

  • Tomboy = Kiladi Ladki (खिलाड़ी लड़की) ( मर्दानी लड़की)
  • tomboy = खिलाड़ी लड़की

A Girl who behaves in a boyish manner
Usage: She was a tom-boy in her childhood but later she became a leader.

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एक लड़की जो लड़के जैसा व्यवहार करती है

Tomboy in Marathi?

Tomboy = Kiladi Ladki (खेळाडू मुलगी) (पुरुष मुलगी)

एक मुलगी जी मुलाप्रमाणे वागते

Tomboy in Bengali (বাংলায় টমবয় অর্থ)

Tomboy = Kiladi Ladki (খেলোয়াড় মেয়ে)

একটি মেয়ে যে একটি ছেলেসুলভ আচরণ করে

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Tomboyish style meaning kya hai?

a girl who betray characteristics or behaviors considered typical of a boy

Hypernyms of Tomboy :-

  1. Fille
  2. Girl
  3. Miss
  4. Missy
  5. Young lady
  6. Young woman

Tomboy is a girl who shows the characteristics or behavior of a boy. ( BEHAVES LIKE A BOY IN A MANNER GAMES) Common characteristics include wearing masculine clothing and engaging in sports and activities (WEARING CLOTHS LIKE BOY AND BEHAVE LIKE A BOY) that are physical in nature and in some cultures considered a women’s or children’s territory goes.