Useful Tips to Get 90+ Score in Class 10 in Maths Board Exams

Maths is considered to be among the highest scoring subjects especially in Class 9 & 10.
Approximately, 60% of students can be found to fear this subject. Basically, maths might be
considered to be a nightmare for some students. Others might simply find it fun-filled and exciting.
Either you get it completely wrong or right. The fact is no chance might exist of ‘maybe in this
particular subject. It is also regarded to be the reason to score high scores in Maths. Practicing ncert solutions for class 10 maths is sure to do a lot of good to improve your confidence and numbers.
Tips to score 100 in Maths

A good number of students are of the belief that scoring high numbers in Math requires an
extraordinary brain. However, this is not the truth. Rather, Maths is stated to be a subject that can help
you to develop a logical approach and rational thinking towards this subject. However, if you fear this
subject, it is not just possible to expect to fall in love with this subject overnight. But with some tips
from the industry experts like Cuemath, it is very much possible to increase your score to achieve 100
marks in Maths.

Tips to follow while preparing for the board exam

  • Maintain separate copy for methods, theories and formulae: Remember, Math involves lots of
    concepts, theories and formulae. You need to have them handy. You need to study them even
    when on the move. Doing plenty of practice will do lots of good especially if doing last
    minute preparation.
  • Identify appropriate solutions: Do practice different types of problems. Also ensure solving
    them by yourself without any external assistance. Learning concepts and theories can be real
    easy. However, getting to learn their application will require lots of effort, time and
    dedication. To score full 100 marks in Maths, solve each and every question present in the
    NCERT book at 3-4 times by yourself.
  • Know the syllabus: It is crucial to know your syllabus thoroughly including the weightage
    given to different sections. This is likely to assist you to determine the time you are to
    dedicate\ for every section. In case you know that from a particular section there will be given
    5 marks question, then spend less time on such questions and more on those that carry more
  • Determine improvement areas: You need to realize the important areas that allow you to score
    big. Going through NCERT books and planning to learn math from reputed online coaching
    centres will do a lot of good. You will get to know the sections that require more practice,
    thereby helping to improve scores.

Tips to follow while giving the board exam

  • Answer in steps: As you go through any answer do remember to give importance to write in
    steps. You just can\not expect full marks especially in a subject like Maths simply by writing the answer. Hence, paying attention only to figures will be a sheer waste of time. Rather,
    learn better the involved steps. Every step will help secure crucial marks.
  • Maintain clean exam paper: The examiner while checking your paper should be able to
    understand easily what you have written. You need to write in legible, clear language. Do not
    overwrite, cut or draw clean margins to do rough work.
  • Draw graphs: Graphs & figures do help you to score marks with some focus and clarity on the
    answer. You need to write with a sharpened pencil and use a good ruler. They can help fetch
    more marks.
  • Attempt familiar questions: Before you start to write any question, first read thoroughly twice
    the question paper and understand it well. You are expected to answer all the questions within
    the stipulated time. To score 100, you cannot leave even a single question. Read the question
    paper within the specified timeframe and then attempt those questions first that you are more
    confident with.

Thus, following the above tips is sure to help you achieve better scores in Maths subject.

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