NCR Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of NCR?

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What is the Full Form of NCR Delhi ?

NCR: National Capital Region

You must have seen the word NCR written with Delhi, the capital of India. The word Delhi NCR remains in the headlines of newspapers, but what is its full form and what is NCR after all, let us know.

ncr full form – NCR: National Capital Region

  • N= National
  • C= Capital
  • R= Region

The full form of NCR is National Capital Region, which is written in English as National Capital Region.

ncr full form

NCR is the area which is adjacent to the capital Delhi and for development which is being developed by connecting it with the capital Delhi.

In the NCR region, the districts of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are being included in the NCR region so that the government based in Delhi can have an equal impact of development all around.

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The major cities that come under NCR include

  • Faridabad
  • Ghaziabad
  • Gurugram
  • Muzaffarnagar
  • Noida

These cities and newly merged districts together with Delhi have been given a joint name which is called NCR.

At present, the number of districts falling within the limits of NCR is 19, which will be increased in future.


The districts of Haryana that are part of NCR are:

  1. Bhiwani
  2. Faridabad
  3. Gurgaon
  4. Jhajjar (Jhajjar and Bahadurgarh)
  5. Jind
  6. Karnal
  7. Mahendragarh
  8. Mewat
  9. Palwal
  10. Panipat
  11. Rewari
  12. Rohtak
  13. Sonipat

Uttar Pradesh:

The districts of Uttar Pradesh that are part of NCR are:

  1. Baghpat
  2. Bulandshahr
  3. Gautam Buddha Nagar District (Noida and Greater Noida)
  4. Ghaziabad
  5. Hapur
  6. Meerut
  7. Muzaffarnagar


The districts of Rajasthan that are part of NCR are:

  1. Alwar
  2. Bharatpur

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ncr full form police

– Not Criminally Responsible. NCR stands for “Not Criminally Responsible.”

ncr full form railway

– The North Central Railway (abbreviated NCR)

ncr full form in hindi

– राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र

ncr full form in police in hindi

संज्ञेय अपराध (Cognizable offence)
असंज्ञेय अपराध (Non Cognizable offence)

ncr full form of company

– National Cash Register (NCR)

ncr full form in civil engineering

– non-conformity report

ncr full form in revenue department

– NCR stands for National Capital Region

ncr full form in bengali

“Ncr” বাংলা অনুবাদ, অর্থ, সংজ্ঞা, ব্যাখ্যা এবং প্রাসঙ্গিক শব্দ এবং ছবির উদাহরণ – আপনি এখানে পড়তে পারেন।

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The important thing about NCR is that it includes that part of the country’s population which is financially strong and educated, the estimated number of these citizens is 4 crore 70 lakhs, due to which they have a significant contribution to the progress of the central region of the country.

Get The area under NCR is looked after by the National Capital Region Planning Board ie National Capital Region Planning Board, which was established in the year 1985.

The task of this board is to determine the boundaries of NCR and at the same time, this board makes plans for the development of this area and takes every responsibility for the achievement of the goals set for the development.

NCR full form are :

  • National Cash Register
  • Network Control Room
  • No Carbon Required
  • Numeric Character Reference

Now the question arises that the effect of development of Delhi was happening on its own on the surrounding areas, then why was there a need to create NCR?

The answer is to emphasize balanced development rather than disordered development.

Because if the areas affected by Delhi pick up the pace of development without planning, then this development may start moving in a particular direction.

The disadvantage of this will be that if the development progresses towards the northern regions, then backwardness will be seen in the southern regions and if it progresses towards the southern regions, then there will be a massive effect of backwardness in the northern regions.

That is why, considering Delhi as the center, development should be dynamic in each region equally and gradually making the whole country developed, NCR has been created for this purpose.

That is why the NCR Board has been entrusted with the responsibility of accelerating equal development at every level and in each area.

What is the Full form of NCR?

The full form of NCR is the National Capital Region.

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Need for NCR

  • People go to Delhi for employment and other reasons, due to which the population of Delhi is increasing.
  • Due to this there is a shortage of resources in Delhi.
  • In order to avoid the lack of resources, the National Capital Region Planning Board was formed in 1985.
  • By this, the cities of the National Capital Region and the adjoining states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana were included, making the NCR.

Other full forms of NCR

Full Form Category
N C R Corporation NYSE Symbols
Nashville Conservation Reserve Environmental
National Cash Register Companies & Firms
National Catholic Reporter Journals & Publications
National Church Residences Religion
National Council of Resistance Council
National Credit Regulator General
Network Control Room Networking
New California Republic News & Media
New Club Record Clubs
Nick Carter Racing Companies & Firms
No Carbon Required Chemistry
No Change Response Physiology
No Country for Rape General
No Country Redirect General
No Crappy Redirect Funnies
Non Carbon Receipt General
Non Cash Revenues Accounting
Non Compliance Report General
Non Conformance Report Military
Non Craft Related General
Non-conformance change Request NASA
Non-Conformance Report NASA
North Central Railroad Railroads
North Circular Road Roads & Highways
Northern Colorado Rocketry General
Not Criminally Responsible Law & Legal
Not Cyndi Related General
Nucoal Resources Nl ASX Symbols
Number of Combinations of R General
Numeric Character Reference General Computing
Numerical Character Reference General
Numerical Computing Resources Companies & Firms
San Carlos Airport Airport Codes
San Carlos, Nicaragua Airport Codes
The Number Of Combinations Of R Mathematics

Few questions related to Delhi NCR

Question – What is the full form of Delhi NCR?

Answer – National Captial Region is

Question – What is the meaning of NCR in Hindi?

Answer – It is called National Capital Territory in Hindi.

Question – How many districts are there in Delhi NCR total?

Answer – Delhi NCR includes 22 districts

Question – When was Delhi NCR formed?

Answer – Delhi NCR was formed in 1985


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