whatsapp status download 2024 – How To Download WhatsApp Status Video 3+ Easy Way?

whatsapp status download : If you do not know how to download WhatsApp Status Video, then today we are going to tell you about this. WhatsApp application is the world’s most favorite as well as popular Messenger App in which millions of messages are sent as well as received every day.

It was launched in the year 2010 but now this app has become so popular that almost all the smartphone users have this app installed. At present, this app has more than 5 billion users.

whatsapp status download – youtube video download for whatsapp status

whatsapp status video download : If you use WhatsApp then you will also know how this app has become a part of our daily life. And the main reason for this is its features, in which message, image, audio, video files can be sent, not only this, we can also make voice and video calls through this app.

whatsapp status download
whatsapp status download

Due to having so many features, this app remains the most favorite messenger app of all the smartphone users. The team of WhatsApp also keeps bringing new features to maintain the interest of its users in this app.

It has a great feature called Status which makes it different from other messenger apps.

In this you can upload any photo or 30 second video as Status. There are many user who want to know that if you are also one of these user, then this post can prove to be very helpful for you. Here we are going to tell you a very easy way to do this.

How To Download WhatsApp Status Video?

For this you have to download an app which you will find in playstore, the name of this app is VidStatus app, Status Videos & Status Downloader.

Talking about this app, more than 5 million user have installed it so far and user have given it a great rating of 4.5. Meaning user are liking this app very much.

whatsapp status download
whatsapp status download

If you search it by typing vid status in playstore, then the app will come at the top. So after the name of this app comes, you have to install it by clicking on it.

The size of this app is around 26 MB which means that this app will not take much space of your smartphone.


When you open this best application, its landing page homepage will appear like the image above. Therefor whatsapp status download let’s know.

youtube video download for whatsapp status
youtube video download for whatsapp status

First of all, you have to click on any video visible in this app, when you click on any video, then that video will be played. Simple 5 options will appear below that video.

  1. Comment option
  2. Like option
  3. upload option to facebook
  4. Direct upload option in WhatsApp
  5. Option to download to your gallery

If you want to set your WhatsApp status directly from this app, then you have to click on its icon, this will take you to your WhatsApp, after which you can upload your favorite video for direct status.

Along with this, you also get the option to share Status Video here, so that you can share this video with your friend.

The last option is to download the video, if you want to bring the video to your gallery, then you can bring it by clicking on the download icon.

After entering the video gallery, you can upload it to WhatsApp, so in this way you can download WhatsApp Status Video through this app in a very easy way.

So now you must have known that how to download WhatsApp Status Video, whoever uploads new videos to their status every day, they bring them from such an app.

whatsapp status download : You can also share status video with your friends and upload new status video every day with the help of this app whatsapp status download. A very easy way has been told in this post, hope you have understood everything.

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