10 Solid Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers – 100% working method for 2024

youtube subscribers 2023 – how to increase subscribers on youtube? – Friends, when we start our new YouTube channel, we need to complete 1000 subscribers and we all want to gain free YouTube subscriber fast.

But at the starting time it is quite a difficult task for a new youtuber.

how to increase youtube subscribers?

Friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you the details that you can get subscribers on your youtube (how to increase subscriber on youtube).

And friends youtube subscribers, I can say with confidence that if you apply the steps given in this article well, then not only will your YouTube channel’s subscribers increase very quickly, but your YouTube channel will also grow very quickly.

Get More YouTube Subscribers
Get More YouTube Subscribers

With this, your channel will also be monetized soon and good income will also start coming on it, I have given all the factors in detail in this article, that is why this article has become a bit long but all the steps given in this youtube subscribers article will make your YouTube channel grow very quickly.

Will get it done That is why read all the steps given in this article carefully and also implement them well.

As you all know that at this time YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Everyday many people use Youtube for entertainment or to learn something new, while many youtube creators like you also earn millions of rupees through this youtube.

To earn money from youtube you first have to fulfill youtube criteria in which you have to complete 1000 subscribers + 4000 hours watch time within 1 year.

And to fulfill this youtube criteria, subscribers are most important because when you have more subscribers then only views will come on your VIdeos as well as your watch time criteria will also be fulfilled.

That’s why in today’s article we will tell you that how do you subscribe on youtube in the right way?

How to increase youtube subscriber? And also we will tell you about some such applications with the help of which you can increase your youtube subscriber.

Along with this, we will give you some more information related to youtube, so definitely read the article completely.

How to youtube subscriber increase?

Friends, as we told you earlier that the most important thing to earn money from youtube and fulfill youtube criteria is subscribers.

That is why we will tell you some tricks to increase YouTube shares and subscribers, which will help your channel grow faster.

  1. Ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel.
  2. Get your friends subscribed.
  3. Make Attractive Intro for your channel.
  4. Make sure to use hashtags.
  5. Put Attractive Thumbnail on Video.
  6. Share your videos on social media platform.
  7. Upload Quality Content.
  8. Write a good title and description of the video.

Upload Quality Content

On watching any video, people see the content quality of that video. We can take the example of ourselves that when we watch any video on youtube, first of all we see the content of the video and also see the quality of the video.

By quality content, it means to upload good content, that is, upload such content which is easily understood by the people and also remains interesting and whatever their queries are, they are watching the video to get information about that.

I can get complete information very well, that is why you should create content on any topic, give complete information in it and try to maintain complete interest.

That is why you have to find good content and make videos on them and post them on your YouTube channel.

Due to this, whoever is watching your video will like your video and thus they will want to see more of your videos and that is why they will subscribe to your channel, in this way you can easily increase the subscriber on your youtube by uploading quality content. .

For example, you can watch videos of w3hub, he always posts unique and quality content on his channel, that is why he is the second largest Youtuber in India.

When you will upload quality content on your channel, then more and more views will come on your video and your videos will gradually start becoming viral and gradually your YouTube channel par subscribers will start increasing.

Put attractive thumbnail on video

Attractive thumbnail has a huge impact on the views of your video and on your subscribers because many people come to watch the video only after seeing the thumbnail of your video.

If people come to watch videos by watching thumbnail and they like the content created by you, then they definitely subscribe to your channel, that is why attractive youtube thumbnail is also very important along with quality content.

You can use youtube thumbnail maker, Canva or any other app or website to make thumbnail. There are many applications available on the Google Play Store to create thumbnails.

Create attractive intro for your channel

You have to make an attractive intro of your YouTube channel to make your YouTube channel grow fast. For this, you will find many different applications on the Google Play Store, using which you can make a good and attractive intro.

All the big youtube channels you must have seen have their own attractive intro, due to which the video looks even better and more attractive.

After making the intro, you have to fix it at one place i.e. when you have to show the intro, you can put intro at the beginning of the video or after giving some information about the video, so that your video will look professional and people will also subscribe to your youtube channel.

Write a good title and description of the videos

Friends, a good title and description is very important for videos, you also have to do keyword research while entering the title, that is, how people search for that topic on which you have made a video.

There are many such free keyword research tools available on the Internet that you can use to find a good title. For example, google’s own free google keywords planer is a free keyword research tool.

After getting a good keyword for the title, you have to write a good description, in the description, you can write the information shown in the videos in short, which will increase your free youtube subscribers daily.

Must use hashtags

You must have seen many times on youtube, when you search for videos related to any topic, then sometimes you see videos with less subscribers and less views on the top, then how is it?

This happens because of Hashtags. And it is obvious that if your video comes on top then your views will also increase and subscribers will increase.

So if you want to increase your youtube subscribers, then you have to use more and more hashtags in your videos.

Make sure to ask your viewers to subscribe to the channel

While making a video, you have to remind the user watching the video at the beginning of your video or at the end of the video to subscribe to your channel, this will awaken the desire to subscribe in his mind and if your video is good then he will subscribe to your channel. Will subscribe to How to increase subscribers on YouTube free?

Share your videos on social media platform

If you are a beginner then the best way for you is to share your channel or videos on social media platform.

You can use platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram to share videos and invite people to subscribe to your channel.

Subscribe to your friends

You can ask your friends to subscribe to your YouTube channel. By using this method also you can increase the subscriber of your YouTube channel, as well as if you want, you can also request your friends to share your YouTube videos as much as possible so that more and more people can reach. Get access to your videos.

So friends, here are some special things that you must keep in mind to increase your youtube subscriber, apart from this, you also have to keep these things in mind.

  1. While uploading videos, enter the correct title i.e. enter the title for your video only after doing keyword research.
  2. If you have created a youtube channel once, then you have to upload videos on that channel every day so that your subscriber is likely to increase.
  3. Make a good thumbnail for the video, so that more and more views come on your video and your watch-time also increases.
  4. You have to manage the settings of your channel properly so that your subscribers do not face any problem.
  5. In the description of the video, enter the information and tags related to the content.
  6. YouTube Studio Use this application to manage your channel properly.
  7. Enter regular videos.
  8. Always make videos on Searchable Topic.
  9. Understand the search intent of users and make videos.
  10. Set the time to upload the video.
  11. Make videos of 3 to 5 minutes.
  12. Make the video entertaining.

These are some ways you can subscribe to your YouTube channel and make your YouTube channel grow fast. How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube free? you must follow these methods.

So friends, these were some steps by which you can increase the subscriber and vIews on your YouTube channel by improving the quality of your videos.

But apart from this there are also some such applications with the help of which you can increase the subscriber on your youtube channel,

so here we are also giving you some information about those apps with the help of which you can increase your youtube channel par subscribers bada sakte hain.

youtube subscriber app

Friends, if you also want to increase Subscriber on your Youtube Channel. So you can increase your youtube subscriber by using any of the applications given below.


Friends, Ytplus platform is not an App but a website to increase Subscriber on Youtube Channel. Through which you can easily increase the subscription on your channel. This is a very old website, under which you can increase the growth of your channel.

  1. For this, first you have to open the browser in your phone or laptop and there you have to search ytplus and open its website.
  2. As soon as you open the ytplus website, you have to login by entering your E-mail-ID.
  3. When you login, you will see a plan to increase the subscriber.
  4. You can easily increase your subscribers by selecting that plan.

Through this website, you are given both free and paid plans. In which the option of increasing the Subscriber is given to some limited in the free plan.

Starter Plan

Through How to get subscribers on YouTube fast starter plan, you are given the option to increase your subscribers for free. But to increase the Subscriber from this plan, you can activate it by creating your own account on the website.

Under this you will get about 10 subscribers. In this website, you can activate 20 channels from a single account. Apart from this, the option of Like is available for about 20 videos, you can like any of your videos in this.

Enterprise Plan

After this you see the option of Enterprise Plan, under this plan, you get Subscriber between 15 to 20 daily. But in return, this website charges you at least 20 dollars.

Elite plan

This is a very famous plan under this website which is taken by most of the people. Under this plan, you have to give at least 40 dollars every month. In return, you get subscribers between about 40 and 50.

Ytsocial App

This app is very famous on the Play Store, so far more than 1 lakh people have installed it. To increase the subscription on your Youtube Channel through this app, follow the steps given below.

increase youtube subscribers
increase youtube subscribers
  1. To download the Ytsocial app, first you have to go to the play store.
  2. From there you have to install this app.
  3. After installing, you login your E-mail-ID to open it.
  4. As soon as you login to it, you will be recommended some videos here. By watching these videos you will get 50 Coins.
  5. You will get 50 Coins as many times as you watch the video.
  6. After this, you can also subscribe to some channels that are recommended.
  7. Now you can collect all your coins together and use those coins to increase the subscriber on your Youtube channel.
  8. For this, you get an option here, in which you can increase the subscriber in exchange for Coins by entering the URL of your channel.

Sub Booster

Youtube Par Subscriber Badhane ke liye sub booster app is also very good. Because after using this app, it increases good subscribers on YouTube.

Sub Booster
Sub Booster

Through this, all of you are given a section to increase Subscriber by the option of subscribe for subscribe. When you download and use this app, you will be shown many such channels.

You have to subscribe to those channels. As soon as you subscribe to some channel, you will get some coins in return, you can use those coins to increase the Subscriber of your Youtube Channel. You can increase your youtube subscriber as much as you subscribe to the channel on this app.

Similarly, when we subscribe to the channel with the option of subscribe, it will benefit both. If you want, you can Monetize on Google Adsense by increasing Subscriber on your Youtube Channel using this App.

How to increase YouTube subscribers free?

YT Views

This website is very popular for increasing subscribers on all the platforms of the country like Instagram, Igtv or Youtube etc. Under this, service is taken to increase the subscriber.

This is a Fast Secure and Affordable service providing website. You can buy whichever package you like. On this the smallest package starts from Rs 180 and above it goes up to Rs 30 thousand.


If you search on Google to increase your subscriber on YouTube and you are not getting any solution. So once you install this easy app in your mobile or laptop and try it. Through this you can increase good Subscriber on your Youtube Channel.

  1. To download this app, first you have to go to Play Store.
  2. After going there, you have to search and install Easy App.
  3. After installing, as soon as you open this Easy App, it will get you subscribed to a YouTube channel.
  4. In return, you will get some Coins through this App, you can use these Coins on this App to increase the subscriber on your Youtube channel.


This website is also a very good one. In this, first you have to go to the browser and open it. After this, you can activate whatever plan you select.

Static King

This is a very good website to increase youtube subscriber. Under this, service is given to Youtubers to monetize likes, views, acche comments, watch time, and youtube channel. So you can get good service by visiting this website.

Tip – If you use any wrong paths or free youtube subscribers hack generator to hack free youtube subscribers, then your youtube channel may also be banned. So do not use any such tricks.

FAQ About How to increase YouTube subscribers?

Friends, we just told you How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers? How to increase youtube subscriber? But apart from this, many questions are asked by the people, we have tried to answer those questions.

Other YouTube related questions asked by people

  • How to increase 1000 subscribers for free?
  • How to get 1000 subscribers on youtube?
  • YouTube par views kaise badhaye?
  • YouTube channel ko famous kaise kare?
  • how to increase subscribers on youtube?
  • YouTube channel ke about me kya likhe?
  • How to increase 1000 subscribers for free?
  • To complete 1000 subscribers on YouTube, you have to upload videos continuously for 2 to 3 months and
  • make videos on searchable topics only.

How to get 1000 subscribers on youtube?

  1. To get 1000 subscribers on YouTube, understand Search Intent and make videos such that people search.
  2. Because people who come to your video after searching, they will find your channel right according to the information they need and they will definitely subscribe to your channel.

YouTube par views kaise badhaye?

To increase the views of YouTube channel, the most important thing is good content, friends, as we have told you above that if you make good videos, then there are more chances of that video becoming viral.

If you create a good quality content, then people like your video and share it more and more, due to which your videos reach more people and views on your videos increase.

increase subscribers on youtube?

  • If you want to make your channel famous then you have to promote your channel for which you can run facebook add.
  • With this, you can promote your channel by visiting any other popular youtuber’s channel, for which you will need to spend a little money at the time of starting.
  • But when your YouTube channel becomes famous once, then you can make a different identity through the same and can also earn lakhs of rupees.

how to grow subscribers on youtube?

  • To increase the watch time on YouTube, you have to do something that no one has done, that is, you have to make videos on unique content, the more unique your content, the more your video will be more likely to go viral.
  • With this, you will have to use a good camera quality smartphone or a good camera (such as a DSLR camera) to make a video, so that the quality of your video will be good and people will like your video and they will watch your video completely. Due to which your watch time will also increase.

The Best Youtube Description Template to Increase Views

Many people make their own YouTube channel, but they do not know that about YouTube channel, then tell you that it is very easy to write about YouTube channel.

You have to write information related to the topic on which your channel is on your youtube channel.
For example, if you assume that your channel is on the topic of technology, then you can write that on this channel you will get to see all the videos related to technology, that’s why subscribe to the channel now.

In this way you can write information about your youtube channel so that your viewers will know what your channel is about.

So friends this was How to Get Over 1 Million YouTube Subscribers? How to increase youtube subscriber? Hope you know that Best Ways To Increase Youtube Subscribers and you must have liked this article.

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