AWS Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of AWS?

aws full form : What Is AWS(Amazon Web Services): Services, Applications, Advantages and More. Many of you must have heard the name of AWS and many people will not know anything about it.

Today in this post I am going to tell you all the things related to AWS in very detail, if you want to know what is AWS, what is its function and also want to know other details then read this article completely.

AWS is considered a service of Amazon Company. You must have seen AWS in the company logo of Amazon. It provides many services for which it is famous.

In this post, we are going to know in great detail about aws full form & the importance of AWS and your services in Amazon Company.

Before knowing about AWS and aws full form, we know about Amazon Company, although all of you must be aware of it, so I am not going to go into much detail.

What is Amazon?

It is considered to be an online shopping company which was created by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. The biggest reason for making it was to promote e-commerce websites and online shopping.

It has become the world’s largest online shopping website in today’s time. Every day crores of people come and shop on this website. Not only online shopping but also Amazon is a big name in Affiliate Marketing.

It is an American international company. Year after year its height is touching the sky. So this was a small description about Amazon, now we know about AWS-

AWS Full Form – What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) and How Does it Work?

aws full form – AWS: Amazon Web Services

aws full form
aws full form

aws full form : The full form of AWS is ‘Amazon Web Services’. All the services provided by Amazon come under this AWS. AWS is a Cloud Computing Platform. Its special thing is that all these services are managed only with the help of single web interface.

This service is On-Demand Services, which means that the more you use, the more you will have to pay.

aws full form

  • A : Amazon
  • W : Web
  • S : Services

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is a very secure cloud service platform. Their job is to provide cloud facilities like Database Storage, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Computer Power, Migration and Networking to the people.

When the Amazon company was started, they created Amazon Web Services only to meet the needs of their company, but over time it was made publicly available for other companies as well.

The use of Amazon Web Services has proved to be helpful in growing the business in a large scale, that is why all the business companies are using AWS in today’s time.

It can be used by both Individual and Company, it provides you Remote Access Service. In this, you have to pay as much as the time duration you used for it.

By using these services of these Amazon companies have brought a lot of positive change in their profit, time and resources.

History of AWS

  • 2021- AWS comprises over 200 products and services
  • 2019- Offers nearly 100 cloud services
  • 2016- Surpassed $10 billon revenue target
  • 2016- Release snowball and snowmobile
  • 2015- Reveals revenues achieved of $4.6 billion
  • 2012- Holds first customer event
  • 2006- Launched its cloud products
  • 2002- AWS services launched

AWS Services Applications

  1. Academic Computing
  2. Development and test environments
  3. Managing Search Engines
  4. Media distribution & Content delivery
  5. Recovery of Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery
  6. SaaS hosting/ Application hosting
  7. Sharing of Media (Videos/ Images)
  8. Social Media & Mobile Applications
  9. Social Networking
  10. Website hosting

3D web applications

  • E-commerce & sales applications
  • Gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Online education
  • Training simulations

AWS Services

What services does AWS provide?

Also at this time this best question must be arising in your or all mind. And then We are going to resolve that too.

Below you will find the list of all the services, by reading which you can know about the services of Amazon.

  1. Analytics
  2. Application Integration
  3. AWS Cost Management
  4. Business Applications
  5. Compute
  6. Customer Enablement
  7. Customer Engagement
  8. Database
  9. Development Tools
  10. End-User Computing
  11. Front-end Web Mobile
  12. Game Development
  13. Internet kinds of Stuff
  14. Machine Learning
  15. Management And Governance
  16. Media Services
  17. Migration And Transfer
  18. Networking And Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  19. Quantum Technologies
  20. Robotics
  21. Satellite
  22. Security, Identity, And Compliance
  23. Storage

The major services of Amazon Web Services such as EC2, Virtual Machine Service, S3 and Storage System provided by Amazon are considered very popular.

Apart from these services, its other service is very popular like Amazon RDS which we know as Amazon Relatinal Database Service, EC2 which we know as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon SNS which we know as Amazon Known as Simple Notification Service and Amazon SNSS which we call Amazon Simple Queue Service is important and prominent.

Amazon Web Services provides you 175 services, which can be taken by any individual or business operator.

Now we will know in great detail about some of the major services of Amazon, which will help you to understand what it is and how it works.

Amazon Compute Services

In today’s time, many companies rely on AWS’s EC2 servers instead of relying on their own data servers. The biggest reason for this is that it is very costly for those companies to create and maintain their own Data Servers. In Amazon Compute Service, you have to buy Servers.

Amazon has its own cloud servers called EC2 meaning Elastic Compute Cloud. Any company can buy it and store its data there in those servers. This helps them a lot.

Amazon Storage Services

Apart from servers, Amazon Web Services also gives you the facility of data storage. Data is very important for all the companies in today’s era.

Protecting it is their first priority. Amazon Web Services easily does this job for you. With the help of their S3 service, you can store your data online where there will be no hassle of your data being stolen or damaged.

Those who do not know, let me tell them that the full form of S3 is Simple Storage Service.

Amazon Database Services

Database management work is done in every company. In such a situation, why not buy from Amazon Web Services at a better cheap price than to create your own database.

Amazon Database Services is called Amazon RDS, whose full form is Amazon Relational Database Service. From here, anyone can create their own database and operate it very easily.

Setup of Amazon RDS is much easier than other databases.

Amazon Migration and Transfer

When AWS Cloud came, how did many companies migrate or transfer from their Traditional Data Center to AWS Cloud?

Amazon created Amazon Migration and Transfer Services for this so that any individual or company can very easily migrate their data centers to their cloud of their data centers.

What is Amazon Web Services ‘Zones’ or ‘Region’?

There is a huge difference between Zone and Region, first of all we understand them. Amazon has created different zones within a region.

As India is a region and different places inside India where these data centers have been built are called Zones. Let me tell you that in India Amazon has created two zones inside Mumbai.

Zones or regions are called in Amazon Web Services where Amazon has made its data centers. Amazon has made its data centers in different corners of the world. While making all these data centers, they have taken special care of security and speed, which should also be taken care of.

The biggest reason behind creating their Zones and Regions is to provide good and reliable Cloud Platform service to the customers. Amazon is also going to open its new data centers in many places.

If we look at World Wide, Amazon has created 77 Zones in a total of 24 Regions.

AWS Terminology

  1. Availability Zones
  2. Horizontal Scaling
  3. Local Zones
  4. Regions
  5. Vertical Scaling

Why Amazon Web Services?

After all, why are big companies choosing Amazon Web Services? You should also know that after all, what will be the benefit of using Amazon Web Services?

I am going to tell you 5 benefits of Amazon Web Services. So let’s start the list.

1. Cheap Rate

Whether it is Amazon Web Services or any other cloud based solution, people believe that it is all within the reach of rich companies, but it is not so at all. Amazon Web Services is also giving a good marketplace to Startup Companies in today’s time that too at a very cheap rate.

Amazon has fulfilled the demand for Cloud Based Solution so that even small business people can take full advantage of it.

2. Based on Per Hour

Whether you need Hosting Server, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Email Service, or Data Warehousing Service for your small website, you do not have to pay AWS monthly, but you have to pay as much as you have used. There is no fixed price.

Here you have to pay them for the hour only for the number of hours you used their services. This one thing makes AWS quite different from any other company.

3 PPU (Pay Per User)

Here you have to pay according to a user. In this, you also get the facility of media file transcoding with backup, new servers, CDN, unlimited bandwidth. You will get all this as an individual without paying a higher price.

4. Security

Amazon Web Services is also known for creating a highly secure infrastructure. Highly skilled guards are stationed 24 hours a day in their data centers.

Their data centers are in different locations, so that even if a disaster comes, it can be managed from anywhere else. Apart from multi-factor authorization, work is done on many security reasons.

5. API

Here you will get to see APIs in different programming languages, which will help you a lot in programming and managing your infrastructure.

Whether you want to take a backup or create something new, you can do everything with the help of API. Many people consider the API more important than the AWS Management Console.

Some Disadvantages of Amazon Web Services

  • If you want Instant Assistant then you have to pay extra.
  • When you use AWS Cloud, you mostly have to face problems like downtime, limited control, and backup protection.
  • Quite often changes are made in the hardware level by Amazon Web Services, which does not work for you, meaning it does not affect your performance.
  • Amazon Web Services has set a limit for all its resources, which is different in each region.

Companies that use Amazon Web Services!

  1. Dropbox
  2. Etsy
  3. Ftopia
  4. Instagram
  5. Netflix
  6. Pinterest
  7. Playfish
  8. Smugmug
  9. Talkbox
  10. Zoopla

Features of AWS

  1. Geographical Locations
  2. Multi region backups
  3. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
  4. Scalability
  5. Security
  6. Streamlined Disaster Recovery

FAQ – aws full form

What is AWS known for?

AWS is made up of many different cloud computing products and services. It is known for providing features like servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security.

What are the three types of computing services?

The three types of computing services are as follows:-

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  4. What is the salary in AWS?

If we talk about India, then it is up to 6 lakh rupees in a year. Apart from this, if you apply for small posts, then it is almost 3 lakhs per year.

Do we need Coding to learn AWS?

In the beginning, you can do many basic things without coding, but to perform tasks at the advanced level, you have to learn programming language.

Which is the Highest Paying Job in AWS?

The Highest Paying Job in AWS is that of a Senior Software Dev Manager, his earnings are close to $250K.

Who is the biggest competitor of AWS?

Google Cloud Platform is growing very fast right now, it is also a Cloud Computing Platform. GCP is considered to be the biggest competitor of AWS in today’s time.

Does Apple Company use AWS?

Apple has its own cloud division, apart from this, they also use Google Cloud as well as Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Computing Solution. Let us tell you that 1.5 billion active users of Apple use all these cloud based services.

AWS Service Categories

  1. Analytics
  2. Application Integration
  3. AR & VR
  4. AWS Cost Management
  5. Blockchain
  6. Business Applications
  7. Cloud Enablement
  8. Compute
  9. Containers
  10. Customer Engagement
  11. Database
  12. Developer Tools
  13. End User Computing
  14. Game Development
  15. Internet of Things
  16. Machine Learning
  17. Management and Governance
  18. Media Services
  19. Migration & Transfer
  20. Mobile
  21. Networking and Content Delivery
  22. Quantum Technologies
  23. Robotics
  24. Satellite
  25. Storage

Conclusion – aws full form

This was my aws full form article in which I told you what is AWS, how it works, what services are provided inside it and many more. If you liked this aws full form article of mine, then tell me by commenting below.

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