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In the context of salary, LPA stands for “Lakhs Per Annum.” It is a term used to indicate the annual salary of an individual in lakhs (one lakh equals 100,000) of Indian Rupees. For example, a salary of 10 LPA means the person earns 10 lakhs (1 million) rupees per year. The LPA unit is commonly used in India, especially in the context of job offers, salary negotiations, and performance evaluations.

LPA Full Form: What Does LPA Stand For? The full form of LPA is Lakhs Per Annum and LPA means Lakhs Per Annum.

lpa full form

Lakhs Per Annum (LPA) is a unit of Cost to Company (CTC) in India.

Lakhs Per Annum – 1 lakh Rs. 1,00,000.

In today’s article, you know complete information about LPA, you will get to read the answers to all the questions related to LPA in this post, the full form of LPA is Lakhs Per Annum which is called Lakhs Per Annum which is called Business placed in the category of.

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  4. Is it acronym or abbreviation?
  5. LPA acronym meaning?

lpa full form

What is LPA Full Form Full Form? So many answers to this question which we will give you through this article.

By the way, let us tell you that there are many full forms of LPA. Which are used in different places.

But today we are going to tell you the full form of LPA.

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What is LPA Full Form?

From which basis do you want to know the full form? We do not know this, but we are going to tell you about some such full forms of LPA.

Which works for you.

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LPA: Lakhs Per Annum

It is used more in banking or business category. It means “Lakh Per Annual”. It is also called “lakh rupees annually”.

LPA – Lasting Power Of Attorney

It is used in law related work. Like you want to give your property or rights to someone.

So this law document which is called final power of attorney. With its help, it provides the power to make its own decisions.

LPA – Liberal Party of Australia

It is a political party present in Australia. The head office of the Liberal Party is the highest office within the Liberal Party of Australia and the Liberal-National Coalition.

Since 24 August 2018, the Prime Minister has been held by Scott Morrison, who represents the Division of New South Wales.

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LPA – Lincoln Park Academy

This educational institution is the “Lincoln Park Academy” school in Florida, USA, which is known as LPA for short.

It is internationally known for its excellent placements in undergraduate, engineering as well as engineering.

LAP – Left Pulmonary Artery

This LPA Full Form means Left Pulmonary Artery related to health. Pulmonary Artery is an artery.

Which carries blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs for oxygen. That is, the blood reaches the respective lungs.

LPA Full Form, LPA Meaning, LPA Stand For


What Is The Meaning Of LPA?

LPA Full Form in Salary
Lakhs Per Annum

LPA Full Form in Legal
Lasting Power of Attorney

LPA Full Form in Law
Lasting Power of Attorney

LPA Full Form in Departments & Agencies
Local Planning Authority

LPA Full Form in Airport Codes
Gran Canaria Airport

LPA Full Form in Business Terms
Lakhs Per Annum

LPA Full Form in Regional Organizations
Little People of America

LPA Full Form in Politics
Liberal Party of Australia

LPA Full Form in Universities & Institutions
Lincoln Park Academy

LPA Meaning in Medical

  1. Laboratory Products Association
  2. Lysophosphatidic Acid
  3. Lipoprotein(a)

LPA Meaning in Governmental
Local Planning Authority

Laws Prevention Association of India

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All Full Forms of LPA

Below is the All available Full-Form list of the term LPA.

Sr. No. Term Category LPA Full Form
1 LPA Labeling Label Print & Apply
2 LPA Product Label Printer Applicator
3 LPA Community Label Propagation Algorithm
4 LPA Uncategorized Labor Party Advocates
5 LPA Uncategorized Labor Pension Act
6 LPA Uncategorized Labor Policy Association
7 LPA Uncategorized Labor Protection Act
8 LPA Uncategorized Laboratory of Pierre Aigrain
9 LPA Uncategorized Laboratory of Process Automation
10 LPA Technology Laboratory Products Association
11 LPA Uncategorized Labour Party of Albania
12 LPA Uncategorized Labour Protection Act
13 LPA Uncategorized Lac per annum
14 LPA Society Ladies Pay All
15 LPA Uncategorized Lafayette Paralegal Association
16 LPA Academic & Science Lafayette Preparatory Academy
17 LPA Government Lagos Plan of Action
18 LPA Uncategorized Lake Panorama Association
19 LPA Parks & Recreation Lake Park Audubon
20 LPA India Lakh Per Annum
21 LPA Neurology Laminar Population Analysis
22 LPA Uncategorized Laminar Proportional Amplifiers
23 LPA Government Lancashire Police Authority
24 LPA Uncategorized Lancaster Parking Authority
25 LPA Uncategorized Lancaster Photography Association
26 LPA Uncategorized Land Park Academy
27 LPA Uncategorized Land Planning Agency
28 LPA Uncategorized Landing Party Agreement
29 LPA Shipping & Sailing Landing Personnel Assault
30 LPA Uncategorized Landing Platform Amphibious
31 LPA Military Landing Platform, Amphibious
34 LPA Navy Landing, Personnel, Attack
35 LPA Agencies Landlord Protection Agency
36 LPA Uncategorized Landscape Protection Area
37 LPA Uncategorized Langham Partnership Australia
38 LPA Uncategorized Language Plan of Action
39 LPA Teaching Language Proficiency Assessment
40 LPA Uncategorized Language Program Administration
41 LPA Uncategorized Lao People’s Army
42 LPA Screen Large Particle Ash
43 LPA Sky Large Passenger Aircraft
44 LPA Uncategorized Large Phased Array
45 LPA Cosmos Large Pixel Array
46 LPA Physiology Large Pulmonary Arteries
47 LPA Environmental Health Large-Particle Aerosol
48 LPA Parasitology Larval Paralysis Assay
49 LPA Local – Airport Codes Las Palmas, Canary Islands
50 LPA Biology Las Perlas Archipelago
51 LPA Program Laser Particle Analyser
52 LPA Uncategorized laser plasma accelerators
53 LPA Safety Laser Protection Adviser
54 LPA Safety Laser Protection Advisor
55 LPA Radiology Laser-Plasma Accelerator
56 LPA Uncategorized Last Permanent Address
57 LPA Uncategorized Last Processor Action
58 LPA Juridical Lasting Power of Attorney
59 LPA Psychology Latent Profile Analysis
60 LPA Bioengineering Lateral Patellar Angle
61 LPA Neuroscience Lateral Preoptic Area
62 LPA Cognitive Science Lateral Projection Area
63 LPA Biology Latex Particle Adherence
64 LPA Medical Latex Particle Agglutination
65 LPA Uncategorized Latin Pop Airplay
66 LPA Uncategorized Latino Parents Association
67 LPA Latin Latino Professionals Association
68 LPA Uncategorized Latvian Privatization Agency
69 LPA Uncategorized Launch Package Assessment
70 LPA Technology Launch Pad Alpha
71 LPA Technology Launcher-Plant Assembly
72 LPA Uncategorized Laureate Professional Assessment
73 LPA Uncategorized Laurentian Pilotage Authority
74 LPA Canada Laurentian Pilotage Authority Canada
75 LPA Juridical Law of Property Act
76 LPA Uncategorized Laws Prevention Association
77 LPA Uncategorized Lawson Process Automation
78 LPA Uncategorized Lay Pastoral Assistant
79 LPA Biophysics Layered Peptide Array
80 LPA Quality Layered Process Audit
81 LPA Uncategorized Lead Paint Analyzer
82 LPA Uncategorized Lead Planning Agency
83 LPA Uncategorized Lead Programmer Analyst
84 LPA Information Technology Lead Programmer Astray
85 LPA Uncategorized Lead Public Agency
86 LPA Uncategorized Leadership Potential Assessment
87 LPA Business Leading Property Agents
88 LPA Philippine League of Philippine Architects
89 LPA Surgery Lean Psoas Area
91 LPA Uncategorized Leander Paintball Alliance
92 LPA Uncategorized Learning and Practice Alliance
93 LPA Cisco Learning Partner Associate
94 LPA Uncategorized Learning Point Associates
95 LPA Student Learning Power Approach
96 LPA Uncategorized Learning Preference Assessment
97 LPA Medicine Lease Plus Agreement
98 LPA Rental Lease Purchase Agreement
99 LPA Uncategorized Leather Producers Association
100 LPA Lebanon Lebanese Petroleum Administration
101 LPA Uncategorized Leeds Property Association
102 LPA Pharmaceutical Left Pulmonary Artery
103 LPA Uncategorized Leg Press Accessory
104 LPA Science Legacy Preparatory Academy
105 LPA Uncategorized Legal Partners Associated
106 LPA Uncategorized Legal Power of Attorney
107 LPA Law Legal Profession Act
108 LPA Associations Legal Professional Association
109 LPA Uncategorized Legal Project Associate
110 LPA Uncategorized Legal Purchase Age
111 LPA Politics Legislative and Public Affairs
112 LPA Uncategorized Legislative Post Audit
113 LPA United Kingdom Leicestershire Police Authority
114 LPA Nutrition Leisure-time PA
115 LPA Uncategorized Lenovo Partner Advantage
116 LPA Radiology Lesion Prediction Algorithm
117 LPA Patents & Trademarks Letters Patents Appeal
118 LPA Academic & Science Liberty Pines Academy
119 LPA Educational Library for the Performing Arts
120 LPA Libya Libyan Political Agreement
121 LPA Juridical Licensed Practicing Attorney
122 LPA Psychology Licensed Psychological Associate
123 LPA Accounting Licensed Public Accountant
124 LPA Juridical Lifetime Power of Attorney
125 LPA Medical Light Physical Activity
126 LPA Local – Australian Lighting Partners Australia
127 LPA Sports Medicine Light-intensity Physical Activity
128 LPA Fund Limited Partnership Agreement
129 LPA Academic & Science Lincoln Park Academy
130 LPA Medical Line Probe Assay
131 LPA Chemistry Linear Polyacrylamide
132 LPA Computing Linear Power Amplifier
133 LPA Computing Link Pack Area
134 LPA Educational Liquid Pressure Amplifier
135 LPA Educational Lithuanian Political Science Association
136 LPA Alcohol Litre of Pure Alcohol
137 LPA Society Little People of America
138 LPA Planning Local Planning Agency
139 LPA Engineering Local Planning Authority
140 LPA Police Local Policing Area
141 LPA Computing Local Polynomial Approximation
142 LPA Academic & Science Local Profit Academy
143 LPA Navigation Local Public Address Service
144 LPA Agencies Local Public Agencies
145 LPA Agencies Local Public Agency
146 LPA Pharmaceutical Locally Preferred Alternative
147 LPA Uncategorized Log Periodic Antenna
148 LPA Educational Long Path Absorption
149 LPA Banking Long Period Average
150 LPA Security Loss Prevention Agent
151 LPA Associations Louisiana Pharmacists Association
152 LPA Associations Louisiana Press Association
153 LPA Associations Louisiana Psychological Association
154 LPA Technology Low Pressure Accumulator
155 LPA Philippine Low Pressure Area
156 LPA Science Low Profile Additive
157 LPA Products Low Profile Adjustable
158 LPA Uncategorized Low Profile Antenna
159 LPA London Stock Exchange LPA Group, PLC.

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Know more about Full Form of LPA

  • LOT Polish Airlines (Poland)
  • La Prensa Asociada (Spanish: The Associated Press)
  • Labor Policy Association
  • Labor Protection Act of 1998 (Thailand)
  • Laboratory Products Association
  • Labour Party of Albania (aka: PPSh)
  • Lake Park Audubon (Lake Park, MN)
  • Lakhs per Annum (India)
  • Lancashire Police Authority (UK)
  • Landlord Protection Agency
  • Language Plan of Action
  • Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Large Particle Ash (energy)
  • Las Perlas Archipelago
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (legal document)
  • Lat Physics Acquisition
  • Law of Property Act (UK)
  • Layered Process Audit (Daimlerchrysler)
  • Learning Point Associates
  • Lease Purchase Agreement
  • Leather Producers Association
  • Left Pulmonary Artery
  • Legal Profession Act (various locations)
  • Legal Professional Association (Ohio)
  • Legal Purchase Age (various organizations)
  • Legislative Post Audit (Kansas)
  • Legislative and Public Affairs
  • Les Petites Affiches (French law journal)
  • Leveraged Procurement Agreement (California)
  • Library Public Awareness (Canada)
  • License Purchase Analysis
  • Licensed Practicing Attorney
  • Licensed Psychological Associate
  • Licensed Public Accountant
  • Licensing Program Analyst
  • Lieutenant Protection Association
  • Life Preserver Assembly
  • Light Pollution Abatement (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
  • Lighthouse Point Academy (North Broward Preparatory Schools)
  • Lighting Power Allowance (Washington)
  • Lightning Protection Assembly
  • Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Limited Production Availability
  • Lincoln Park Academy (Florida)
  • Linear Power Amplifier
  • Linear Processor Array
  • Linearized Propagator Approximation
  • Link Pack Area
  • Liquid Phase Analysis
  • Liquid Pressure Amplifier
  • List of Parts Affected
  • Literature/Performing Arts (various schools)
  • Litres of Pure Alcohol
  • Little People of America, Inc.
  • Littoral Penetration Area
  • Local Pay Additions
  • Local Planning Agency
  • Local Planning Authority
  • Local Product Agent (Imagery Product Library)
  • Local Program Administrator
  • Local Property Administrator
  • Local Public Administration
  • Local Public Agency (various locations)
  • Local Public Authority (various locations)
  • Locally Preferred Alternative
  • Log Periodic Antenna
  • Log Periodic Array
  • Logistics Pipeline Analysis
  • Logo Patch Antenna
  • Lome Peace Accord (Sierra Leone)
  • Long Period Average (rainfall)
  • Loop-Back Acknowledgement
  • Loss Prevention Association of India, Ltd.
  • Louisiana Partnership for the Arts (Winnsboro, LA)
  • Louisiana Psychological Association
  • Low Pass Amplifier
  • Low Power Amplifier
  • Low Pressure Air
  • Low Pressure Area (meterology)
  • Low Privilege Account
  • Low Profile Antenna
  • Low Profile, Rapidly Deployable AM Transmit Antenna System (US DoD)
  • Lower-Order Path Adaptation
  • Luna Preservation Society (Tugboat Luna, Brookline, Massachusetts)
  • Lysophosphatidic Acid
  • Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (also seen as OLPA)
  • low phytic acid


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