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dandi beach – The Top 10 Things To Do Near Dandi Beach In Gujarat

Dandi Beach is one of the major beaches located in Dandi village of Gujarat. Dandi Beach and its surrounding area is historically very prominent. also Things to know before visiting Dandi Beach – Travel to Dandi Beach.

For information, let me tell you that Mahatma Gandhi did a Satyagraha movement from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi and broke the salt law after reaching Dandi.

If you are planning to go to Dandi beach then this article will be very beneficial for you.

About Dandi Beach

Dandi Beach is located in Navsari district of Gujarat. This place is famous for its historical works, where Gandhi broke the salt law of the British.

dandi beach
dandi beach

Many monuments related to Gandhiji are built around this beach, if you want to see the historical building and things related to the Satyagraha movement, then you can go here.

Dandi Beach is a serene and beautiful beach. This beach is a very clean beach, there are many trees around the beach, due to which the beauty of this beach increases.

This beach is a good place to visit with your family and friends. The crowd on this beach is very less so that you can roam the whole beach comfortably.


There is a scarcity of water at Dandi Beach and the water moves far away from the shore, although by the evening the water of this beach comes to the shore.

The special thing about this beach is the trees located on the banks of this place, if you like trees, then you can go and see them in the middle of them.


Talking about drinking food, it will be better if you take food and water with you. Due to the quiet beach, no food stall will be seen here.


Things to do at Dandi Beach

Dandi Beach is a good place to spend time, here you can have fun in the water by the sea or play water sports.


You can spend a good time with your friends or family on the weekend. Since this place is near the village, you will get to see beautiful greenery around you while coming.

places near dandi beach

At a distance of one kilometer from Dandi beach is the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial which is quite beautiful you can go for a walk there.


Apart from this, places like Saifee Villa, Ubharat Beach are also located near the beach, you can go there for a walk too.

How to Reach Dandi Beach?

  • By Road – Also Surat city is located about 234 km from Ahmedabad city, about 131 km from Vadodara city as well as about 297 km from Mumbai city. The bus station, both ST as well as Private, is located on the eastern edge of the city.
  • By Rail – Surat is on the main broad gauge line between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Various domestic flights are operated from Surat airport connecting metros and other major cities.
  • By Air – Nearest airport is Surat airport which is 60 km away. Various domestic flights connecting the metros and other major cities operate from Surat airport.


I have tried my best to give proper information about dandi beach here, hope you have understood everything very well. Keep visiting the website for the latest posts.

dandi beach – Map

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