dumas beach – The Top 10 Things to Do Near Dumas Beach Haunted Beach in Gujarat

Dumas Beach Haunted Beach in Gujarat – Through this article, I am going to tell you about Dumas Beach, a famous beach in Gujarat, this beach is famous not only in the country but also abroad because of its hauntedness.

If you are planning to visit this haunted beach then this article will be very beneficial for you. In this article, We have given all the information about Dumas Beach.

About Dumas Beach

dumas beach
dumas beach

Dumas is a famous beach, 21 km southwest of Surat. This beach is very famous in the country and abroad due to being a haunted beach. This beach is one of the 35 haunted places in India.

It is said that in the meantime, many people have realized the existence of souls. Local people say that when it is night, the sound of screaming comes from the middle.


Many people say that whoever went to this beach in the night did not come back. Many people here shy away from visiting this beach even during the day.

Although this beach remains like a normal beach during the day and many people go for day out, you can go here with your family and friends.


There can be a shortage of water on the beach, you have to wait till evening for water. The sand in this beach is black and the shore is a bit swampy and rocky, so before getting into the sea water, some caution must be taken.

Many stories of being haunted in the middle are prevalent. Here after dusk, the dogs start acting strangely and the sound of crying and screaming starts coming.

It is said that dogs can see negative energies and spirits, due to which they start barking after dusk.

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Many people also go to stay at this beach for the night to know the reason behind the ghosting of the beach and the truth of the spirits.


Apart from Famous Youtuber Gauravzone, many Youtubers have come and stayed there at night, you can watch their videos by searching in Youtube.

There are many stories about this beach, people also like to listen and read those stories.

Things to do in Dumas Beach

Things to do in Dumas Beach
Things to do in Dumas Beach

There are many things to do here. You can ride a camel here, you can drive a car. The view of the sunset here is very beautiful, you can see that too.

Swings are also available for children on this beach. Talking about food and drink, there are many stalls on the beach from where you can order food.

How to reach Dumas beach?

It is quite easy to reach the beach. The beach is 21 km away from Surat in Gujarat. After reaching Surat, you can go to this beach for your private or local transports.

  • By Road – Tourists can reach Surat via Mumbai road which is about 283 km away. The journey takes 5 hours.
  • Apart from this, tourists can go from Ahmedabad, the distance from Ahmedabad is 263 km, which takes four hours. This beach is 153 km away from Vadodara.
  • By Rail – The distance from Surat railway station to Dumas beach is about 22 km. also It takes about 40 minutes to reach by taxi.
  • By Air – The distance from Surat Airport to Dumas Beach is 6.6 kms which takes 12 minutes. You can reach Dumas Beach by taxi from the airport.

conclusion – dumas beach

I hope you have understood the given information about Dumas Beach Surat very well. Keep visiting blog for similar posts.

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