30+ best free blogging tips in 2024

Blogging Tips : Blogging is easy and also very difficult.. Blogging is a bit difficult for those who only do hard work but for those who do smart work along with hard work, blogging is not a big deal. If you are a new blogger or want to start blogging. Assuming that you are really serious for blogging, then definitely read this article (Beginning Tips for Blogging – New Blogging Tips) completely. It’s your job.

Because from my experience and research, this article will be very helpful for starting your blogging career, the article has been written for Blogging Tips For Beginners on the basis of experience and information.

Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Do you want to start blogging just for money?

See, if you want to start a blog only for money, then you will not be able to get success in it? Even blogging for money is fine. But I said whether only for the money. The first purpose of creating a blog should be to make your information accessible to others through online internet, after that you get paid for your work. And keep blogging with this thinking.

If you run only after money, then you will get disappointed very soon because in the beginning you will not get money and will start getting it later that too when you give quality content and help people, their work will come, so blogging from heart.

Write the post as if you are writing a letter to your respected

If there is anything most important for a blog post, then it is that you write your post so well and simply that every reader wants to read it again and again. Although no person will read the same post again and again, but for your upcoming new posts, you will definitely become a regular reader.

This will happen when you will make a place on the heart and mind of the readers with your writing style and in this way your identity and popularity will increase.

Don’t write just for the sake of writing

This means that you should not write a blog post with a burden that – Hey man, today you have to publish a blog post again. It should not happen that the article has been juggled and then only typing without interest. Hey brother you are a blogger and blogger is like a teacher. Note – If a person comes to read your blog post, then he should get complete knowledge, it is your responsibility. But there are many bloggers who only have Adsense.

I am saying this because I know many such people. Who just want to get Adsense. And they will win the battle. Let’s assume for a moment, that you set up any kind of adnetwork on your blog – but where will the money come from? Your users (readers) are your money, they will come to read continuously and you will be able to monetize your blog through different mediums. So first of all pay attention to your readers, money will come automatically.

Select Niche or Topic for your Blog

In today’s time, in view of the blogging competition, the choice of Blog Niche has become necessary, at the speed at which your Niche blog will be successful, at that speed, Multi Niche Blog can hardly be successful.

Reason…… Niche Blogging is good for first Seo. And Niche Blog is better for the second user as well (if you do not understand Blog Niche, read this post, in this I have told about 20+ blog niches, although there are many other niches too – choose better niches)

Always keep reading others’ blog posts?

Always keep reading Blogs for any other information related to your Niche, that is to say, if you want any kind of information, then prefer reading instead of watching videos.

Because it will prove beneficial for you in every way, look at the writing style of others and constantly try to improve your writing.

If any of your time is being spared, then do not let this happen, instead keep reading something, keep learning, it will improve your skills.

Research well then go and write

Collect complete information about any article you write, visit others’ blogs and see what they have written, what they haven’t written, and what can be done better, etc.

Do research in this way and write a better blog post than others and keep in mind that do not copy the articles written by others. After all, later you will improve it, it is better that you prepare a good post by yourself.

Don’t Copy Others Style, Develop Your Own Writing Style

Never copy the style of others and their blog posts, read them and take the idea… You are a blogger and blogger writes and posts any article in his own style.

Don’t make the mistakes I made in the beginning of my blogging journey, you will think that even if I copy a single paragraph, what will happen.

But if you believe me, don’t do this. Remember a successful blogger can give better education than unsuccessful blogger because he knows what not to do.

Write short paragraphs

Just as we do not feel like reading a thick book, in the same way readers can get distracted by seeing a long article written on the same paragraph.

Therefore, make small paragraphs – this will make the user read your blog post very easily and he will not even know, it is also better for Seo in a way.

Before publishing the post, must read it once

Old bloggers still go because they have experience. But you are still new. Obviously, mistakes do happen in writing.

I also made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, there were many blog posts that I myself did not want to read again, but later I corrected most of the posts (here I am talking about my second domain) so you read your blog posts again. and correct the mistakes.

Work on a Goal

Do not do this at all that when you want, then the post is published and then it is sitting empty. Due to this, along with the user, Google also lacks in trusting you.

You can set your own goal that how many posts have to be done in how many days, then you have to do it. This is absolutely necessary for the new blogger.

If there is some important work then the matter is different, but in general, even if you publish a post in a week, make a routine that one post has to be published in the week.

Make small improvements daily

Try to make your post better than the previous day and keep improving little by little. In this way your writing style will develop.

If you bring a little improvement every day, then think about how much percentage you will improve in the coming days, as well as keep updating the old posts.

If any new information comes, then definitely add it to the post of your blog. Due to continuous updating, your post gets good ranking in Google.

Do not only hard work but also smart work

In the beginning, we only keep doing hard work, then gradually we come to know things like – how to do smart work but you start with smart planning in advance, it will give better and faster results.

By smart work, I mean to know about it well before writing your blog post like – what the users will come looking for in your blog post, what should they get. How to write a post to get good ranking, etc.

Make a habit of writing in copy

When you do research, writing in copy is an important part of blogging. While reading others’ blog posts, note down that topic in your copy, which is necessary.

If any information related to writing the article is in your mind, then first of all write it in the copy, see what else can be added to it and what should be removed etc.

Don’t Decorate Your Blog Like a Bride

At the beginning, it is very good that our blog should be colorful, different types of colorful images and stickers keep coming here and there, but this is not right in any way.

In terms of Seo, a lot of HTML code is used in this type of blog and the loading time of your blog increases a lot.

Google wants that the sooner your blog is loaded, the better you think for yourself, would you like to go to a blog that opens late. No …

Because we want everything immediately. And as far as the user is concerned, they come to read the blog post to answer their questions and not to see the color of your blog.

Do not repeat the same word over and over again while writing

You should always keep in mind that while writing the post, the same word is not being used again and again because it can irritate your readers. It would be better if you use synonyms of such words which are used again and again.

Maintain Continuity

If traffic is not coming to your blog then do not get discouraged and keep working continuously because you are brand new right now. In such a situation, do not think about things like traffic, blog post ranking in the top, etc., just keep working for at least six months. Let Google trust you.

Because in blogging, the result is not found immediately, when you maintain consistency, then Google also starts trusting you. Therefore, do not think in the beginning that I have written the best post, yet it is not even coming down on the top of Google.

You give time to Google, if you really have the power in your post then it will definitely come up but it will take some time.

Blogging takes a lot of time, don’t be in a hurry

Like I told, lakhs of blog posts are published every day, in such a situation it is obvious that it will take some time for you to come up. You keep blogging while learning well for a year, in the meantime do not think about earning at all.

Your job should only be to provide quality content to your readers. Blogging takes a lot of time. But gives a lot in return but a little late, so work patiently.

Understand Google, but don’t think of it as an owl

Understanding Google and blogging in a better way, it is not a big deal to always rank your post on the top. But it would be stupid to think of Google as an idiot.

Google is no longer the same, after continuous new updates, Google is becoming smart day by day. Anyway, Google first pays attention to its readers, later to bloggers.

By copying anything from anywhere, you will be able to work for a few days, but later many problems will come, even you may have to lose Google Adsense. Which is going to be your main means of earning.

So write good content in your own words.

Follow the above – Blogging Tips in any case, it is a panacea as a New Bloggers Tips.

However, apart from this, there are many other tasks which are necessary for a blogger. But if these things are taken care of at the time of starting, then the journey of blogging will become easy.

Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

  1. First of all add your blog to Google Search Console.
  2. Do keyword research on the topic on which you are writing the blog post.
  3. Make the title of your blog post strong so that users cannot go without seeing it.
  4. Keep your blog speed good so that the blog gets loaded quickly and can come in the top.
  5. Use the images used on the blog by optimizing them well so that your page size is not too big.
  6. Do work related to Seo, such as On Page Seo, Off Page Seo etc.
  7. Make the image used in your blog in a great way so that the user can be dragged.
  8. Understand how people search and create a user friendly post.
  9. Be sure to add a Subscription Button to your blog.
  10. Give a link to all your social media on the blog and share your post on these places.
  11. Use copyright free images, for this there are many types of websites that give copyright free images.
  12. And the most important thing is to always reply to your user’s comment.

FAQ’s – Blogging Tips

How is blogging done?

To start blogging, it is necessary to have an interest in writing. Through a laptop and internet connection you connect to the online world. Buy a domain and hosting (can also do it for free) then build a blog website. In which you write articles based on your interest by getting research and necessary information. This is how blogging is done.

How to start blogging Full details Cashpanda?

To start blogging, you have to create an account on Blogger.Com which is absolutely free or you can create your blog on WordPress by buying hosting and domain. Once the blog is setup, you start writing content on it, when a good amount of users start coming to the blog, then you can monetize it. In this way you can start blogging and earn money from it.

How much does it cost to start a blog in India?

The answer to this question, how much does it cost to start a blog in India, is very simple, you can start it for free and even by spending money, it totally depends on you, some free websites like Google’s blogger.work , or in Thumblr.com you can create a blog for free. Apart from this, if you want to buy your own domain and hosting, then you can create your blog on WordPress. For this you will have to spend 3000 to 5000 rupees in the beginning.

Which language is best for blogging in India?

Talking about the best language for blogging, then English language can be a better option. cause…. That you can connect to more and more audiences from all over the world in the English language. Whereas only Asian countries are the target audience for Hindi language.

Who is the biggest blogger of India?

There are many names that can be taken in the biggest blogger of India, but I would like to mention two names here, first Amit Agarwal, who is the Father of Indian Blogging. is called. And the other is Harsh Aggarwal who is called God Of Indian Blogging.

conclusion – blogging tips

The new bloggers may not understand these things mentioned in the beginning. But later you may have to repent for it, although it can be improved later. But I believe – what will happen when you have to make corrections later, ultimately your time will be wasted. So understand these things from now on. Time is very precious friends, don’t let it go like this.

I insist from the very beginning – that instead of learning from your own mistakes, learn from the mistakes of others because there is less time to make mistakes.

My opinion for blogging tips

Hope you like this article of mine – 29 Tips for Blogging (Blogging Tips For Beginners) and it works for you. If you have any question, then definitely tell us through Comment Box. And give your opinion and feedback if you liked the article, then definitely share it with friends.

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