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php check if json key exists – How to check if key is present in json in PHP?

I need a value of the key to be present in JSON so we can use this value in our system.if..else also can handle to check key exists or not in objects.

php check if json key exists – check if key is present in json in PHP

if( isset( $memInfo['mem_id'] ) ){
   // do something

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here you can know whether key exists in Json string.

if(array_key_exists('mem_id', $memInfo)) {
    //key exists, do stuff

php check if json key exists

if don’t exist key json php

 1, 'cricket' => 4);
if (array_key_exists('game', $playerData)) {
    echo "The 'game' element is in the array";

check if value exists in json array php

//Find if value exists in a JSONArray in php

$array = json_decode($json, true);
if (in_array('e', $array['output'])) {

check if value exists in json object php

$json = '{
"response": {
    "play_count": 106,
    "plays": [
            "shop_id": 25,
            "playtime_news": 67
            "shop_id": 8965,
            "playtime_news": 0
            "shop_id": 565656,
            "playtime_news": 0
            "shop_id": 989666,
            "playtime_news": 0
        } // <------ note the lack of `,`

$arr = json_decode($json, true);

foreach($arr['response']['plays'] as $play) {
    if($play['shop_id'] === 8965) { // I would strictly check (type) incase of 0
        echo "exists"; // or do something else
        break; // break out if you dont care about the rest

php json_decode get key name

//get key value from json object in php

// json object.
    $allInfo = '{"profile":"John", "account":"Doe"}';

    // Option 1: through the use of an array.
    $jsonArray = json_decode($allInfo,true);

    $key = "profile";

    $profile = $jsonArray[$key];

    // Option 2: through the use of an object.
    $jsonObj = json_decode($allInfo);

    $profile = $jsonObj->$key;

check if key value pair exists in array php

//How can I check if a key/value pair exists in php?

 "Foo collage",
    "saved" => true
    "collage" => "Bar collage",
    "saved" => false

$shopData = "";
$status = false;
foreach ($parrents as $parrent) {
    if (isset($parrent['saved']) && $parrent['saved']) {
       echo $parrent['collage'];
       $status = true;
    } else {
       $shopData .= $parrent['collage'] . "
"; } } if (!$status) { echo $shopData; } ?>

Ref : array_key_exists — Checks if the given key or index exists in the array

Check if JSON key exists in PHP

To check whether a key exists in a JSON string in PHP, you can use the json_decode() function to decode the JSON string into a PHP array or object, and then use the isset() function to check if the key is present in the resulting array or object.

Here's an example:

// Sample JSON string
$json_str = '{"name": "John", "age": 30, "city": "New York"}';

// Decode JSON string into a PHP array
$json_arr = json_decode($json_str, true);

// Check if a key exists in the array
if (isset($json_arr['name'])) {
    echo "Key 'name' exists in the JSON string.";
} else {
    echo "Key 'name' does not exist in the JSON string.";

In this example, we first define a sample JSON string and use the json_decode() function with the second parameter set to true to decode the JSON string into a PHP associative array called $json_arr. We then use the isset() function to check if the key 'name' exists in the array, and echo a message accordingly.

Note that if the JSON string is nested and contains multiple levels of arrays and objects, you may need to traverse the nested structure using loops or recursive functions to check if a key exists at a particular level.

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