RPSF Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of RPF?

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RPSF Full Form

RPSF Full Form – What is the full form of RPSF?

-Full Form of RPSF is

Railway Protection Special Force
Rochester Public Schools Foundation
Rochester Public School Foundation
ROWVA Public Schools Foundation
Rotation Processing and Surge Facility

RPF Full Form

RPF Full Form: Railway Protection Force

  1. RPF Full Form in English: “Railway Protection Force”
  2. RPF Full Form हिंदी में: रेलवे सुरक्षा बल

RPF Full Form And Meaning

What is the full form of RPF?

The full form of RPF is RAILWAY PROTECTION FORCE in English and it is called Railway Protection Force.

This force has been created by the Indian Railways to protect the passengers. RPF is considered like an armed police force. It was established in 1957 and today it has about 65000 employees.

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RPSF Full Form

  1. Category – Space Science
  2. Rotation, Processing and Surge Facility

Responsibilities of RPF:

  1. It arrests those who cause damage to private property of railways.
  2. It ensures the safety of passengers in danger areas.
  3. It also helps in smooth running of railway traffic.
  4. It also tries to stop the trafficking of women and children.
  5. After arresting the criminal, RPF also takes legal action against him.

Powers of RPF:

The RPF has the power to investigate, prosecute and arrest any person violating the Railways Act 1890.
RPF also has the power to remove illegal construction or encroachment in rail transport.

RPF Salary:

The salary of RPF varies between Rs 25,000 to Rs 56,100 depending on the grade.

Other full form of RPF:

  1. real person fiction
  2. renal plasma flow
  3. reverse path forwarding
  4. reverse power feeding
  5. rich pixel format

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What is RPF?

Friends, RPF is a security force of Indian Railways. It was established by the Security Forces Act.

The main purpose of RPF is to protect the passengers, passenger area and railway property.

RPF means that the Railway Protection Force is under the control of the Ministry of Railways. And RPF is the only security force that has the right to arrest and prosecute criminals.

Railway Protection Force was established by Parliament in the year 1997 for better protection of railway property which we also know as IRPFS i.e. Indian Railway Protection Force Service.

This security force is headed by the General.

Indian Railway Protection Force works to act on unsatisfactory fight against offenders in railway passengers, passenger space and railway property.

It is the main duty of RPF i.e. Railway Protection Force to protect railway property and passengers in rail.

I hope you have got the basic information about RPF Full Form in Hindi & what is RPF.

RPF Joining Eligibility

  • To apply in RPF, you have to go to the website of RPF i.e. Railway Protection Force and apply on it. RPF recruitment comes out every year.
  • If you want information about the vacancy of RPF, then you can go to the official website of Railway Protection Force to find out how many vacancies are available in RPF.
  • If you also want to join RPF, you will have to subscribe to it by visiting the government job site because if the vacancy of RPF will come, then they will inform you through mail.
  • To join RPF, you must have completed 10th and 12th class education from any of your recognized board. You must be a citizen of India.
  • Along with this, your height should be at least 160 cm. If you talk about your chest, then it should be 72 cm.
  • You should be able to see everything without wearing glasses, only then you can apply for RPF.

What is the eligibility criteria of RPF Constable?

  1. Education Qualification
  2. Nationality / Citizenship
  3. Physical Ability
  4. Age Limit
  5. Medical Qualification

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RPF Full Form

  • Raster Product Format
  • Real Person Fiction
  • Registered Professional Forester
  • Renal Plasma Flow
  • Replica Props Forum
  • Reverse Path Forwarding
  • Reverse Power Feeding
  • Rich Pixel Format

What is the difference between RPF Constable and RPSF Constable?

Here many people will be confused that what is the difference between RPF Constable and RPSF Constable?

But I will tell you that this is the only difference of full form in both the words. As soon as you see the full form of these two words, you will know by yourself what it means.

RPSF Constable Full Form : Railway Protection Special Force Constable

  • As you have seen that there is a difference of only one word between these two. RPSF is a reserve force. From their name, you will know that this force is called only when needed.
  • And on the other hand RPF has to follow normal responsibilities.
  • Now this question must have come in your mind that which of these two jobs to choose?
  • So know this thing that if you cannot leave your family and friends, then you should choose the job of RPF constable because in this you have to go to your nearest Thane.
  • And if you can stay away from your family and friends, then you should prefer the job of RPSF Constable.
  • By the way, there is no much responsibility in the job of RPSF because it is called only in emergency.

Objectives of RPF

  • => One of the objectives of RPF is to protect railway property and counter criminals against it for its safety.
  • => If there is any obstacle in the safety of railway property, then it is also a duty to remove that obstacle.
  • =>To act as a bridge for the union between the Railway Police and the local police.
  • => Facilitating passenger safety by removing all anti-social material from passenger area in train and railway premises.

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