RDO Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of RDO?

rdo full form : Hello friends, in today’s article we will learn about RDO Full Form – Revenue Divisional Officer, Rural Development Organization etc.

By the way, there are many full forms of the word RDO. In this article, we will mainly know about the Revenue Divisional Officer. In RDO Word, we will try to know in detail about the more useful words one by one.

By the way, friends, the same short word in English can have many meanings, which can also be different.

Similarly, in this article, we will learn about RDO Full Form, RDO Meaning, we will try to know more and more full forms of this word.

RDO full form – What is RDO?

RDO stands for – Revenue Divisional Officer

It is a program interface that is mainly used in Microsoft Visual Basic applications. With the help of RDO, Microsoft and other databases are shared from person to person.

With the help of which another person can also work on that data sitting from anywhere.

So as mentioned in the RDO full form Remote Data Objects, it gives the same information that there is a program to give access to the providers of the data in the remote form.

Here RDO is an acronym, this word has many full forms and different meanings, in the below list all the details are given in detail.

  1. Revenue Divisional Officer
  2. Rural Development Organisation
  3. Remote Data Objects
  4. Rate-Distortion Optimization
  5. Raster Document Object

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RDO Full Form in Government Revenue Department

  • RDO – Revenue Divisional Officer

Here the meaning of RDO Full Form is also known as RDO means Revenue Department Officer.

It is an administrative department in the Indian states. The Revenue Officer exercises financial and administrative powers in his area.

  • RDO – Rural Development Organization

We also know it in Hindi by the name of Rural Development Organization.

It refers to rural development, community and economic development initiatives and actions to improve the living standards of rural areas.

Rural Development Organization was established in 1999, it is a voluntary organization.

RDO Full form in computer

  • RDO – Remote Data Objects

It is a type of data access application programming interface. Which is mainly used in Microsoft Visual Basic applications to gain access from other database providers.

RDO – Rate-distortion optimization

It is a method of improving video quality in video editing.

Similarly, RDO Meanings are many, out of which I have told you about the most special and most useful words in this article.

By the way, RDO Full Form in Tamil also means Revenue Divisional Officer, it is written something else in Tamil language.

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Governmental » Titles

Revenue Divisional Officer

RDO Full Form in Tamil

Revenue Divisional Officer

RDO Officer Full Form
Revenue Divisional Officer

RDO Full Form in Revenue
Revenue Divisional Officer

Full Form Of RDO is “Remote Data Objects” in English and “Remote Data Objects” in RDO Ka Full Form.It is a term for a type of data transfer that is used by Microsoft Office. I have explained about it in detail below.

File Extensions
– Raster Document Object

Compression & Encoding
– Rate-Distortion Optimization

Regional Organizations
– Rural Development Organisation

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All Full Forms of RDO

We have found 49 more results for RDO. Below is the list of all Full Form of RDO.

Sr. No. Term Category RDO Full Form
1 RDO Pharmaceutical Local Dental Officer
2 RDO Development Local Development Officers
3 RDO Pharmaceutical Local Development Organisation
4 RDO Technology Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
5 RDO Church Rabi Detuning Oscil
6 RDO Athletics Race Day ONLY
7 RDO Athletics Race Day Optimized
8 RDO Law Race Discrimination Ordinance
9 RDO Uncategorized Radar Deployment Order
10 RDO Technology Radio
11 RDO Media Radio Down Octopus
12 RDO Transportation Radio Transmission from Downed aircraft
13 RDO Politics Radiological Defense Officer
14 RDO Airport Code Radom Airport
15 RDO Uncategorized Railway Development Office
16 RDO Uncategorized Rancho Del Oro
17 RDO Military Rapid Decisive Operation
18 RDO Army Rapid Deployment Operation
19 RDO War Rapid, Decisive Operation
20 RDO Information Technology Raster Data Object
21 RDO Xerox Raster Document Object
22 RDO Uncategorized Raster Document Objects
23 RDO Uncategorized Rate Distortion Optimal
24 RDO Technology Rate Distortion Optimisation
25 RDO Science Raw Data Object
26 RDO NYSE Symbols RDO Equipment Company
27 RDO Uncategorized Read Data Out
28 RDO Uncategorized Rear detachment officer
29 RDO Uncategorized Rear Detachment Operations
30 RDO Uncategorized Recommended Decision and Order
31 RDO Uncategorized Reconnaissance Duty Officer
34 RDO Optics Red Dot Optics
35 RDO Outlook Redemption Data Objects
36 RDO Logistics Redistribution Order
37 RDO Uncategorized Redistricting Data Office
38 RDO Science reduced density operator
39 RDO Uncategorized Reefs Dot Org
40 RDO Sport Referee Development Officer
41 RDO Information Technology Referenced Data Object
42 RDO Bioengineering Refined Disturbance Observer
43 RDO Uncategorized Regimental Duty Officer
44 RDO Dentistry Regional Dental Officer
45 RDO Government Regional Development Office
46 RDO Medicine Regional Development Organisation
47 RDO Management Regional Director of Operations
48 RDO Uncategorized Regional Director’s Office
49 RDO Politics Regional Disaster Office
50 RDO Uncategorized Regional Disbursing Office
51 RDO Military Regional Duty Officer
52 RDO Microbiology Registered Designation Of Origin
53 RDO Medical Registered Dispensing Optician
54 RDO Uncategorized Registry Domain Ontology
55 RDO Business Regular Day Off
56 RDO Politics Regular Democratic Organization
57 RDO Uncategorized Rehabilitation and Development Organization
58 RDO Technology Relational Database Operator
59 RDO Dialogue Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
60 RDO Uncategorized Relativity Dynamic Object
61 RDO Technology Relevant Delivery Organisation
62 RDO Normal Business Relished Day Off
63 RDO Technology Remote Data Object
64 RDO Connection Remote Desktop Organizer
65 RDO Uncategorized Reno Drain Oil
66 RDO Uncategorized Repair Design Office
67 RDO Uncategorized Request Data Object
68 RDO Military Request For Deployment Order
69 RDO Logistics Required Days Out
70 RDO Uncategorized Requirements-Driven Outline
71 RDO Army Research & Development Objectives
72 RDO Uncategorized Research and Development Office
73 RDO Uncategorized Research and Development Organisation
74 RDO Uncategorized Research and Development Outsourcing
75 RDO Educational Research Development Office
76 RDO Uncategorized Research, Development and Orientation
77 RDO Development Resort Development Organisation
78 RDO Technology Resource Definition Online
79 RDO Uncategorized Resource Development Office
80 RDO Uncategorized Responsible Dog Owner
81 RDO Technology Result Data Object
82 RDO Uncategorized Retard Delay Orifice
83 RDO Uncategorized Revenue Development Officer
84 RDO Philippine Revenue District Office
85 RDO India Revenue Divisional Office
86 RDO Uncategorized Reverse Detection Ordering
87 RDO Uncategorized Risk Data Object
88 RDO Psychology Risk-Defusing Operator
89 RDO Military River District Office
90 RDO Genetics RNA-DNA Oligonucleotide
91 RDO Analysis Robust Design Optimization
92 RDO Uncategorized Rolling Door Opener
93 RDO Business Rostered Day Off
94 RDO Uncategorized Royale Distributors Orientation
95 RDO Uncategorized Ruby Data Objects
96 RDO Uncategorized Rude Drivel Only
97 RDO Uncategorized Rugby Development Officer
98 RDO Sensor Rugged Dissolved Oxygen
99 RDO Military Runway Duty Officer
100 RDO Uncategorized Rural Development Office
101 RDO Local States Rural Development Officer
102 RDO Uncategorized Rural Development Offices
103 RDO Business Rural Development Organisation

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