6 Best Weed Farming Games for Android and iOS

There’s nothing like a good weed farm game to help you unwind, especially after a long day. The satisfaction that comes with completing daily tasks and building your cannabis empire remains unmatched.

Which stoner doesn’t want to have an actual marijuana grow-op? These virtual ranches bring your dreams an inch closer to you.

The best part? You don’t have to smoke weed to experience the thrill. Anyone can try their hand at being the next Wiz Khalifa or Snoop Dogg, thanks to these innovations. All you need is an open mind and your Android or iOS device.

Here’s a list of some of the best marijuana cultivation games available today. The variety ensures there’s something for you no matter your preferences.

Who knows, you might learn enough to spark your interest in growing some weed seeds in real life.

1. Hempire: Plant Growing Game

Hempire: Plant Growing Game
Hempire: Plant Growing Game

Hempire helps you dive into the cannabis culture as you establish a successful marijuana business. The characters you interact with can have a positive impact as you learn from your clients and their different stories.

Selling your yields provides capital for new strains, better technology, and land expansion. Earn trophies and additional rewards from your achievements, some of which you swap for cash or unlock exciting features.

It’s possible to make guilds in this weed farm game app. You can also compete with others to earn the top spots on the leaderboards.

2. Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

Here’s a chance to learn about cannabis cultivation from one of the industry’s bigwigs, Wiz Khalifa. It visualizes a world where pot is 100% legal, suggesting unlimited possibilities for growth.

The artist incorporates realistic aspects like cannabis strains with specific environmental needs. The growing room starts ill-equipped and small, but you expand by making the most of your few clients. Use the earnings for more supplies and space to optimize your yields. 

Leveling up enables you to control the market price. The user interface is surprisingly easy to navigate, given how meticulous the features are. Enjoy the game with like-minded Facebook friends.

3. Cheech & Chong Bud Farm

Developers wouldn’t miss the chance to have the iconic stoner duo feature in a weed farming game. 

The setting is in the seventies, and the visuals have a cartoonish appeal that sucks you into the old-school vibe. The pop culture references and stoner jokes are some Easter eggs that engross you. Take screenshots and share them with your buds for a good laugh.

You play Cheech & Chong with only a handful of seeds. The aim is to care for them and eventually establish a formidable canna-empire. Amass insane amounts of profits and fame in the weed farm game as you progress.

4. Bud Farm: Grass Roots

Bud Farm: Grass Roots is one of those games you’d probably underestimate before you play it. Its animation is a bit wanting, but it makes up for that with the challenges.

The game focuses on the cultivation process. Your tasks include sprouting seeds, installing sufficient lights, irrigation, and trimming excess foliage. Once you harvest, sell to individual customers, then upgrade with the profits to deal with companies.

There are over 15 cannabis varieties with individual care requirements. Some epic features include hiring employees, creating bakeries for edibles, and building mills. Did we mention you’re able to decorate your spaces on holidays?

5. Ganja Farmer: Weed Empire

Ganja Farmer is quite the addition to our list. It’s one of the best weed farm games for beginners, as you learn the ropes of cultivation in a groovy environment. 

Apart from sprouting weed and shrooms, you also bake edibles like spacecake and even distill liquor. It centers around turning your small marijuana garden into a mega plantation and surrounding it with a mighty empire.

The graphics include typical stoner stereotypes and other colorful characters. Hold interesting conversations with them as they make hilarious comments and jokes. Network with them and make various agreements to call for future favors when needed.

6. Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm

Talk about hilarious; Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm knows how to get you rolling on the floor. You can’t go through the dialogue, pop culture references, intergalactic clientele, and uncanny scenarios without a few laughs.

Enhance your growing skills, and go from classic strains to excellent hybrids with time. You start in an RV before breaking even, then make profits to invest in expansion and better equipment. It includes the normal seedling to harvest period and the care that comes with it.

Weed Farming Games on a Higher Level

These weed farm games for Android and iOS are among the best in the field. Players enjoy the convenience they offer while forgoing the stress of constant competition. Don’t hesitate to grow cannabis seeds in reality; you might just kick ass in it too.

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