Bootstrap Testimonial Slider free Download

Today I am Great Information a very easy user friendly Best Flat responsive Testimonial carousel slider using bootstrap demo with source code example is a simple solution for your blog-spot custom static or dynamic websites to display what say your customers or clients, Celebrity about you. It is very simple as well as 100% clean with responsive bootstrap testimonials carousel slider.

Testimonials slider bootstrap Free Download

In this testimonials slider with background image we showing name of Celebrity, client, Company, profile photo and review about your static with Dynamic website. This is a 100% responsive cross some browser, compatible on all android, Iphone or any other devices, displayed on all the screen sizes. It is entirely built in HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript CSS3. Create it yours now by using it, free downloading it and please share my lovely Article.

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Template Name : – Testimonials slider bootstrap free download.
Date Created : – 25-04-2017 25-04-2017
Compatible Browsers : – Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10, Opera etc.
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  • Best Responsive Layout (using a Bootstrap framework)
  • Full screen 100% Image Background (good way to display static or slideshow)
  • use for Font Awesome icons
  • Testimonials section make using pure working Bootstrap’s Togglable tabs.

8 Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Examples

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Example

Include jQuery


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CSS Code

#quote-carousel {
padding: 0 10px 30px 10px;
margin-top: 60px;
#quote-carousel .carousel-control {
background: none;
color: #CACACA;
font-size: 2.3em;
text-shadow: none;
margin-top: 30px;
#quote-carousel .carousel-indicators {
position: relative;
right: 50%;
top: auto;
bottom: 0px;
margin-top: 20px;
margin-right: -19px;
#quote-carousel .carousel-indicators li {
width: 50px;
height: 50px;
cursor: pointer;
border: 1px solid #ccc;
box-shadow: 0 0 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
border-radius: 50%;
opacity: 0.4;
overflow: hidden;
transition: all .4s ease-in;
vertical-align: middle;
#quote-carousel .carousel-indicators .active {
width: 128px;
height: 128px;
opacity: 1;
transition: all .2s;
.item blockquote {
border-left: none;
margin: 0;
.item blockquote p:before {
content: "\f10d";
font-family: 'Fontawesome';
float: left;
margin-right: 10px;


Testimonials with Carousel

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Bootstrap Testimonial Slider

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Carousel with Face Indicators

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Testimonial Carousel

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Testimonial Responsive Template with Carousel / Slide

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Carousel Reviews with Rating

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Testimonial Based on Bootstrap 6 Primary Colors

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Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Snippet

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