Popular Choudhary Caste, Surnames, Gotras And Communities In 2024

Choudhary Caste: – Choudhary means the head chief who works to provide justice in the village and community and fights injustice. Choudhary is a philanthropist, renunciant and noble caste special class. In Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, most of the Jat and Dhobi community people apply Chaudhary in all these places. Chaudhary, Rai Sahib, Roy, Rawat, Rao Sahib, Thakur, these are the titles of Yaduvanshi Yadavs.

Chaudhary (or Choudhary ; also: Chaudhuri, Choudhuary, Chowdhury)

chaudhary OR choudhary Caste And History

choudhary caste

Chaudhary surname is mostly used by people of Dhobi community and people of Jat community. The community mentioned in the video uses Choudhary title very rarely, you can ask the Choudhary who himself belongs to which caste he belongs to, mostly people of Dhobi community and Jat. community people put. In Bihar, Pasi is called Choudhary.

The surname Choudhary within the world : Chaudhari, Chaudhary, Chaudhrani,Chaudhry, Chaudhurani, Chaudhuri, Chaudri, Chaudry, Choudary, Choudhari, Choudhary, Choudhrani, Choudhry, Choudhurani, Choudhury, Chowdary, Chowdhary, Chowdhrani, Chowdhurani, Chowdhuri, Chowduri, Chudhry.

This title is prevalent only from the Mughal period. It also means ‘chief’. The emperors gave this title to the major clans and individuals.

The word Kalbi is a clan.

  • Anjana (Patel) Choudhary is the caste of the society, his lineage is the other caste;
  • Anjana Patel is called Choudhary, the extravagant Kalbi is a dynasty Anjana of Patel Samaj Anjana
  • – Un+Jan Identity is Chaudhary Shan and in the rest of the state, Patels are called Zamindars and Patidars in Gujarat .

Choudhary Caste :- The relatives of Bharatpur royal family, Nauwar of Mathura, Hunga, Khadai Gotra, Meerut and all Jats of Ambala Commissionerate have the distinction of being called Choudhary. In Bijnor, the Jats of twelve villages – Bijnor, Jhalo, Kumhera, Alamsarai, Valdia, Ismailpur, Nangal, Suwahedi, Kiratpur, Adampur etc. have been called Choudhary.

The word Chaudhary has a great reputation. Even after getting the high title of ‘Sir’, Sir Chhotu Ram is called Sir Chaudhary Chhotu Ram. Similarly, there are others who are called Choudhary such as Sir Seth Chhajuram ji Choudhary, Sir Chaudhary Shahabuddin Sahab Speaker of the Assembly, Sir Chaudhary Zafarullah Khan (Jat Gotra Shahi), Chief Judge Federal Court, Rao Bahadur Captain Chaudhary Lalchand ji etc.

Dikshit of Fatehpur, all Rajputs of Saharanpur-Meerut, Brahmin Tiwaris of Ghatampur tehsil of Kanpur, Rais Brahmins of Shikarpur-Bulandshahr, a group of Kayasthas of Bengal, Tagas of U.P., Gujars, Vaishyas of Ahir Mandis are also called Choudhuries. Similarly, many other castes of Hindus also call their son and daughter’s father-in-law or their relative as Chaudhary as an honor, which is not their permanent title.

Who is Chaudhary?

Choudhary Caste: – Powerful community like Gurjars of northern India used this Choudhary word as a surname to Choudhary in Delhi NCR region, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal, Western Uttar Pradesh and Haryana etc. It has come, and in these areas, people respectfully call Gujjars as Chaudhary Sahib, it is the love and status of Gurjar Chaudharys that people have been giving respect by calling them Chaudhary Sahib.

Choudhury is a term from the Indo-Aryan languages, meaning “four holders”. Traditionally, the term is used as a title denoting ownership of a place of origin, but in contemporary usage it is often referred to as a surname or title. is taken as. The spelling of the word varies in different regions.

In some cases it can also mean “power”. In Andhra Pradesh, the title Choudhary is used by the Kamma caste. It is commonly described as Choudhury to differentiate it from other users of the title in other parts of India.

In Bihar, Choudhary owns large ancestral land. In the northern and eastern Indian states of Bihar and Bengal, the title of aristocratic Brahmins and some Muslim Talkumar families is used. Kayastha connections with the Bengali caste group used this title even in Nizami times.

In North Indian states such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, the title is used by people of different castes from different ethnic groups. However, it is also used by Gurjars, Jats, Tyagis, Kurmis, Ahirs, Rajputs, Kambojs, Suleriyas and Saini. In Pakistan, the title is used by members of the underground castes, with the most prominent being the Chaudharhats by the Gujjar caste.

Know about Choudhary caste:-

The earliest written references to the word Chaudhuri are from the 15th century, when the title was conferred by the Sultans of the Delhi Sultanate on their military nobles of Indian origin.

The Chaudhry title remained important to Mughal emperors during the Mughal period, as Mughal emperors bestowed it on a few privileged talukdars (region administrators), initially in the Punjab region, and then in most of northern India.

A taluka or district during this period usually consisted of 84 villages and a central town. The Talkudar, or Chaudhuri, was required to collect taxes, maintain law and order, and provide military supplies and manpower to the provincial government.

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In most cases the talukdars were entitled to retain a tenth of the collected revenue. However, some privileged Talkuqdars were entitled to a quarter and were therefore called Chaudhury, which literally means “lord of the fourth part”.

The Mughal emperor Zaheruddin Babur in his book Tuz-e-Babri mentions the Choudhary of Bhahra; They were appointed by the Ottoman king Alauddin Khilji.

According to the terminology of the Punjab castes, the Mari-Minhas and Mughal Qassar tribes of Dhari Desh (today’s Chakwal district) in the north-west of Punjab, the Magal-Qasar/Mughal Qasar, hold this coveted title.

She was among the first few to receive. From the Mughal emperor Zaheruddin Babur, for his services to his army during the latter’s campaign in that region.

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During the Sikh rule in Punjab, the title became very common and very few village headmen or “lambardars” were given “Chowdhary” as titles by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Ever since, Choudhary of Chakwal calls himself “Chowdhary” to distinguish himself from the newly chosen men.

The Jat community, who mainly live in Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, etc., use Chaudhary both in front and behind the name, such as Chaudhary Charan Singh Ji, who was the Prime Minister of the country, the Tyagi community (a division of the Bhumihar community), who owns large tracts of land in western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana, uses “Chowdhary” as the title.

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Choudhury is also used as a surname by the Kammas of Coastal Andhra Pradesh. During the 16th century, Golconda Nawab Ibrahim Qutb Shah occupied the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Their Maratha commanders Rai and Rao appointed Kammas as Deshmukhs and Choudhuries in 497 villages, beginning the use of the title “Chowdhary” for Kemas in coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Although the title has lost its original distinctiveness, in both the Indian and Pakistani Punjab regions, the Choudhary is considered the leader of a tribe in some villages and small towns. Male members of the Chowdhary family are entitled to use the epithet “CH”, an abbreviation for Chowdhary which serves as a courtesy title before their first name.

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In the northern and eastern Indian states of Bihar and Bengal, this title is still used by Brahmins and some Muslim families.

Roy or Choudhury is used by many powerful castes in Bengal and (Bangladesh). So all this information was given to you about the word Chaudhary and we got to see that this word is being used by different castes all over India for centuries, which shows the squareness of their own area.

“Caste” refers to the social stratification and hierarchical system prevalent in certain societies, particularly in South Asia. However, “Choudhary” itself is a surname or title commonly found in various cultures, particularly in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It is used by different communities and may not be associated with a specific caste or social group universally.

In India, for instance, “Choudhary” is often used by various communities, including Jats, Rajputs, Yadavs, and others. Similarly, in Pakistan, “Choudhary” is a common surname used by different ethnic groups such as Punjabis, Kashmiris, and others.

It’s important to note that surnames and titles like “Choudhary” can vary greatly in their significance and meaning across different regions, communities, and cultures. While they may have historical associations with certain social groups or occupations, it’s not accurate to generalize and assign a single caste identity to them.

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