kho kho rules and Regulation, and History – 10 kho kho rules You Need to Know!

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kho kho rules and regulation & History of Kho Kho

Kho-Kho is a popular game of India. In ancient times this game was played on chariot in Maharashtra, due to which it was known as ‘Ratheda’.

The rules of the Kho-Kho game were formulated in the early twentieth century. The first competition of Kho-Kho in India was organized in the year 1914.

The organization governing Kho-Kho in India is ‘Kho-Kho Federation of India’.

kho kho rules

Important Points of Kho-Kho

kho kho rules and regulations

  1. Innings in the field of Kho Kho = 2 innings (4 times)
  2. Intermission time = 5 minutes
  3. Length of Kho-Kho field = 29 meters
  4. Match time = (9-5-9) 9 (9-5-9) minutes
  5. Number of players of kho-kho team = 9+3 reserve
  6. Number of squares = 8
  7. Players sitting in squares = Runners
  8. Shape of Kho-Kho field = Rectangular
  9. Width of Kho-Kho field = 16 meters
  10. catcher = active runner

Certainly! Here are the basic rules of Kho Kho:

  1. Players: Kho Kho is played between two teams, with each team typically consisting of 12 players. However, variations exist with fewer players per team.
  2. Field: The game is played on a rectangular field, typically 29 meters long and 16 meters wide, with two rectangles at either end.
  3. Chasers and Defenders: Each team alternates between chasing and defending. The chasers try to tag (“catch”) the opponents, while the defenders try to avoid being caught.
  4. Play Area: The chasers can only chase the defenders in the ‘play area,’ a rectangle in the middle of the field. The defenders can use the entire field to avoid being tagged.
  5. Turns: The chasing team gets a specific time limit to tag as many defenders as possible. Then, the teams switch roles.
  6. Sitting Positions: Defenders, once tagged, must sit down in the center of the field in an area called the “kho” or “jail.”
  7. Tagging: To tag a defender, the chaser must touch them with their hand. The chaser must fully cross the line of the play area before the defender can start their chase.
  8. Escape: Defenders who are not yet caught can try to avoid being tagged by dodging and weaving around the field. They can also get released from the kho if their teammates manage to tag a specific number of opponents.
  9. Winning: The team with the highest number of successful tags (or the team that manages to tag all the defenders of the opposing team) wins the game.
  10. Fair Play: Players must adhere to the rules of fair play, including avoiding physical contact with opponents and respecting the decisions of the referees.

These are the basic rules of Kho Kho, but there may be variations in different regions or tournaments.

Some Kho Kho 10 rules & Sign and their meaning is shown in below picture:

kho kho game rules

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Playground of Kho-Kho

rules of kho kho

  • The length of the Kho-Kho ground is 29 meters and the width is 16 meters. At the end of the field there are two rectangles of size 16 m × 2.75 m.
  • In the middle of the field there is a strip of 23.50 m long and 30 cm wide.
  • There is a wooden pole at each end of the party, in which 30 C.M. × 30 C.M. There are 8 classes.

column or post

  • Two pillars are buried at the end of the middle line.
  • Their height is 1.20 meters from the ground.
  • The circumference of the pillar is reduced to 40 cm from the bottom and 30 cm from the top.


  • The length of each rectangle is 16 m and the width is 30 cm. It intersects the center line at right angles i.e. 90 degrees.
  • It itself is also divided into two half.
  • The area of 30 cm × 30 cm formed at the intersection of a cross-lane is called a square.


The players sitting in the squares are called chasers or chasers. The one who runs to touch the opposing players is called Active Chaser.


The player opposing the chaser is called the runner.

To Give Kho

To give a good ‘kho’, the active chaser should touch the chaser with his back while saying the word ‘kho’ in a loud voice. The act of putting hands and saying ‘kho’ should be done together.


If a seated chaser or an active chaser commits a violation, it is a foul.

Taking Direction

When the active chaser moves from one post to another, it is called direction eclipse.

To Turn the Face

If the active chaser turns his shoulder line in a direction greater than 90 degree angle while going in a particular direction, then it is called a turn of the face and it is a foul.


If both feet of the runner touch outside the boundary line, he is considered to be out, he is considered out.


When all the runners are out in 9 minutes, the chasers score a lona against the runners, but the lona has no points.


The following officers are appointed to manage the match.

  1. a referee
  2. a scorer
  3. one time keeper
  4. two umpires

kho kho rules 10 points

List of the 10 rules of kho kho.


rules and regulations of kho kho in points

  • The center bar should be attached to any part of the active chaser’s body.
  • If the chaser touches the runner with his hand, it is run out.
  • Toss decides whether to become a chaser or a runner.
  • A seated chaser can be lost by an active chaser from behind.
  • Unless the chaser is lost while sitting, he cannot get up from his place.
  • He will sit in the chaser’s place only if he is lost by the active chaser.
  • The face of the active chaser should be in the direction of his running.
  • After getting lost, the chaser will go in the same direction that he has followed by crossing the center-bar after rising from the square. If the active chaser does not lose, he can come around the pole on the other side of the center-bar.
  • The chaser will sit in its square in such a way that there is no obstacle in the way of the runner. If his obstruction results in the runner being out, he is not considered out.
  • An active chaser must cross the pole-line.
  • The Active Chaser will perform the arm and the giving action simultaneously to deliver the to the chaser from behind while seated.
  • Apart from the active chaser, the rest of the change will sit in their square in such a way that they do not face to one side.

Field measurement for senior players

Sr.No Area Measurement Senior Players
1. kho kho match time duration (9+5+9)10(9+5+9)
2. pole circle 30-40 cm
3. height of pole 1.20 – 1.25m
4. rest time between shifts 5 minutes
5. Kho Kho field length 29 meters
6. width of field 16 meters
7. square measure of each lane 8 meters
8. stop time of each shift 9 minutes
9. Block measurement at the end of the ground 16 ×2.75 m
10. class distance 2.30 m
11. Length of Center Street 23.50 m
12. Center street width 30 centimeter
13. Number of players played in Kho Kho 9

Bonus 10 rules of kho kho

  • Play with a sense of humor.
  • Don’t take things personally.
  • Be assertive when necessary, but also be understanding.
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Enjoy your time with family and friends.
  • Be yourself.
  • Give 110%.
  • Be grateful for the good in life.
  • Have fun!

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